Exalted Reputation achievement in CODE VEIN

Exalted Reputation

Raise your reputation as a companion to rank 30

Exalted Reputation-0.4
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How to unlock the Exalted Reputation achievement

  • QcK Dagger HeaTQcK Dagger HeaT511,524
    17 Oct 2019 16 Oct 2019 17 Oct 2019
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    So the easiest way to earn a medal is to beat a boss in multiplayer. A boss counts as anything that has it's name above a red HP bar. So the depths maps is the best place to farm since they're multiple bosses that drop medals on one map.

    Currently the best map to farm on is Misty Ruins. Doing all my grinding with randoms, this was by far the most used depths map. This is due to it being one of the two maps that has five bosses on the map. The other is silent white and since it has the two boreal brutes as one of the bosses it's a headache. The main boss is Successor of the Throat, which is a stationary boss with a predictable moveset. You have to earn 400 medals, so running a map that gives you 5 per run means running the map 80 times. Running a map that will drop 3 medals means you have to run it 134 times and a four boss map is ran 100 times. To refresh the bosses in the depths map you will have to go back to home base and reload the depths map. So reducing the amount of times you have to reload the map and connect to a partner is going to speed up the achievement process. If you need to figure out how to get the map, there is a great guide under the all depths maps achievement.

    I stop-watched 10 runs on Misty Ruins. My best time was 4 minutes and 55 seconds and my worst time was 5 minutes and 21 seconds for a five medal run starting from the mistle. So for easy math at 5 minutes and 30 seconds a run, it will take you 7 hours and 20 minutes to do all 80 runs before factoring in reloading the map and connecting to a partner. With these included your looking at least 9 hours.

    It will be faster to boost this with a partner than with randoms. So it would be best to have a partner or set up boosting sessions to make this easier. You can use a password when searching for signals, so this will help you and your partner find each other quickly or use the invite friend method. Have you and your partner load in the map, then match with each other. You can run your map and then his map. After, if you both reload the depths map from home base you only have to refresh the map 40 times.

    Tips for speeding running Misty Ruins:

    1. Sprint past all the enemies and head straight to each boss door. As long as your holding the sprint button most of the attacks will miss and if it looks like it will connect just roll. The enemies will stop following you at the beginning of the long path to each boss. They actually turn around and start walking back once they hit this point. So you can stop in front of the boss entrance and apply buffs without worrying about being hit in the back and coming out of the boss they will not be in front of the tunnel. It might be a good idea for the host to run to each boss and then have the second person teleport with the Needle Of Unity.

    2. This should be obvious but the more times you enhance the difficulty the longer and harder this achievement will be. I would grind these out before enhancing the difficulty if you plan on completing the game. I played with someone who enhanced the game three times, and even with optimal builds you can still die from a couple hits from just trash mobs. Bosses can one shot you with ease.

    3. Speed running will be about DPS. They're two abilities in the game that greatly increase damage to the point it is game breaking. These are Final Journey and Bridge to Glory. You have to use the Queenslayer code for Final Journey and buff your mind stat with passives to use Bridge to Glory.

    Final Journey-Massive increase to DPS as well as movement. You will have quick dodge no matter the weight of your weapon. This means quick dodges with Great Swords! Only downside is after three minutes you will die unless you touch a mistle or beat a boss ;) . So just activate this in front of the boss and you'll have plenty of time.

    Bridge to Glory- This is the only attack buff in the game that has scaling. It scales with your light rating. Equip a maxed out Noble Silver blood veil (highest light rating in game) and your damage will sky rocket.

    4. Make sure one of your passives is weapon mastery for the weapon you are using, this is also a major DPS increase.

    I would suggest using the last boss great sword as your weapon once you beat the game. However you can use any weapon that your comfortable with. As long as you use the two abilities above you will melt the bosses.

    Hope this helps, feedback appreciated. I will check the comments section so any questions or concerns feel free to comment.

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    KaynxIf anyone is serious about getting this done send me a message @kaynx
    Posted by Kaynx on 15 Jul at 18:20
    SK4TE HIGHLooking for someone to get this done
    Posted by SK4TE HIGH on 29 Jul at 14:12
    Absilon NLYeah iam up for this to anyone needing help add me : Absilon NL
    Posted by Absilon NL on 18 Aug at 16:48
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  • WolvenCurse155WolvenCurse155704,285
    25 Jun 2020 22 Jun 2020 22 Jun 2020
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    As of Patch 1.2 the Tower of Trials has been added which is now a very effective way of farming the 400 Medals needed for this achievement without the need of another player. The Tower of Trials will become available after defeating the final boss at least once. There will be an item called "Depths Tower of Trials" on Louis' desk back at the Home Base. After picking up the item, you will need to talk to Davis (right across from Louis' desk) to access the Tower of Trials for the first time, afterwards you can teleport to the tower from any Mistle. The Tower of Trials has three different maps, but for the sake of this achievement, it's advisable to only play 'Tower of Trials I'.

    The Tower is made up of six floors and the enemies here are stronger versions of enemies that you will have already encountered in the main game. The enemies on floors 1-3 are weak against fire attacks and the enemies on floors 4-6 are weak against ice attacks so be sure to come prepared.

    Each floor has a chance of rewarding consumables or Medals on clear. On floors 3 and 6, you will fight bosses that are guaranteed to drop Medals on their defeat.

    Floor 1: 20% Chance for 1 Medal on clear.
    Floor 2: 20% Chance for 1 Medal on clear.
    Floor 3: Guaranteed 2 Medals on clear.
    Floor 4: 20% Chance for 2 Medals on clear.
    Floor 5: 20% Chance for 2 Medals on clear.
    Floor 6: Guaranteed 4 Medals on clear.

    So at worst, fully clearing 'Tower of Trials I' is guaranteed to reward you with 6 Medals each time, and at best you could earn up to 12 medals in one run. If you die partway through the tower, you still keep your medals, but you will have to start from the first floor again. My average time for a full clear is around 7 minutes making this a very fast alternative if you can consistently clear the tower.

    The best part of using the tower to farm Medals is the lack of loading screens. There is no loading between the floors of the tower and dying or using an item or gift to return to the Mistle at the top only takes a few seconds and completely resets the tower, allowing you to farm basically non-stop. This significantly cuts down the amount of downtime from the other Depths methods as there is no need to return to the Home Base to reload the instance and no time spent connecting to other players.

    Using the Tower of Trials to farm Medals is a more difficult method, but it's arguably faster and doesn't require any co-op or online play.
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    Nelson TNIn co-op you get 3 medals for floor 3 and 7 medals for floor 6. There is also the same odds and drops for floors 1,2,4,5

    Excellent solution.
    Posted by Nelson TN on 22 Jun 20 at 11:18
    LaughinGuotower 2 easier for me. u dont have to switch fire/ice buff
    Posted by LaughinGuo on 27 Feb at 15:36
  • KJer25KJer25778,690
    20 Oct 2019 15 Oct 2019 27 Feb 2021
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    At launch, (the time of this writing) this is best done in online co op with the Den of the Dead Depths map. It will require 400 medals to reach rank 30. Depending on skill, efficiency, level, etc, I estimate anywhere from 10-12 hours to hit rank 30. Your progress for the medals can be viewed in the "pause" menu by tabbing over to medals. The map can be found right after defeating Oliver Collins. If you're teleporting there, it's Ruined City Underground to Outer Cross Roads. Shang will appear close to the mistle (you can speak with him for the Den of Darkness map), but immediately to his left if you run down the alley and take a left, the Den of the Dead map will be a shiny mark laying on the ground in plain sight. The process is to summon your partner at the mistle in the depths, and run through all 3 bosses. 2 are mini bosses, but you will both receive medals for defeating them. The boss behind the door is Oliver Collins, again. As soon as you beat him, let your friend summon you into his world, and repeat this process. After this time, you will both return home to Davis to reset the area. In short, 2 runs = 6 medals each, then reset. There are other maps that will give you an opportunity at killing 4 or 5 bosses each run, but they are much, much longer to run, and in theory, the bosses are more difficult. Happy grinding!
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    KJer25It sounds like some sort of glitch. I never experienced that. Try closing out the game from dash, then hard reset your console.
    Posted by KJer25 on 27 Feb at 13:06
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