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Crossed Swords

Win 10 chainsaw duels (any mode)

Crossed Swords0
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Achievement Guide for Crossed Swords

  • Elite HeroElite Hero481,889
    11 Nov 2008 08 Nov 2008 13 Nov 2008
    112 5 2
    To enter a chainsaw duel you need to attempt to chainsaw someone front on who also has a lancer equipped when you do this you will enter the duel then just rapidly tap the B button. Repeat 9 more times.

    A good way to do this is in a private match 1 on 1 vs. a second controller or a friend.
  • Decoto GangsterDecoto Gangster56,058
    11 Nov 2008 11 Nov 2008 01 Nov 2010
    45 7 2
    set up a private match with all bots off and invite 1 friend. put 10 rounds. now both of you have to have the lancer equipped and reving the chainsaw (hold B) while walking towards each other. when you enter the dual rapidly tap B. have your friend let you win 10 times and the achievement is yours.
  • BobWingsBobWings634,867
    26 Aug 2010 26 Aug 2010
    44 7 4
    An easy way to get this achievement is to load up ACT 3: Chapter 3. If you progress through the level to the part where you first encounter razor hail and board the first train, the locust in the train will always chainsaw battle you! After you kill this locust, LOAD CHECKPOINT for an easy rinse and repeat!

    I had six of ten before starting this method and got the four done in ten minutes!
  • Tuxie DuckTuxie Duck110,799
    16 Sep 2010 16 Sep 2010 14 Dec 2014
    30 1 3
    If you're like me; with one controller and the Guitar hero guitar, you can easily get this one in the local game. Just plug in the guitar in the main menu, log in as a guest and then start 1 on 1 warzone.

    Locate and approach the other player, then hit the red button on the guitar and B on your normal controller, once the battle begins just leave the guitar and keep tapping B on the controller. Rinse and repeat 10 times.

    Apparently this is also doable with GH drums or any other special controller with the color buttons.
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