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A Parting Gift

Kill 10 enemies with a grenade while down but not out (any mode)

A Parting Gift0
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  • Madlmax120Madlmax120161,947
    09 Nov 2008 09 Nov 2008
    201 1 8
    A solution for this one would be to set up a match with yourself and bots. changing all the weapons to grenades.

    when an enemy hits you down into crawling mode, (make sure you have the grenade equipped) press the right trigger, with enemies nearby, to suicide and set off the grenade.

    king of the hill is a good option as the other team tends to group in the hill making your grenade kill 4 or 5 at once.
  • L33isB345TL33isB345TThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    25 May 2009
    72 13 10
    Get 2 controllers with all grenades. Meet in the middle with a grenade out, wih the other controller, down yourself, then move to the downed person. Then press RT, blowing you and the guy by you to hell. Repeat 9 more times!
  • Decoto GangsterDecoto Gangster56,058
    11 Nov 2008 11 Nov 2008
    57 6 0
    set up a private match and switch all weapons with grenades. turn of all bots and invite 1 friend. put like 15 rounds. whoever goes first just equip a grenade and have the other shoot your legs with a lancer until they fall and when they get close press the right trigger. do it 9 more times and the achievement is yours.
  • Vulture MaveVulture Mave104,754
    04 Oct 2010 29 Jul 2010
    41 4 1
    Set up a local King of the Hill game with one or two bots in the opposing team. Use the map Pavilion, since there is an ink granade at the bottom of both stairs.

    The use of Ink granades instead of frag granades has a big advantage. You don't have to kill the opponent in just one blow (frags often don't kill your opponent). The toxic ink will kill him always. It's a sure win ;)
  • GrandwickyGrandwicky402,019
    04 Aug 2010 04 Aug 2010 31 Mar 2011
    39 3 3
    Choose the 'River' map, use a second controller have the game set to 10 rounds of Warzone. Change all the weapons to grenades. (credit to EmDeeGee for telling me to put this in the solution) When you're in the game as you run towards the other player you'll notice that there are grenades on the bridge on the way. Pick these up and remember to press up on the d-pad to equip them. Once you've reached your dummy player pick up your second controller and shoot yourself until you're down and not out. Press the R trigger and that'll blow both you and the dummy up. Rinse and repeat ten times... ka-clink!
  • GnemlockGnemlock150,177
    02 Apr 2009 08 Apr 2009
    40 6 0
    Get as many friends into a private game of team warfare, and have them equip lancers.

    Change weapon drops to custom and change every weapon to frag grenade.

    Have one of your friends shoot you down while you have the grenade aiming. It does not matter where they shoot you, as the lancer weapon does not allow for 1 hit kills. When you are crawling, have all your friends group around you and press the right trigger to detonate the grenade.

    Rinse and repeat until you have the achievement.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    36 4 0
    A lot of solutions but the most easy way is to play horde with two controllers on "Nowhere" wave 1.
    Then pick up the grenades in the middle of the map infront of the hotel.
    Then just try to let wretches follow you ( the little monkey like creatures)
    Once you got about 2 , try to find a locust guy then let him beat you down by walking towards him.
    Ofcourse, have your grenade equipped. then when he beats you down push RT and watch them die !
    You need to do this about 4 times and then you get your achievement.
    It's quick and easy to do. No stress at all !
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