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Said the Spider to the Fly

Kill 10 enemies with a planted grenade (any mode)

Said the Spider to the Fly0
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Achievement Guide for Said the Spider to the Fly

    25 Jan 2009 26 Jan 2009 02 Apr 2009
    100 2 4
    set the game up like this
    Match type: Local
    Gametype: King of the hill
    Round score limit: 240
    Total rounds:15
    Number of bots:1
    bot diffculty: casual
    map: pavilion

    set all weapons to frag grenades run to the hill kill the bot if hes there already and plant a grenade on the wall and wait for him to come to you he should only take 15 seconds keep collecting grenades and setting them on the walls around the hill. it will only take 1 round todo.
  • Brucey B CoolBrucey B Cool132,794
    07 Jul 2010 29 Sep 2010 01 Nov 2010
    56 0 4
    For those of you who do not understand the achievement, you must tag a grenade to an inanimate object (by selcting the grenade and press B) and get an enemy to walk into it blowing themselves up a total of ten times.

    Set up the campaign on the chapter 'tip of the spear' part 'road block'.

    You will start by joining Tai after he comicly removes himself from a blown up vehicle.

    Head straight into the store on the left as per normal progression and go up stairs to get all the ammo you need including some frag grenades.

    Once you are finished, go back downstairs and continue through the hallway where 'Tickers' are introduced. This will in turn activate a check point.

    After this little description of them, roadie run to the end of the hallway and turn right towards the door frame leading outside and tag a frag grenade to the outside of this door frame.

    Run back inside and watch as tickers walk into your convieniently placed grenade! Repeat the above with your remaining grenade.

    Once your out of grenades, either pause and reload your last checkpoint or just blow yourself up next to a ticker to restart. You will restart with all your grenades and your achievement counter will remain at how many you've just blown up!

    It took me just two restarts and was so easy to do as the Tickers MUST get through that door way to get to you! If your lucky, you can blow up three tickers with just one grenade!

    I did this on insane difficulty but you can pick whatever difficulty you like.

    After just one or two minutes, that's achievement unlocked!
  • SecondHALONICKSecondHALONICK501,371
    08 Nov 2008 08 Nov 2008
    51 3 3
    Best to do with frag grenades. Your probably going to get this as you play through the campaign mode if you just plant frag grenades on the walls every now and then. If you can't seem to get it or you just want to get it fast I would recommend going into "Horde" mode on "Avalanche" and just keep putting your grenades on walls and try to lead enemies into them or just wait for someone to walk past them. One thing that kind of stinks is you can not have more than two grenades planted at one time, if you try to place more the two. your original planted grenades explode. Kills are pretty easy get but what I would do is put both grenades fairly close to each other so both explode at the same time.
  • ArgoffArgoff428,640
    21 Dec 2008 31 Mar 2011
    28 2 1
    Plug a second controller in a start a local game with just the two players, set the score limit to the highest it will go. Then set all weapons on the map to frags.

    Start the game then plant a frag with the account you want to get the achievement on and get the other account to run into it and die. The round will end and a new one will start, just keep repeating this until you get the achievement.
  • Cormack12Cormack1217,353
    13 Jan 2009 14 Jan 2009 14 Jan 2009
    22 13 2
    I got this achievement on Denizens-disturbing revelations.

    If you choose the path at the top (LT), you will go with Carmine and walk along the top.

    I had a boomer gun at this point as well, from the earlier mob we killed. First of all shoot the first pink fruit from the ceiling on the left. DO NOT SHOOT the second yet.

    There is a pillar in the middle of the room, I put a mine on the left side of this, and then ran over to where the second fruit is, I faced the small wall to the left and placed a grenade at head height here. Then I placed one on the small vehicle thing as well.

    When you shoot the second fruit, and run by the vehicle, the first wretch should land on the mine and get killed, the second you need to kill yourself. More then sweep out of the corner of the room, and scatter, a few will get killed by the wall mine, and then others by the one planted on the small wheeled vehicle.

    May take you a couple of tries to understand the layout and get familiar with the points above, but once you have it sussed, should only take you 10 minutes. As long as you keep getting the first wretch at least, it will take you 10 tries max.
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