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Crowd Control

Melee 10 enemies down with the Boomshield equipped (any mode)

Crowd Control0
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Achievement Guide for Crowd Control

  • DarthSonnyDarthSonny204,566
    25 Nov 2008 25 Nov 2008
    83 1 2
    Make a Private Annex/King of the Hill Match so you can respawn. Make the rest of the players bots and set them to casual. Change all the weapons on the map to the Boomshield.

    Pick up a Boomshield and melee away the opposing team until you kill them.

    10 melee kills and you are done.
  • JayourJayour842,893
    08 Nov 2008 22 Dec 2010
    43 0 0
    For this achievement you need to kill 10 enemies by melee while holding a shield, now the achievement doesn't have any match type requirements so you can work toward this while playing online in a ranked match or split screen with a friend.

    With that in mind if you're looking to get this achievement out of the way the quickest way to get this achievement is to set up a local game, set the game type to King Of The Hill, picking this will mean that your have infinite respawns during the game, this way you have absolutely no threat to contend with as the second player won't do anything unless you make it.

    I've always favoured Pavillion while going for this achievement, it's a small map, grab the shield from the top of the map, run to the middle of the map and then use your second controller to move your dummy player into place, when you get him to the middle of the map switch back to your controller, kill him by tapping "B" a few times, this is a melee kill, repeat this process until the achievement unlocks!
  • SquintGravySquintGravy22,299
    10 Aug 2009 11 Aug 2009 11 Aug 2009
    31 0 1
    I found that a very easy way to get this achievement was to set up a Casual Horde match on Day One, starting on the first wave.

    Roadie-run straight to the arcade ignoring any enemies along the way, pick up the Boomshield and start pressing B to melee Wretches - they should be taken out in a strike or two. For the rest of the Locust, you can either run up, tap B against them and hope for a winning combo or you can get 2-3 body shots in with your pistol and finish them off with melee.

    Depending on your progress beforehand, you are likely to now have the achievement, Congrats! (if you don't have enough kills either play on to Wave 2 with the same tactics - it's not much harder even on Solo, or quit out and start from Wave 1 again).

    Good luck. Remember you can take cover against your shield by holding the Left Trigger and you will still be able to shoot if you are having trouble with some of the harder Locust.
  • Excuti0nerExcuti0ner38,750
    09 Nov 2009 11 Nov 2009
    30 0 2
    i found this easiest on the training levels.
    On the training level 5 you get the shield and just go round malling everyone. Plus you also get the 'Back to Basics' achievement as well if you don't already have it.
    *bloop* Achievement Unlocked.
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