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Smells Like Victory

Kill 30 enemies with the Scorcher Flamethrower (any mode)

Smells Like Victory0
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Achievement Guide for Smells Like Victory

  • CodsternationCodsternation439,531
    09 Nov 2008 09 Nov 2008 09 Nov 2008
    52 2 1
    You can easily get this during the campaign. You'll first get the Scorcher right before turning on the power in the facility in Act 3. From then on, you'll face only Wretches for a long period of time. Simply use the Scorcher on every Wretch you see, they'll go down incredibly quickly on Normal difficulty. You should find plenty of ammo as long as you explore the side rooms a bit, and remember that a perfect active reload on the Scorcher gives you a longer flame, so you can start hitting the Wretches from farther away.

    If need be, after you shut down the AI, you'll fight a bunch of Sires. They go down very quickly as well and rush you like Wretches.
  • SecondHALONICKSecondHALONICK501,371
    08 Nov 2008 08 Nov 2008
    30 1 1
    Easiest to do in "Horde" mode. After the first couple of waves, one of the new enemies will be "Flame Boomers", they carry the "Scorcher Flamethrower", So once you kill take their weapon. I would suggest you only use it on wretches and drones because they die fastest and you don't have a lot of fuel for the flamethrower. Every wave there will be at least one "Flame Boomer" so just keep picking up the weapon off their dead bodies and repeat.
  • Dark w3r3wolfDark w3r3wolf32,406
    27 Oct 2009 24 Dec 2009
    25 1 1
    this one is very easy i did it by playing annex with bots
    i made every weapon a flametrower and burnt all enemies
    and if you die you'll respawn in 5 sec and then you can pick up a new flametrowher and start again and then ding achievement you can use this method for other weapons
  • SanadaSanada636,712
    23 May 2011 24 May 2011
    21 0 0
    This is a relatively easy achievement to get if you are going for the full 1750. With the Dark Corners maps there was an achievement titled "Is It Hot or Is That Just You?" which is for scorching 25 blood mounts. If you are going for this (Best with friends so they can pick you up) you will get this after about 13 of those kills considering you typically scorch the rider before you finish off the Bloodmount.

    Also there is the scorcher in Act 3 as Codster mentioned with all of the wretches which will net you this achievement quickly if you aren't too concerned about the blood mounts and want to get this achievement as quick as possible.

    These kills can be done in any game type from multiplayer to horde or campaign so chances are you will end up getting at least 30 kills with this weapon by the time you are near the end. Especially with 2 campaign playthroughs and the amount of horde you have to do!
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