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Give Me Five

Complete level 82 having turned off only five turntables.

Give Me Five-1.6
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How to unlock the Give Me Five achievement

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    30 Sep 2019 02 Oct 2019 02 Oct 2019
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    This achievement is somewhat luckbased. I'll mention how I got this achievement. This strategy is nowhere near consistent. If someone else finds a consistent strategy please share. I might find a better one myself.

    In order to complete the level, there are 5 turnables that you HAVE to turn off. This are the 2nd to 6th turnables in the back row. I'll name these 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from left to right.

    Immediately at the start, turn off number 3, this will make the middle penguin bump into an imposter. Then make sure to turn off number 2 before the imposter in the center has stepped onto this turnable 2. The next bit is where you have to be lucky. Both penguins have to land on the right-hand side, without one being bumped off. Be ready to turn off number 5 once one of them is approaching the exit. At all times, do not turn off number 4. If all went well (which as mentioned, might take a lot of tries. I've been trying things for over half an hour.), turn off number 1 once the imposter is about to go in the direction of the line of turned off turnables. Both the imposter and the penguin should be going in the direction of the exit. Since number 4 is turned on still, the imposter should go to the side. Immediately afterwards, turn number 4 off.

    I just realised that it says only turn off 5 of them, so if someone wants to try the easy method and turning off 5 and then turning on 1 to see if that works.
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    Erathia96 no.1 to let the penguin through to the belt, no 2 to let the imposter over the edge, no 5 so the two imposters collide then quickly 3 and 4 so the last two penguins can go to the belt.
    Posted by Erathia96 on 10 Oct 19 at 20:02
    Sangriaz Erathia96's method simply does not work. Either the order is wrong or timing is not explained well enough. I turned off 1 immediately. No 2 after real penguin has passed. No collisions occurs here at all. the penguins are turned around by 3 and just all jump off at 2. By this point there are only two penguins all the way on the right side left, so turning 5 off at any point would be 1/3 at best. Turning 3+4 off would do nothing.
    Posted by Sangriaz on 10 Nov 19 at 16:14
    Erathia96 I can see what you mean Sangriaz. I just tried again. First of all, I forgot to mention that you need to turn the camera so you're looking from the back side.

    I still had a lot of problems doing this since the imposters no longer collide (maybe a patch, I dont know). I managed to collide the right side imposter with a penguin and had luck that the imposter went over the edge. It can be done but it is now luck based.
    Posted by Erathia96 on 17 Nov 19 at 14:00
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