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Pound of Flesh

Use a meatshield to save your life 10 times (any mode)

Pound of Flesh0
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Achievement Guide for Pound of Flesh

  • AbylitiesAbylities86,583
    10 Nov 2008 10 Nov 2008 29 Jun 2011
    237 13 17
    Disclaimer for all those handy with your negative votes:
    This is not a 'legit' way to get it. I think the achievement speaks for itself if you want to do it in regular lobbies, but if you want the achievement without the hassle, the game has given you that opportunity. Here's my way.

    Set up a match with a single bot.

    Down him, plant a frag on him (Note that you don't start with frags) then use him as a shield before he blows.

    It won't damage you.

    Rinse, repeat ten times.

    UlteriorDesert - "You can also change all weapons to frags and get wins on all the maps"

    If you negative vote, please let me know why.
  • GrouxGroux84,752
    13 Nov 2008 09 Jan 2009
    64 9 6
    I made a video for my new website showing how to gain this achievement.
  • GrandwickyGrandwicky402,019
    04 Aug 2010 04 Aug 2010
    54 5 2
    If all this 'legit' craparama doesn't mix with you then here's your way to do it!

    Choose the 'River' map, use a second controller and have the game set to 10 rounds of Warzone. As you run towards the other player you'll notice that there is always grenades on the bridge on the way. Pick these up. Once you've reached your dummy player shoot him down. Equip your grenades, press B to tag him and then press A to make him your shield and he'll explode in your arms. Rinse and repeat ten times and... ka-clink!

    Let it be known that you've done it the evil way. Then again you most likely turned King of the Hill into a glorified line dancing game for Veteran Gear like we all did so fair enough.
  • SlavertySlaverty79,283
    20 Mar 2010 20 Mar 2010 07 Nov 2010
    51 2 2
    Horde, once you get to lvl 5 (when the boomers and tickers start appearing) just knee cap the first drone you see, pick him up, find a boomer/ticker and stand infront of it. Do the same with 10 more downable enemies and yer sorted.
  • Radient StarRadient Star34,764
    27 Sep 2010 29 Sep 2010
    40 1 2
    The way I got this achievement was a little different from other solutions out there, but not anything extreme.

    Since I love social horde and never really make private matches, I played a few rounds, paying careful attention to where grenades would spawn. I also noted that every round grenades would switch from frags to ink. For this 'chieve you really need frags, so keep it in your mind whether frags or inks are spawning this round.

    Once the wave has gotten a little higher and there are more Locust, do the stupid thing and run off by yourself, making sure to pick up some frags if you haven't already snagged them.

    By running away from your group, you will ensure that no one else kills the Locust that you plan to use. (However in harder difficulties this is an easy way to get yourself killed.)

    First down your baddie, and then tag a frag on him using B to melee. Be sure to get very close to your Locust, I have occasionally tagged walls.

    After you've tagged him, quickly press A to grab him and use him as a meatshield. Because you've fragged him, he'll explode but you'll be unharmed and it will give you one point towards the chieve.

    This method usually gets you 1 or 2 points every other round, but considering the mass of horde achievements out there you'll have plenty of chances to get it. Be patient, slowly stack up the notches, and you'll go bloop-de-bloop before you know it.
  • v Cann I Bus vv Cann I Bus v206,186
    11 Jul 2010 12 Jul 2010
    33 4 0
    In solo campaign load the chapter where you start to look for Maria (Act 2 ch. 2 I think) Run ahead to the patrol... 2 drones, 1 mauler, 1 Theron Guard... kill the mauler, down a drone and take him as a shield... parade around in front of the Theron Guard... he will shoot the meatshield with the torquebow... rinse and repeat 10x.
  • PaRan0id PunkPaRan0id PunkThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    07 Nov 2008
    46 19 8
    -first, you have to pick up downed enemies with A to use them as a shield
    -then they must be killed by someone else while you're still holding them
    -rinse & repeat 10 times
    -can also be done in local matches against buddies or bots or even in campaign
  • LionSquirrel02LionSquirrel0258,891
    23 Feb 2009 09 Dec 2010
    26 3 0
    You can get this achievement on any mode. I used a private match against casual bots.

    The idea is to down an enemy, tag him with a frag, and quickly pick them up to use them as a meat shield. To down an enemy, shoot them constantly in the leg/foot, I used the Lancer.

    The very first time I did this was by accident. I tried to dive away from them after tagging a downed enemy, but then the little noticed popped up 1/10 (sweet!). Just keep that up until you get the achievement.
  • DjDooksyDjDooksy635,175
    25 Sep 2010 16 Apr 2011
    22 3 0
    Another way is two set up a private match with 2 friends and change all wepons to boom shot's. You want the persone who is going for the achievement on a team of his own. Soon as the game starts the team with two need a boom shot. Now just down one and pick them up and have his team mate shoot him with a boom shot. 1/10 rinse and repeate.
  • DCM7734DCM7734142,680
    01 Jun 2014 01 Jun 2014 01 Jun 2014
    9 0 1
    So here is another straightforward solution brought to you by DCM7734:

    Map: River
    Have a 2nd controller, or do this with a friend. It doesn't matter.
    Mode: Warzone ( 10 rounds, if with a 2nd controller, 20 if with a friend, that way you both can get it )

    How to get the achievement:
    Go straight, When you get the the bridge where you have to turn, there will be some frags there. Pick them up. Now, run to the other player, ( just keep following the path... they should be at the other end of the map ) and pistol whip them 3 times. They should go down. ( Do not mash the button, or it won't work... you'll kill them. ) after they are down, and crawling, pull out your frag grenades that you picked up on the bridge. press B to tag them with a grenade, and quickly press A to pick them up. It'll say you've won the won... about 2 seconds later, your opponent will blow up, and you will get 1 of 10 progression points for this achievement.
    Rinse and repeat 10 times, and POP!!! Achievement.
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