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Seriously 2.0

Kill 100,000 enemies (any mode)

Seriously 2.0+2.9
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How to unlock the Seriously 2.0 achievement

  • Elite HeroElite Hero521,822
    11 Nov 2008 25 Mar 2016
    426 39 68
    After completing the game plus horde and playing online I had around 3,000 kills. For much faster method to Seriously 2.0 you can rinse and repeat the method in Act 1, Chapter 4 (Tip of the Spear, The Big Push) or you can keep loading the chapter in the video below where you ride the Brumak Act 5, Chapter 5 (Aftermath, Closure) Just launch your missiles at the two squads approaching you then reload the checkpoint and repeat.

    Each method is disputed as to which is actually quickest. My preference is the Act 5 chapter 5 but for variety I often mix it up.

    New video, ignore the little ad at the start of it; it gives a good explanation on how to do it. Video credit: - austex360

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    Happy Dog CPHFinally got it today.
    Posted by Happy Dog CPH on 03 Feb 22 at 09:27
    ZukapeI'm getting around 5200 kills per hour. Using Series X. Video reference:
    Posted by Zukape on 30 Aug 22 at 09:46
    Monkeyman1188'Tip of the spear' I was getting about 50-55 kills per 30 seconds.
    'Aftermath' I was getting 60-65 kills per 25-30 seconds.
    Aftermath was better for kill:time ratio for me.
    Posted by Monkeyman1188 on 09 Oct 22 at 17:03
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  • pyr0lyZerpyr0lyZer320,515
    30 Nov 2009 02 Apr 2009 05 Oct 2011
    285 11 19's my attempt to answer which section of the campaign helps you get to Seriously 2.0 faster (since EliteHero happened to mention the dispute). I just did a numbers study.

    On the Aftermath-Closure chapter, I played just the first part as described in the video above and stopped before you have to break through the first door. I played through 3 times to get an average. For the Tip of the Spear-The Big Push section, I played through 5 times just because there is a few different ways you can do things. By constantly looking straight ahead and all around, you'll see that you can catch Locust on the ground in groups at various times. So I tried a few different variations of the playthrough, again just for the average.

    Here are the results based on Casual difficulty setting. It might be different on the higher difficulty but I have to check.

    1. 70
    2. 69
    3. 71
    AVERAGE: 70 kills/section
    [UPDATE] Time to complete one "round" - 1 min, 13 sec.

    1. 74
    2. 66
    3. 63
    4. 78
    5. 70
    AVERAGE: 70.2 kills/section
    [UPDATE] Time to complete one "round" - 2 min, 47 sec.

    So, this should somewhat end the dispute on which way is faster. Granted this may not be enough data, but it appears that over time, both sections would average out to the same number of kills unless you could play the Tip of the Spear section and get the 78 every time. The Aftermath section definitely looks more consistent so you are almost guaranteed 70 kills every time. But with Tip of the Spear you could get a lot of variation.

    [UPDATE] Obviously, from a time basis it's better to ride the Brumak!!

    So...there's the data, but it's still your choice/preference which you like better I guess.

    [UPDATE: 4 Oct 2011] Courtesy of x Daniel Nash 7, don't forget to go to the main menu every once in a while to make sure that the kills save and register with your profile, and thus reduce the risk of kill count resets.
    Now, on toward actually getting the achievement!!
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    Cobalt RobotAwesome work. Love the statistics!
    Posted by Cobalt Robot on 15 Jul 11 at 19:28
    x Daniel Nash 7Got to 80,000 and got reverted back to 50,000 because i didnt go back to the menu. Just a little tip, go back to the main menu every 5,000 - 10,000 kills.
    Posted by x Daniel Nash 7 on 16 Jul 11 at 20:55
    SueDon70I'm able to get approximately 50 kills every 40-43 seconds using the Tip of the Spear method. I reload after Dom says " look out, it's a hijacked rig!"
    Posted by SueDon70 on 11 May 13 at 23:07
  • peeveenpeeveen768,230
    06 Feb 2009 29 Sep 2010 23 Jan 2011
    181 14 47
    I posted this on X360A a while ago, so I'll copy it to here ...

    If you have an autofire-capable controller (like the blue or red Hori pad), then you can get Seriously 2.0 while you sleep.

    Load up the Brumak level on Casual difficulty.
    Stick the A and X buttons on autofire.
    Rubberband the right stick so your Brumak is facing the ground.
    Use string or tape to hold the left stick slightly up, just enough to make the Brumak walk forward at a decent pace (see later for why this is important).

    Mr Brumak will walk forward, firing rockets (thanks to autofire X) at his own feet and taking slight damage for doing so. In a few seconds you'll reach the first group of Locust, and the rockets will kill some of them. Then you'll walk into a wall and eventually kill yourself.

    You'll go to the menu, and automatically select "Load Checkpoint" (thanks to autofire A), and it'll all happen again. It's very important that the left stick isn't pushed too far forward, or it will move the menu selection away from "Load Checkpoint" and then you're stuck.

    If you experiment with the position of the left stick, you can even improve the kills-per-minute. I find that angling it ever-so-slightly to the left helps. And of course, switch off rumble, otherwise things might get knocked out of whack.

    Using this technique, I managed just over 30 kills per minute. Sure, it took many hours to get, but it beat doing it manually.
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    Happy Dog CPHI can't find it anywhere...
    Posted by Happy Dog CPH on 28 Jan 22 at 09:30
    peeveenyeah, i only had a quick look, but i can't find any xbox-one-onwards controllers that feature it either. unless you can find one, looks like you'll need to do this with a 360 controller on a 360 console.
    Posted by peeveen on 28 Jan 22 at 14:09
    HotCoffee303It’s nowhere online….
    Posted by HotCoffee303 on 05 Jan at 22:26
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