Standing Here, Beside Myself achievement in Gears of War 2

Standing Here, Beside Myself

Win 3 matches of Wingman (not Custom)

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How to unlock the Standing Here, Beside Myself achievement

  • DJDVSnzDJDVSnz207,944
    14 Feb 2010 27 May 2010 24 Jul 2010
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    With the latest Title Update (Update 6), a new Xbox Live game type has been released. It now has an option for "Social Xbox Live". Playing this still counts as a public session but will implement bots in place if human players (providing none are found during matchmaking).

    If you experience lag or don't have a great internet connection this is a useful game mode to get any public achievements.

    Simply go to Multiplayer and select Social Xbox Live. Choose Wingman as your game type and start the matchmaking process. With any luck you won't find other players and all other positions will be filled with bots (since these are generally easier then human players). You will also get host so no lag if this happens.

    Score 15 points to win the game and repeat 3 times.

    NOTE: If playing with other players you will get the full experience that you would in Ranked. If playing only against bots you will only get a certain amount for winning. You ALSO REQUIRE ALL MAP PACKS to play this mode.

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    xLastShadowNot pairing me with bots, been searching for over 10 min
    Posted by xLastShadow on 01 May 20 at 23:19
    xLastShadownvm, dashboarded couple of times, and it worked
    Posted by xLastShadow on 02 May 20 at 03:20
    xix bam360 xixI had to make the xbone static and put the static ip in the dmz on my router to get this to work. I was getting a warning strict nat when I started the multiplayer.
    Posted by xix bam360 xix on 10 May 20 at 05:20
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  • Sticky StalwartSticky Stalwart75,427
    11 Jun 2009 12 Jun 2009 12 Jun 2009
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    Doing this legitimately can be easier than you think.

    I am only at a level 7 online, and I was paired up with players who were level 35, 52, 46 etc. - much more than me.

    This technique is how all novice players should play multiplayer online in these gametypes - it allows for you to see how the better players play, and also allows you to rack up some points with downs, revives, and kills. Your partner should be getting the majority of the kills using this method, but you will definitely get some as well.

    And so what I did was I became a shadow of my partner, the better player, and covered him as he took the initial chances. If he went for the flamethrower and then was rushed by an opponent, I would shoot that guy with the shotgun to buy my partner time. If he was involved in a close fight, I would flank and shoot or melee the other guy with the shotgun. And if my partner was downed, I am right there to finish the opponent off and revive him.
    If a two-man team came at us, I would try to kill one of them and he would try to kill the other, and if one of us kills our guy, or downs our guy, we can then go help our partner out, 2-on-1 is better odds. And sure, sometimes this wouldn't work and one or both of us would get killed, and that is the breaks.

    With this technique I got the Wingman achievement in 5 games.
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    UlteriorDesertAnother way is also to play with a m8 in social, got all bots and got it in 4 games
    Posted by UlteriorDesert on 01 Nov 10 at 13:55
    Hockey EdSticky's solution is perfect. I agree with UlteriorDesert's suggestion of playing in social. I was able to get two of three (still working on it) simply by selecting the matches I would enter into. I would search for a game that was up for grabs. If it was mostly a bot match, I would avoid it (the bots are good until they are paired with a human player). I would then look to see how far into the match the players are. If it appears that the game is about to be won, I would drop out (as a lot of players drop out of the game after the match is over, most likely leaving you with a bot). I would also drop out if the game seemed lopsided (those games end fast and you will probably end up with a bot).

    I would also suggest that anyone who gets a pure bot match (you as host), to keep playing, as you are in control of the match (no one can cancel the match just as you are about to win, which happened to me a few times). You will also most likely be joined by other players rather quickly, and you will probably have an even game at that point.
    Posted by Hockey Ed on 08 Mar 11 at 12:48
    GoGroHi I was just wondering about the 'Social' aspect of this game, as my game will not allow me to play a social game, only ranked ones? Any ideas why?
    Posted by GoGro on 14 Sep 11 at 10:43
  • BWchief117BWchief117221,411
    07 Feb 2009 27 Jul 2010 27 Jul 2010
    39 3 1
    Win 3 matches as stated (ranked or social).

    DO NOT camp too much while doing this achievement. Most people who aren't good at wingman tend to camp in safe locations, but this is the worst way to get the achievement. To be blunt, when you camp, the better players rack up kills and the game will end before you can catch up, so DO NOT CAMP. Also, stay as close to your teammate as possible and work together. That may seem obvious, but many gears players like to go the lone warrior route, and if you are good enough to actually do that, then you should have no problem with this achievement, and you wouldn't be reading this.

    This has gotten harder to do though as more casual gamers leave the game, since many of the better gamers do seem to congregate in the wingman playlists (ranked at least), but keep playing and it should come eventually even if you aren't very good at wingman... (it took me about 20 matches when the game came out, and I was moderately good at it at the time, so gauge your time from there)

    A teammate you know also helps relieve the tension if you do get your butts kicked a lot :P

    And if all else fails, blame the lag... seriously, half the gears players will anyway

    ***I say don't camp, but that doesn't mean that when it comes down to a 2 versus 2 situation situation that you can't camp, just don't expect to do it the whole time.
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    UlteriorDesertNice one man.
    Posted by UlteriorDesert on 01 Nov 10 at 14:01
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