Beat the Meatflag achievement in Gears of War 2

Beat the Meatflag

Capture 10 meatflags in Submission (not Custom)

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How to unlock the Beat the Meatflag achievement

  • Madlmax120Madlmax120167,955
    17 Nov 2008 19 Nov 2008 20 Aug 2012
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    This achievement is for 10 captures of the npc character in submission gametype which is a territories variant.

    This is easy to do with some patience. After 2 captures, one per round, the game will end. Therefore it takes a minimum of 5 games to get this achievement. But as other people go for captures too, this is unlikely. Tell your team you're going for the achievement and they may allow you to get it, or alternatively, play with a group of friends and take turns getting captures.

    During the matches, rush for the meatflag and get him down. Grab him and make your way to the ending area, which moves when the other team captures it, and is random.
    When dragging the meatshield, you are more protected than normal, and a good player can take down several attackers one at a time with the starting pistol and melee hits. The rest of the team should be scouting and protecting the rear to grant you safe passage, so if they aren't, tell them to.


    Newer updates have allowed the option of unlocking this achievement in Social xbox live, meaning you can choose the submission gametype and have the match populate empty slots with bots. But apparently you will need all the available dlc packs to unlock this achievement via the social route.

    They most likely changed it because the release of Gears 3 took away even more players, on top of the already low amount of people playing Submission.

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    DjshepThis may or may not be helpful. If you have access to another Xbox and another account you can play online with (I used my home Xbox with a guest account sharing my gold and my new Xbox one x) then you can join a player onto the opposing team so they're a bot down.

    It makes a ton of difference. I played for about 3 hours and only 1 person tried to join because the game is so dead online. Good luck!
    Posted by Djshep on 21 Oct 19 at 23:18
    Hey0kaFor me the game never starts. Anybody have a fix for this? I have it set to Social Submission and press start to "Find Team" and I sit there for minutes. The game never starts with bots. Halp
    Posted by Hey0ka on 09 Jul 20 at 06:34
    StcGK2008If you’re boosting this in a session because the bots are either too tough or too obnoxious, the way to make matchmaking MUCH QUICKER is to have a “lone wolf” player who doesn’t join a team. Have a team of five, a team of four, and the lone wolf search at the same time.

    This method changed our matchmaking times from 3-5 minutes to 15 seconds. Big difference.
    Posted by StcGK2008 on 20 Aug 20 at 22:50
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  • DJDVSnzDJDVSnz203,544
    23 Jul 2010 27 May 2010 24 Jul 2010
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    With the latest Gears of War update (update 6), you can get this achievement easily by using "Social Xbox Live". You do not have to do it in a ranked match and with Social Xbox Live, the game will automatically start with Bots if it does not match you to enough or any players. Social Submission takes away the hassle of finding other players who actually play Submission.

    Simply select this option in the drop down in Multiplayer and choose Submission in the Game Type drop down. From here start your matchmaking and with any luck you will get Bot players or only 1 or 2 human players. Once the game starts, capture the meatflag and drag him to the end location.

    Bots are difficult in Social Submission but might be easier then doing it with expert human players.

    NOTE: If playing with other players you will get the full experience that you would in Ranked. If playing only against bots you will only get a certain amount for winning. You ALSO REQUIRE ALL MAP PACKS to play this mode.
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    ZombieMedicXummmmm, yeah this won't work at all if your 100 or high ranked. the bots are more impossible then actual players.....
    Posted by ZombieMedicX on 13 Apr 12 at 20:54
    roxanaversteeghow do you get the bots???
    if had it on social xbox live with 2 controllers signed no guest
    had it searching for 7 hours!!! and no bots not even a other player...

    how the h... do you get this also tryed the "Beat the Meatflag" "It's Good to be the King" "ou Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine" and the Annex: Now With Execution Rules and Standing Here, Beside Myself.

    had the xbox on for 5 days and every day searching for 7 hours and no bots it will not stop searching.

    how do you get the bots???

    please help i only need 12 achevements and want to get it on 100% compleet
    can also send me a mail over xbox roxanaversteeg is my xbox name.
    Posted by roxanaversteeg on 20 Jun 12 at 09:18
    Octobot SuperThe bots are a pain in the ass. Yes, bots can easily be taken down with a lancer from long range, but close up they are deadly. Additionally, if you're dragging the meatflag to the ring, it's quite often the case that you'll be downed by an opposing bot and your team members will kill the bot that downs you instead of reviving you, giving the meatflag enough time to finish you off. Then your bot team member will down the meatflag and finish the round, screwing you over.
    Posted by Octobot Super on 09 Nov 12 at 23:35
  • xIan Iz RadxxIan Iz Radx163,522
    22 Feb 2011 22 Feb 2011 22 Feb 2011
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    As noted that you can just play Social and play against the bots, but here are some tips.

    - Only play social if you see 2 or 3 human players playing, thats ok. Anything more than that, than its like playing a regular match, and will make it harder to get the submission. Plus matches go much faster, playing against humans can take forever! Sometimes almost going a full 15 minutes in some rounds.

    - Play at night I mean late at night, if you have a day off the next day and don't have anything to do, Try to stay up till 3am. I'm in central time zone in the United States, I honestly got about 8 out of my 10 submissions at around 3 to 4am. For a couple of reasons. I would get host almost all the time and hardly anyone else is playing which means bots only. Every now and than 1-2 players will join, which is fine as stated above.

    - If you have the meatflag and you down a bot/player don't kill him. The longer they are downed the longer it takes for them to spawn and potentially try to kill you and take your meatflag. You want them crawling they can't harm you that way.

    I did this without any help, I didn't have any teammates helping me which would of been a big bonus, but doing this alone is very possible. I was averaging about 4 submissions an hour, sometimes I would get a submission in back to back rounds, and others took me a couple of games to get one.

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    Muskrat MorrisI had all bots enough for me to get 7 of the 10, then real people started joining. The bots are hard online, but they can't really plan ahead like humans can.
    Posted by Muskrat Morris on 28 Jul 11 at 13:56
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