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It's Good to be the King

Win 10 rounds of Guardian as the leader (not Custom)

It's Good to be the King0
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Achievement Guide for It's Good to be the King

  • PHUTURE 909PHUTURE 909239,861
    05 Sep 2010 05 Sep 2010
    85 2 14
    HOW I GOT It's Good to be the King :::: I made my NAT Strict, and started downloading/streaming movies on my Wii & PC. This made my connection REALLY crappy and ended up on Bot matches everytime as the leader for the first round. I stepped back and let my bots kill the opposing team for the round win. Exited back to lobby, relaunched again. Everytime got a fresh bot match & I was the leader for my team. Everytime.
  • Panzer x360aPanzer x360a177,890
    28 Mar 2009 29 Mar 2009 27 Nov 2010
    75 1 9
    This achievement is much easier since TU3, just play the Guardian playlist, and when the game starts rush the enemy leader and kill him to become the leader if you are not the leader to start with, Once you are the leader plant grenades preferably frags but if not smoke and get one or two teammates to stay back and protect you while the other members of your team go and kill the enemy leader.

    This achievement is also achievable in Social, which is easier than Ranked matches as you will sometimes get in a match with just yourself and 9 Bot players. (Credit to UlteriorDesert for conformation of this)
  • TheAmazingMikeyTheAmazingMikey190,022
    18 Aug 2009 18 Aug 2009
    47 2 2
    Play enough games and you can't fail to get this. Even if you never manage to kill the enemy leader thereby ensuring you are leader in the next round, you will get leader randomly in the first round of the match once every few games. There is no system to who starts as leader. I have seen people with the highest rank get leader as well as the lowest rank.

    Guardian is also a good mode to get your experience for the rank achievements. A good points to experience ratio and infinite respawns (as long as your leader is alive) means this is a good way to rise the ranks quickly.
  • DJDVSnzDJDVSnz179,521
    09 Feb 2010 24 Jul 2010
    47 3 3
    With the latest Gears of War update (update 6), you can get this achievement easily by using "Social Xbox Live". You do not have to do it in a ranked match and with Social Xbox Live, the game will automatically start with Bots if it does not match you to enough or any players. Social Submission takes away the hassle of finding other players who actually play Guardian, even though it is a popular game type and even in New Zealand I haven't had much difficult finding games.

    Simply select this option in the drop down in Multiplayer and choose Guarding in the Game Type drop down. From here start your matchmaking and with any luck you will get Bot players or only 1 or 2 human players. Once the game starts, it will tell you whos leader and if you are the leader, survive out the round and eliminate the enemy team. Chances are that the bots will do most of the work for you.

    Bots are difficult in Social Guardian but might be easier then doing it with expert human players.

    NOTE: If playing with other players you will get the full experience that you would in Ranked. If playing only against bots you will only get a certain amount for winning. You ALSO REQUIRE ALL MAP PACKS to play this mode.
  • DirtyDog HUNDirtyDog HUN50,110
    02 Jun 2010 02 Jun 2010 02 Jun 2010
    45 3 2
    The easiest way after TU6 is,if you play Social Xbox Live matches.Everything is what you have to do just win! :) If there's a good hiding spot on the spawn point location,you can hide behind it during the full session and wait until the teammates kill the entire enemy team!By the way if you start a match it will always gives you the opportunity to be the leader!So if you start a game just win the first round then go back to the lobby and start it again!

    I hope this could help!
  • I am MindslaveI am Mindslave415,640 415,640 GamerScore
    29 Nov 2008 01 Dec 2008
    47 7 1
    Its not that hard really. Just hope that you are the first leader, and if you dont get it you either have to lose the round without killing the enemy leader or YOU have to kill the enemy leader. When you get enemy leader plant smoke/Ink/Frags behind you so the enemy cant spawn behind you. Good luck!
  • XxjdooksxXXxjdooksxX158,637 158,637 GamerScore
    25 Dec 2010 29 Dec 2010
    33 1 2
    I actually got this sometime xmas morning by accident. I fell asleep having found a bot match and when I woke up it had popped. If you're host you're leader in first round of every match by default, use a play and charge cable, leave your xbox and eventually you'll win enough of them games where you're leader.
  • Frostbyte99999Frostbyte99999193,983
    24 Jul 2013 24 Jul 2013
    16 0 0
    As of 2013, a lazy man's way of getting this is leaving your console running overnight.

    Start the game on Social Xbox Live, and don't forget to plug-in your controller with a play-and-charge kit and disable the console's auto off feature.

    - Most rounds will probably be bots-only
    - You will randomly get leader once in a while (you always get leader on first round)
    - Your bots will randomly win the game for you

    It's also an inefficient way to progress towards "Party Like It's 1999".
  • South Park TFBWSouth Park TFBW400,496
    05 Jan 2013 05 Jan 2013 06 Jun 2013
    15 0 2

    The online is dead for this game so play Social Xbox Live and guardian.90% of the time you will be in a bot only game.And the first round YOU are the leader.Just stay back in the spawn and the bots will do all the work.Also,plant your smoke grenade so you know someone is coming.
  • PlanetNoobiesPlanetNoobies357,552
    10 Nov 2012 11 Nov 2012 30 Nov 2012
    16 1 0
    This is simple to get now as the social MP is dead,every social match i played(14 strait)was an all bot match.When you first start playing a Guardian match you will allways be the leader in the first round of the match.Simply quit after the round & search a new social match,you will be leader again for the first round,repeat as many times as takes to win 10 rounds.I got to 9 then lost 4 in a row,lol.I recommend moving up with your team & help them knock a 1 or 2 down while the team is still in a group more or less to give them the edge or if you know a good hide spot it can help but if the enemy leader doesn't go down you might be left alone & never camp near a spawn they will spawn next to you everytime.
  • Radient StarRadient Star34,764
    12 Apr 2011 12 Apr 2011
    22 7 2
    I'm definitely not against boosting achievements, but for this one I really would suggest doing it legit. I tried boosting and got nothing, but after a good couple of hours over the course of two days I had snagged the achievement. Here are some tips to help you...

    1) It's called GUARDian

    Most of the time when you join a match players will rush the enemy leader, hoping to end spawns for the opposite team. Now this certainly isn't a bad strategy, but sometimes when the whole team is attacking, the leader can be left alone and hopelessly outnumbered, causing your once perfect strategy to become mush once your infinite spawns are taken away.

    So, stalk your leader. Use left bumper to see where he is located (he'll have either a blue or a red star over his head, depending on if you are playing as Locust or Cogs) and make sure you know where he is at all times. Even having one extra set of eyes looking out for badguys can really help your leader stay alive longer, giving your attacking team more time to take down their target without having the stress of one life over their head.

    2) Smokes aren't as useless as you thought

    Why do they even give you smokes? I've often wondered this as I searched for some frags or ink. But most players grabbed these precious grenades before me, often leaving me with the stinky smoke. But was it really that poor of a tool?

    Frags and ink are used to disable enemy forces from approaching, usually placed behind a camping spot so that you can shoot oncoming troops without having to worry about bullets in your butt.

    While smokes don't possess the same brute power as their cousins, they can still be used for the exact same purpose. Place them behind you. Try planting them on walls just around corners so that your enemies don't notice them and are taken by surprise.

    Smokes make a distinctive sound when they are triggered. As soon as you hear that sound, stop what you are doing and turn your shotgun towards your rear.

    Also, because most people regard smokes as useless as I once did, make sure to grab plenty. You start out with one every single time you spawn, and often players will trade smokes for frags or ink, which you can easily pick up after them.

    3) Power Weapons are your friend

    You really need to learn your maps and remember where weapons spawn. It will give you a distinct advantage if you can grab a sniper, torque bow, or mortars.

    Furthermore, you need to practice which each of these weapons. Get acquainted with their reload times, recoil, and other traits specific to them.

    4) The Basic One-Two Punch

    If you can't find power weapons, you always start with both a short range weapon and a long ranged weapon - your lancer, and your shotgun. Spray enemies from afar, and as they get closer switch to your shotgun.

    5) Scavenge

    Both the lancer and the shotgun are used very commonly in Guardian. Whenever a player dies, try to pick up their ammo if you can. Shotgun shells can often run out especially fast.

    Also, if you have a power weapon that is running low on ammo it may be a good idea to find a basic weapon with plenty of shots rather than hoping your last couple of sniper rounds will hit.

    So, thus are my tips. I hope you find them useful, and good luck!
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