Are You A God? achievement in Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

Are You A God?

Complete the game on 'Professional' difficulty.

Are You A God?-0.5
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How to unlock the Are You A God? achievement

  • MannedPython070MannedPython070807,733
    06 Oct 2019 06 Oct 2019 07 Oct 2019
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    I can confirm the old trick from the 360 works. If you don’t feel like slogging through the campaign on professional, you can just do this. You can beat just the boss of each level on professional and the achievement will count. Just make sure you beat “Your Hired” in the firehouse and play until your going up in the elevator for the first time in the hotel. After that save and exit and you can now do the bosses in story order

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    MXR5150The first mission I see is sedgewick hotel though.
    Posted by MXR5150 on 13 Jul 20 at 19:29
    MannedPython070You don’t see “your hired” ?
    Posted by MannedPython070 on 13 Jul 20 at 21:25
    MXR5150Okay, it is there. I wasn't looking at the checkpoints but instead the titles of the missions. Thank you!
    Posted by MXR5150 on 14 Jul 20 at 12:56
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  • MIK813MIK8131,147,300
    16 Feb 2021 17 Feb 2021 16 May 2021
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    External image
    This is a more detailed explanation of the cheese method to completing this for all new players and for those that played the 360 version.

    First of all you must complete the game at least once, I recommend playing on casual picking up your collectibles, getting used to the game and upgrading all your weapons attachments.

    Few points:

    • When quitting to main menu - ignore text saying progression maybe lost.

    • When selecting difficulty & level ignore text current mission progress will be lost!

    • When you load into each level you will on have the upgrades as per your purchase at this time on play-through one, so check if have cash to upgrade your specific weapon upgrade for that Boss!

    • Upgrade all weapons on first run.

    • Finally if you wish you can quit the game and come back to where you left off if needed this was also tried and tested on my run.

    Now for your Professional difficulty speed run

    1. From the main screen select Career

    2. Then scroll down and select Replay Mission cn_A

    3. Now select the very first mission Hotel Sedgewickand choose You’re Hired Level continue and select professional difficulty (choose this difficulty from now on.

    4. You will load in as the Rookie and play until you reach Hotel Sedgewick, proceed as directed into the elevator once you arrive and exit quit and save the game.

    5. Go back into replay mission and select Hotel Sedgewick again, now scroll down to the bottom and select the level And the Kitchen Sink, Too. You will be on your first Boss fight, once you have destroyed the Kitchen Golem & Fisherman Ghost let the game load to next area then quit to main menu.

    6. Select career and all replay mission select Times Square, then scroll down and choose the level The Rise and Fall of Stay Puft. Boss fight once again destroy Stay Puft. Few tips listen to Ray when to fire Proton Darts with cn_LT, as Stay Puft rises shoot the helicopter with cn_RT then wait on the minis to spawn shoot at the right hand then switch to the left. Now he will blow a black cloud at you shoot out this ASAP, this will repeat again as above. Then Ray will say to shoot use cn_LT, If done correctly he will drop. Now rinse and repeat this until he falls to his death. Once again wait for cinematic to end and loads next area before quitting.

    7. Select career, replay mission, select Public Library scroll down to last level and select Wrath of the Collectorand load in. Once again you will encounter another Boss fight to kill. To kill the collector, neutralise the black smoke from his mask with the slime blower cn_down and shoot with cn_RT. Remove the mask with your proton blast stream cn_up, now shoot out his eye with slime blower again. Remember to revive team mates when can, jump out of enemy attacks with cn_LSl & cn_B or cn_LSr & cn_B. Once again wait for cinematic to end and loads next area before quitting.

    8. Select career, replay mission, select History Museum, scroll down and choose the level It’s the Chairman. Use your slime blower cn_down, on the four spawning portals and All the enemies it produces (when blue flying enemies spawn in stay at range and dodge. When attacking the Boss switch to the Overload Pulse weapon cn_right then shoot with cn_LT at his eye. Make sure you hide behind the central tube, revive team mates when possible. Rinse and repeat until killed. Once again wait for cinematic to end and loads next area before quitting.

    9. Select career, replay mission, select Return to Hotel Sedgewickchoose the level Lair of the Spiderwitch This Boss fight isn’t too bad just use your normal proton gun abilities cn_up & cn_LT or cn_RT. Once again wait for cinematic to end and loads next area before quitting.

    10. Select career, replay mission, select Lost Island choose the level Black Slime Beast. For this Boss only use cn_right & cn_RT. First of all you will need to destroy the three spheres or BALLS, use cn_right & cn_LT. Now move to top away from black slime, then Shoot the four round ball eyes that spawn in (destroy all others ASAP if spawn in), revive team mates when possible, then shoot hell out of the green hole weak point on his head until defeated pretty easy Boss. Once again wait for cinematic to end and loads next area before quitting.

    11. Select career, replay mission, FINAL BOSS FIGHT! Select Central Park Cemeterychoose the level Cross the Streams. Now select cn_right for your weapon for all of this area. Shot the Boss with cn_LT then when the four pillars appear to heal him use cn_RT & cn_LT ASAP. He will move around the area then go into the centre to heal shoot pillars ASAP, revive team mates when can and just shoot him body/head mass, repeat over until he dies.

    Then if you have done this as per above, yes that magic pop achievement unlocked!


    I hope this has helped and clarified what to actually do, as myself was confused from other information which covered this achievement.

    Happy Hunting
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    Mikeyoj200Great Guide - still going through it - The AI is the worst thing about this cheevo, spending most of my time reviving teammates rather than actually concentrating on the boss battles!
    Posted by Mikeyoj200 on 15 May at 18:25
    MIK813Thanks glad I could help
    Posted by MIK813 on 16 May at 03:44
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