Hell on Wheels achievement in Call of Duty: WaW

Hell on Wheels

Complete 'Blood and Iron' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

Hell on Wheels0
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How to unlock the Hell on Wheels achievement

  • AbylitiesAbylities90,437
    01 Dec 2008 01 Dec 2008 27 Jul 2009
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    One of the easiest Veteran missions in this game.

    Do this once you've ran through it on Normal so you know where things are.

    Quickly dispatch the Artillery points close to you, picking off groups of soldiers before you progress. Rockets will do a LOT of damage and once you're in their sights, you're in a bit of trouble.

    The best method to use here is move up a bit, pick off everything you can see, plough through a bit further.
    After the first two artilleries are gone (the hardest bit to clear in my opinion), move forward quickly to the others and get to the checkpoint quickly - be wary of tanks, but don't take too long.

    Towers are very dangerous so keep your eyes open for them.

    When you get to the very last bit (Where you're supposed to descend a hill), sit at the top and shoot everything. You can literally take out this whole camp without being touched. After that point, roll down the right just to be safe, and rush to the checkpoint.

    Very easy mission, just requires a bit of time and you quite literally have to take out ALL the rocket points before moving on.

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    AdamRawrri havn't even tried half the veterans yet, i'll give this ago soon
    thanks fer the solution ^^
    Posted by AdamRawrr on 07 Jun 09 at 04:30
    Wildboy WileyThanks, helped out a lot!
    Posted by Wildboy Wiley on 08 Aug 09 at 22:31
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  • porschephiliacporschephiliac310,819
    27 Jan 2009 27 Jan 2009
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    It's a considerable toss-up which Veteran level is easier between this one and 'Black Cats', however, I prefer this level because one who enjoys blowing stuff up, like myself, gets to accomplish a great deal of it.

    This is the mission, the token tank mission, if you will, in which you pilot a Russian tank through German countryside. As you start, you really have only way to go - forward. As you progress ahead a bit, you will notice a gentle left turn, and then a building straight in front of you. You will realize that the buildings are crawling with Germans and their Panzershrieks rocket launchers. These guys are vital to eliminate first all throughout this level.

    To the left of you is the first of 4 artillery units you must destroy. Also, take it out quickly and move ahead a bit to take out another one down the road a bit. Here is your first tank encounter of many. The trick to these guys, on Veteran, is to keep moving while you fire at them. If you are stationary, ground soldiers and tanks will overcome you quickly. This area opens up to quite a large area that can be overwhelming with all the action directed at you. Make sure you use your weapons effectively. That flamethrower helps out quite a bit in the trenches. Keep moving forward until you finish of the 3rd and 4th artillery. The easier part of this level is over.

    From this checkpoint, you have a small downhill path to follow that leads to a radio tower and several tanks and ground soldiers. Pick these off from a distance, and make sure to destroy the bunkers as you go. You will be required to destroy the radio tower, so do so and move on. Be careful, because this area is tighter, and is crawling with ground soldiers and their rockets. You might now see it, but you will come to a fork. I found the left path was far easier then the right path, and it gives you a surprise attack on the 2 tanks waiting to ambush you.

    There are 4 tanks, a million (not really) rocket soldiers, and 2 towers with a bunker in this tight area. Keep moving and keep destroying. This area might give the most trouble. Once the last tank is destroyed, you should get a checkpoint. If not, progress ahead and wait before you drop down the hill to the final area.

    Again, there is a left and a right way to go. You are less exposed going the left way, versus having to combat 4 tanks if you go the right way. As you follow the dirt road down the hill here, aim to the right and pick off as many rocket soldiers as possible, as well as the handful of tanks and towers bearing down on you. Remember to keep moving as you take them out. This area has no checkpoints until the end, but I managed to burn through this area, and the whole level, without dying - I am sure you could too, and get that achievement if you haven't already.

    Once you kill the several tanks in this area, you will see a train to what should be your left, or, if turned around, it is opposite the hill you came down. That is your goal. There are several soldiers, a tank, and a hidden tower to finish off to get to there. Once that's all done, watch the small cutscene as you and your Russian friends get on the train to get some more German kills.

    Congrats, another 30gs to your total. Check the video for an idea of what to expect.

  • DimmockDimmock544,339
    17 Nov 2008 20 Nov 2008
    16 4 0
    If you glow plowing in, you will die... a lot

    try to make sure to pick off tanks and soldiers from distance, if you spot them you can dodge the rockets and if you get hit even once get your arse back and heal away from danger

    always take out the towers first, they will quickly destroy you unchecked.

    if possible try to inch forward enough to cause your teammates to advance, they are a lot more useful then you may think
  • Punisher PabloPunisher Pablo608,788
    30 May 2012 18 Aug 2014
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    Hope this video helps out anyone still needing this very difficult achievement, even the best strategies will need repeated attempts! I take no credit for the video, just thought I'd share it since it helped me out quite a lot.
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