Blowtorch & Corkscrew achievement in Call of Duty: World at War

Blowtorch & Corkscrew

Complete 'Blowtorch & Corkscrew' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

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How to unlock the Blowtorch & Corkscrew achievement

  • JediJohnny7JediJohnny7109,206
    19 Jul 2009 17 Jun 2009
    36 7 4
    Go to the left side, torch the guy in the first spider trap and then burn the grass all around him, then quickly jump into his spider hole and duck. Equip your Browning and play whack-a-mole, sniping the enemies around you. Watch out for grenades and throw them back if they land in your spider hole. When you get down to ONE enemy remaining, don't kill him or 4 more will spawn. Throw another smoke grenade to screen yourself from his fire and make a break for it. The checkpoint isnt far past that field, and with luck, you should reach it.

    The problem is, your moving constantly up. so enemies will be behind you so you need to keep moving and try not to spend so much time trying to keep your back covered. When your by the check point Bauer will tell you to throw a smoke grenade, ( I highly suggest you stay to the right near the border. Throw a smoke down this side, and once it starts to disperse run along side it with your browning and shoot/stab enemies when you can.

    You will come up to the bunker take out the enemies to the left while still staying prone. Once it's cleared rush in and head into the interior of the cave, Throw a smoke grenade past the waterfall and rush to cover picking off any and all enemies if possible.

    Move up, you will be told to C4 a bunch of bunkers, this actually is the super easy part of the mission. You won't have much trouble here.

    The next part is really ridiculous, you have to take a fortress, there are MG always on you. You will be given a choice to either go left or right, I find staying right is a lot easier than going left. The left has a lot of kamikaze soldiers who never stop rushing up. If you want to take this and find it easier.

    Left Side

    What I did, was I perched up and took down most of the enemies running up, once their forces start to dim down, just throw a smoke to the right. Once you see the smoke rush down and while still hidden in the fog, knife and shoot the enemies that you see. You will reach a point where you need to turn the corner usually 2 Japanese enemies appear, kill them and stay right. Head down and proceed to take out the enemies in the little huts and laying on the rocks. I got killed here because I couldn't see them the first time, you could also use a smoke grenade and just rush behind to get into the bunker.

    Right Side

    I found this easier but not by much, if your heading right when you appear on the cliff throw a smoke right ahead of you so it blocks the main MG, than while turning right you will have 3 japanese soldiers waiting for you.

    One will be to the left hiding behind the rock, the second to the right by the supplies. Than the third one is a little way down right before the small little cave, he'll be to the left. Take them out and rush to the cave, if you do it fast enough you will disable the never ending drop of enemies right above the cave.

    When you approach the cave, have it aimed 3 or so enemies will come at you. After a bit a Kamikaze enemy will come from the right of the cave just kill him. Make sure your hidden by the entrance so you don't get killed by the right MG. Peek out while staying on the MG and try to pick him off, keep your sights here until you don't see any other enemies appearing.

    The Bunker

    Heading down the slope you will be ambushed by enemies, just pick them off. Than continue down, you will see some huts, you need to try and take them all out while trying to avoid continuous grenade spams. There is a small boulder you can take cover by and try to peek out and pick off the snipers and other surrounding enemies. Once you finish a majority of them off, rush in and try to stop the spawn, than make your way into the bunker.

    Once inside, it's another really easy and your pretty home free, just take out the enemies inside there isn't to much problems here. You will clear enemies and go up each floor, when you get to the very top, where you see a major opening to the right of you. You need to clear this place than head out that way and prone and crawl up and throw grenades and what ever you have. You will clear them and pass the level.

    Don't make a mistake and go into the other room and go up the ladder, you will be killed by a lot of Japanese guys.

    I know this is very straightforward but it's all about rushing and based on luck, but this strategy will work.

    Comment me on this strategy people.


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    JediJohnny7Well I didn't have that problem when I did it, I just kept on crouching and walking along and killed the 3 soldiers in there, and then just kept creeping around until I hit the checkpoint. I guess I should have said to just take your time- which also helps. But if you're on about coming out after the little bunker on the "right side" if I remember rightly what I did, was to keep going slowly, and then when the enemies came I hid behind a rock and slowly crept up shooting. It's okay if you die there there's a checkpoint as you come up to the bunker.

    Put simply, go slow and hide behind rocks, take note of where they are. If you crouch behind a rock and then un-crouch to find the enemies quickly that helps a lot.
    Posted by JediJohnny7 on 02 Sep 09 at 18:24
    TrueBOHlieverThis level was quite a pain but you guide helped out some what thumbs up
    Posted by TrueBOHliever on 01 Oct 12 at 18:35
    FLD Marshal Z0DThe checkpoint in the bunker after the 3 soldiers doesnt work.
    you will not start from there when you die.
    Posted by FLD Marshal Z0D on 21 Dec 14 at 17:05
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  • GlorixJimGlorixJim367,159
    03 Sep 2009 03 Sep 2009 04 Sep 2009
    18 2 0
    Yay! I finished it :)

    I don't agree with Jedi's solution, I think this is a game of patience, and you can never forget that while playing. To make things easy for yourself, remember it is a scripted game. Here's how I did it, after two frustrating evenings.

    Keep all the way to the right, behind the second set of rocks there's a soldier hiding. Go prone on this side and look left. The Japanese soldiers will start running towards from their holes, and probably your buddies will shoot them- if not, torch the Japanese. With the Browning, take out one soldier that is hiding behind the next set of rocks. As soon as you pass the rocks you are still hiding behind, you trigger the next set of soldiers to run down the hill to your right. So trigger that, go back in hiding and shoot all the soldiers that come running down the hill. You can shoot them while they are on top, if you miss you'll have to pick them off later in the field.
    You'll have to pick off a few there anyway. be very careful, keep hiding behind the rock, maybe run across to your left to get a better shot. Only two or three, quite far away.
    Listen to the background music, as this will change to a little triumphant music as soon as you've killed all soldiers in this wave. (I also noticed that this happens in the bunker, the last part of the level)

    Now.. when you're certain that you've finished this wave, run right, up the hill. Maybe throw smoke for cover, but the only soldiers that you'll face still have to run into the field and take their positions. You can beat them and run to the next Checkpoint, further on down the right behind a few trees and rocks. When you get there, even more soldiers will start emerging form the caves where the MG is, but they're still far away - too far for grenades, for now...

    I did this without using a single smoke grenade, as I knew I would need them after this checkpoint ;)

    Now throw smoke slightly to the left of the MG fire, so you can flank around the right side. Get your M2 and torch anything in the smoke, use small bursts. Go around the right side of the trees you hid behind. After passing the rocks, go left and forward towards the sandbag shelters -- keep throwing flames! If you got hurt, lay low for a few seconds, the enemy will not see you, no matter how close they are. Now throw a smoke grenade in front of the MG nest, to your left. Flame away and move left, also turn around a few times to find Japanese that came running down after you passed them through the smoke.
    Go all the way to the left, to the last sandbag shelter there.
    Now go inside the utmost left cave entrance (hug the fence on the left) and you'll end up in the cave one level above the ground. Peek around the corner - you may draw fire, or you can kill the one Japanese soldier there. Be patient, your checkpoint is close, when your mates are running into the cave. It would be a real shame to get shot now, so don't move ahead too far, the enemy will shoot you from the left, from outside.. If you happen to walk into the cave through the ground level entrance, be aware that there is a soldier on the level above you.

    After you Reached the Checkpoint, I found it easiest to ggo back outside, move up the hill to the right of the MG nest and so enter the cave on the first level on the right. Pick off two or three guys and move back into the cave. Jump down take the right exit on ground level, taking out two more guys. Now your buddies run into the waterfall and you're safe to follow them out.

    The next bit is easiest, taking out the bunkers. Stay low and stay patient. If you get hit, move back and recover before going out again.
    For the first two bunkers you can slowly crawl around the right side and pick off the enemy, then hug the wall and move up to the bunker, throw in the satchel through the first window, move back and blow the charge.

    The last bunker is a bit harder. Let your mates run to the front line, you stay back and pick of as many enemies as you can see. Slowly move up and find out where the bullets are coming from. Once the bullets stop, there's another Checkpoint.
    Throw smoke to the left of the bunker and make a run up the hill. Toast the soldiers that come running down and once you are up the hill, go right and throw a charge in the bunker. Stay in cover, because you probably have a few enemies on the other side that were on the other side of the smoke. Take them out and another Checkpoint appears.

    Now on to the next MG nest. I took the left path, I'm almost certain that you cannot make it along the right side without smoke-- and I'd used mine already. On the left, the soldiers will keep running from behind the bunker up the hill, so don't stay on the hill shooting them (tho that's easy), but you need to advance down the hill. The game's trigger is somewhere down the hill on the other side, so once you get there, the soldiers will stop running towards you. I used my M2 to torch the Japanese and use the cover on the way down.

    Once you pass underneath the bridge, there is an open camp with a truck -- and 1 soldier! Or at least one, and he's quite proficient at aiming and shooting. Kill him and move on, Checkpoint!

    Next you'll enter the bunker. Rush & Rambo all you want, using the M2 you can get a long way.
    When you get to a ladder for the third time, wait for the Checkpoint Reached message. This is the last checkpoint and you'll be seeing a lot of it.
    I took my Browning and went up the ladder. Turn around, kill the guy closeby and behind the boxes on the other end of the room. Go prone and wait for two, three, sometimes four Japanes that will come running in. Pick them off. One of these guys was carrying a Type 99, you may want to pick it up when your Browning is out of ammo.
    Now move to the sandbags and hide behind the wooden wall. I took a Garand here, 5 shots and great accuracy. Pick off all enemies. Take your time, you're quite safe here. Grenades will explode on the other side of the wall. Once you've killed all soldiers here, go prone and move behind the concrete pillar in this room. Slowly peek around the right side; there's a good shooter 20 meters from here, in the right side of the bunker. He shot me at least 5 times, even while I knew he was there, waiting for me.
    The next soldier (two really) is hiding in the back and doesn't show himself often. Move from the room you are in, to the wooden wall . Try to find him, on the other end in the room where the ladder is (you'll know later on..).
    I dashed for the next wooden half-high wall, (trigger!) and shot the next bunch of guys the came running in, mostly from the left side (I guess they're coming down). Shoot everyone and make sure you got them all.
    The first three times I'd gotten this far, I tried to go around the outside. I could never *see* the last soldier, but he damn sure saw me.
    Last time I checked him out there once and the decided to use the stairs, armed with my M2. I climbed up, had to turn a little bit to the left and torched the last Japanese soldier. Hurrah!

    This was one tough level and at the end I'm quite sure the only way of doing this is slow and low, patience and being careful once yr wounded. Your Browning has an amazing range and accuracy, try it.

    Hope this helps you out!
  • TheTCDTheTCD667,861
    01 Nov 2009 01 Nov 2009
    17 4 4
    While I wouldn't call this a guide per se, it is nonetheless a very valuable piece of information that may save a ton of hardship and headaches for anyone that was in the same boat as I was.

    The one thing to remember on this mission is that there are no "clown cars". And by that I mean that this is one of the rare occasions where enemies don't actually keep spawning repeatedly until you push them back far enough. While it may seem insurmountable at times, I cannot stress enough how much easier it is if you take a 'slow and sure' approach. Before I figured this out, I had been trying repeatedly for hours to even get up the hill to the first checkpoint. Assuming I got that far, getting there just led to more than I could deal with, and heaven forbid your AI colleagues do something to help you by killing enemies as they bring up the rear, right? As soon as I slowed down, I was more or less breezing through it, save for a few of those irritating 'enemy can do godly grenade spamming' moments. Treyarch really needs to stop relying on grenade spamming to artificially raise the difficulty , but I digress...

    So inch forward between areas of cover. Maybe pop a shot off to see if anything responds. If nothing happens, move up a little more. If you hear the screams of irritated Japanese soldiers, back up a little and pick them off. Rinse and repeat. Burning every square inch of grass ahead of you helps should you get rushed. Anything they cannot hide in and miraculously see you through is an advantage for you, more so as their khaki uniforms stand out against the blackened foliage.

    I hope that this simple, yet sometimes overlooked tip helps some of you out. It's so easy to disregard a cautious nature in a game that usually punishes you for it, but this is one time where it really does pay dividends.
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    TheTCDWell, for me the enemies stopped coming after a short while. You just have to move up slowly, securing the area as you go. It takes patience, and for me was a far more reliable option than charging headlong into smoke, or the twitch shooting that other players would suggest.

    But whatever works for you. Like I said, even getting up the hill to the first emplacement was horrid for me when trying to tough it out. Grenade spamming, flankers, my useless NPC allies and enemies spawning behind me made it near impossible to survive. Bounding between nearby cover, checking for a response and acting accordingly was what got me up that hill, and ultimately through the rest of the mission.
    Posted by TheTCD on 13 May 12 at 22:48
    klobeastI believe there is a 'clown car' respawn right before the second checkpoint. Understand its been years since poster played this so I'm not saying this solution is 'wrong', but I will say that you, the poster, were very lucky to get through the area easily.

    For myself, the solution was to leave one enemy alive, advance and take him out after I had moved up so that the respawn stops.
    Posted by klobeast on 16 May 12 at 12:59
    Homunculus Furywell it seems that they stop. you have a few seconds to advance before they start coming again. I for the life of me couldn't get up the hill so after clearing out the spider holes and the guys at the bottom of the hill. I waited for the second wave to run down the hill, I was all the way to the right they run right past you. I ran up the hill and thankfully got a checkpoint halfway up before I was killed. used a smoke and used the flamethrower to move up to the first MG nest.

    it really is a use of patience and agrression.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 11 Jun 12 at 17:47
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