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For the Motherland

Complete 'Heart of the Reich' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

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  • DEVIANTX407DEVIANTX407120,420
    01 Dec 2008 01 Dec 2008 02 Dec 2008
    51 10 23
    the hardest damned level of the game!!!!! there is no cheap tricks to beating this, just keep at it. it will take you a while unless you are some sort of super gamer

    Edit: Now i will say this once you get past the artillery part (the hard part) you will have to mount an attack on the stairs of the reichstag, the easiest way i found to get past this part, once you clear out the two buldings your team will move up. at this point get over to the building on the left, use the furthest ladder from the stairs, go to the second floor and you will find a PTRS-41 sniper rifle and a panzershrek ignore the panzer, grab the rifle and start taking people out from the top of the stairs down (this will take about 5 minuets or so) once your team moves up to the car and sandbag barrier, get over to the sandbag barrier quick. once you do this one of the pillars will collapse and a guy with a flamethrower will come out and try to burn you, what i did as soon as the pillar fell i ran back into one of the buildings and let my team kill the flamethrower guy, once he is dead run to the burnt body and the level will end. and you will think you are the greatest saying things like yea bi**h who's your daddy now!!!! even though it will take you about 900 tries to get through it. :D

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    Blue PapyrusOh my God, this shit was just painful to get through on veteran difficulty. Make sure to set aside some time for it, cause grenades will be thrown at you from everywhere.
    Posted by Blue Papyrus on 04 Nov 16 at 22:04
    rap choloFinally got this after eight years… such a pain in the ass. Thanks for the tips!
    Posted by rap cholo on 06 Jan 17 at 16:08
    ZBrosSpecI remember the fourth mission of BO1. it took me 4 hours on veteran. No joke.
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 18 Feb at 18:13
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  • LeibnizLeibniz189,255
    05 Feb 2010 06 Feb 2010
    25 2 4
    I definitely agree with DEVIANTX407, "the hardest damned level of the game", I found the other solutions very useful, however, couldn't hardly get passed up to the building to the third and fourth 88. I watched a lot of videos, but nothing really helped... So here is what I did (after I played just this section for weeks):

    Take out some Germans from safe cover, then rush to the destroyed 88 to the very left. Hide behind the cover next to it and recover your health (but not too long). You will notice that your tank rushes ahead and explodes.

    Now everything needs to go quite quick. Throw a grenade - still behind cover - to the left, then run behind the destroyed tank (possibly you also need to kill a guy or two standing behind the cover, but the grenade will give you precious time to kill them). From behind the tank, throw one grenade to the left and another one straight ahead (or two, if you got one left). Now prepare to run on the right side of the tank (almost all solutions now go past to the left, but there I got shot almost every time) and make your way ahead until a small cover just a bit further than the tank. Prepare to shoot to the left while running forward (you will face some enemies). As soon as you "touched" the cover, run immediately back and take safe cover.

    You will notice that your team now moves forward. From behind, take out the guys from the balcony and some further on the background. Now you can make your way to the building. From there, I took first out the left 88. Just make sure that you keep on the very left side, shoot some guys and blow the 88 up. You can now get the panzershrek and try to blow up the fourth 88 (I never managed to get it though, possibly it is easier to shoot at it from the balcony...)...

    This is just an alternative to the other solutions. Although, with this strategy I died almost 4 of 5 times before the building, the other strategy hardly never worked (and it gave me some confidence that the checkpoint was closer than ever...)... so just don't give up and eventually you will make it!
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    dropK1CK ninJASoooo much easier
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 06 Apr 11 at 23:31
    NmE War EagleBest solution of the bunch. Thanks for the help - because this was really, REALLY frustrating me!!
    Posted by NmE War Eagle on 12 Dec 11 at 06:31
    Diesel Foleytried this 100 times not once did the tank go forward and explode.and there is way too many germans there on left hand side.had to go another solution
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 08 Mar 14 at 01:37
    15 Dec 2009 16 May 2010
    18 0 5
    This level is very frustrating, but I did notice one important thing; it's all about checkpoints and knowing where the crappy AI spawns! If you get stuck on a bad checkpoint after the first two guns it's best to start the whole thing over and try to get a better checkpoint. Doesn't seem logical (you finally got the checkpoint) but it'll save you a LOT of time! It's faster to do the whole level again and get a good checkpoint, than try to get to the last two guns with a bad one.
    I noticed that getting into the little building where enemies spawn is easier when you can get a checkpoint where your tank moves up til the point where it gets destroyed. To get that, YOU need to move forward after taking out the second gun (the one on the left).
    First time I did it, I used the panzershrecks to get the first gun on the left and the second on the right, but on my second time they didn't work so I did all four manually. It doesn't matter much, just do the gun on the right side first as shown in many videos, then move to the tank in the middle for cover and a panzerschreck for the second gun, if it doesn't work you'll have to rush the second gun. Make sure you throw molotovs to distract the guys at the back for a few seconds and take out the second gun. Then move FAST to get a good checkpoint. You'll need to move forward, but if you do it here you'll get enemies and grenades all over you so get back to the righthand side of the tank in the middle that had the panzerschreck next to it (the whole right area is clear now anyway), move around it from the right and then move as close to the enemies as you can get. This should make your tank & guys move up until the point where your tank gets destroyed, and you should get your checkpoint while they are moving up. Because you got it here they'll move up everytime you die, giving you more cover. As soon as they start to move, you have triggered them so you can get back to a safer spot. If you aren't fast enough you'll get a checkpoint with your guys still further back and you will have to make them move up by moving forward and you'll have to do this every time you die. This alone is tricky and then after making them move you still need to time it just right to get into the little "spawn building". You won't get another checkpoint until all four guns are taken care of, so you need to make sure you can make it into the little building pretty easily (let's say at least 1 out of 4/5 tries). Having the checkpoint like this allows you to just rush for that little building every time you die, making it a lot easier!
    If you have the checkpoint you can prepare to rush the little spawn building. Make sure you have enough ammo (two main guns, a rifle + submachine or two submachines will do just fine, I preferred to have an MP40 + PPSH, but one of these and a rifle is good enough!)
    When you rush the building don't use grenades! There are enough grenades flying around your head, plus you probably don't have time to cook them anyway and throwing them without cooking them is just plain stupid. So use your molotovs again (two should do it) and RUN! Don't care about the guys that are there, because as soon as you get in the building you should be safe. It's possible that there is one guy in the building, or one blocking the door. Shoot or knife them and relax once you're in. The others won't chase you once you get through.
    Make sure to move to the back of the building (by the big hole in the wall) where you can see the two last guns, and DON'T GO BACK. No matter what, don't move past the little wall that you'll see in the middel of the room until you have shot everything you see by the last two guns, cause as soon as you do that an enemy WILL spawn behind you, so be prepared.
    Now, shoot everything you see on your left and right side by the last two guns. Some enemies will come up and shoot you, but it's nothing compared to the rain of grenades and gunfire before, so relax and keep shooting until your men move up (you'll see them on your right by the gun after a while). Don't move until they've moved.
    Once you see them it's time to go back through the door. It IS possible that there is still one enemy out there waiting for you and like I said before at least one enemy will spawn behind you as soon as you go back out, so move fast and turn around to shoot the guy behind you. Make sure everything is safe (shouldn't be anyone there) grab some ammo from the bodies outside en move up to the third gun. Kill the guys that are still there, and take it out. The move back again and climb the stairs up the building you were in before, but grab the panzerschreck on the right of the stairs first.
    When you get up there fire the panzerschreck at the fourth gun. If it doesn't work you'll have to do it manually, but if you take your time and move from cover to cover while shooting enemies in between you should be fine. When you destroy the fourth gun stay low and wait for your checkpoint... The hard part is over now!
    For the rest of the level you should be fine, just read the other solution. I preferred to get into the building in the very right though, but I don't think it matters much, both buildings have a PTRS sniper rifle. Good luck! :)
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    III INDIGO IIIIt is, but if you get stuck in this level it can be absolutely brutal. First time I was ready to pull my hair out and the second time I breezed through. If you are stuck, following this wall of text will make it a heck of a lot simpler and reading it takes less time then getting grenade spawned for hours.
    Posted by III INDIGO III on 02 Jan 13 at 14:42
    Diesel Foleyok,i had to run like Rambo to make the room,but this does in fact work,and pretty well.With this solution managed to get this done n 3-4hrs
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 08 Mar 14 at 05:03
    III INDIGO IIICongrats :D
    Posted by III INDIGO III on 22 Mar 14 at 23:04
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