Grave Robber achievement in Call of Duty: World at War

Grave Robber

Collect all Death Cards in the game. (Solo only)

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How to unlock the Grave Robber achievement

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    Card #1: THUNDER
    Effect: Thunder: Headshots now cause enemies to explode!
    Location: Semper Fi
    Immediately following getting your gun in the opening cinematic, veer right and head into the first open shack. It’s a damned good vantage point - and looky there - your first Death Card! Enjoy it, this is one of the only times it’ll be this easy.

    Card #2: HARD HEADED
    Effect: Enemies will take less bullet damage.
    Location: Little Resistance
    Once you’re facing the large Japanese bunker, tuck and run into the trench on your right. Exit the tunnel and dispose of your adversaries, practically unaware. In the very right corner of the large bunker, you can clearly see the Card standing in the brush.

    Card #3: SUICIDE KING
    Effect: You’ll get explosive pistol rounds while downed.
    Location: Hard Landing
    Dispose of as many enemies as possible before running into the building. Before you pass through the structure and on to the outside, look for a small lantern barely lighting the darkened room. You should be able to make out the silhouette of your brand new Death Card.

    Card #4: COLD DEAD HANDS
    Effect: Enemies take their weapons into the great beyond. No more dropped guns = extremely scarce ammunition.
    Location: Vendetta
    Right after following Reznov into the first building, wait for him to open up access to the bar. Before following him into the next room, look carefully behind the bar and you’ll find a Death Card in the far corner.

    Card #5: STICKS & STONES
    Effect: Say goodbye to firearms – you’re armed with nothing but a knife and rocks?
    Location: Their Land, Their Blood
    After disposing of a tank, sit tight for the short cinema in a barn. Before exiting, head into the first stable on the right and you’ll find a Death Card staked next to a rotting cow corpse.

    Card #6: VAMPIRE
    Effect: Your health is only recharged by killing enemies, or vampirically...
    Location: Burn ‘Em Out
    After burn-inating the first mortar hold, head back and to the left towards the second. Take out the embedded machine gunners, and all the other baddies in the area while keeping an eye out for a darkened bunker on the left. If you’ve hit the second mortar stronghold, you’ve gone too far.

    Card #7: FLACK JACKET
    Effect: Not as in your Flak Jacket. Enemies will now take less grenade damage.
    Location: Relentless
    Head into the caves and once you dispose of your Japanese aggressors note that your pathways fork. Staying to the left is easier, but both paths lead to the same place. Either way, a small hallway bridges both pathways and contains a Death Card right in the middle.

    Card #8: BODY ARMOR
    Effect: Again, not body armor for you. Enemies will die by headshot only.
    Location: Ring of Steel
    Enter the asylum, and move to the left as safely as you can. You can almost make out the tip of the helmet over the wall. Move into the enclave and find your Death Card next to a slumped soldier.

    Effect: Billed as “a different kind of war.” Enemies are now back from the dead.
    Location: Eviction
    Move past the German infested kitchen and approach the firefight on the balcony. Slip to the right and drop through the hole in the floor. Against the wall in the exploderized bathroom below is where you’ll find your Death Card.

    Card #10: PAINKILLER
    Effect: You can now shoot your downed co-op buddies to revive them.
    Location: Blowtorch & Corkscrew
    Emerge from the caves, grab the Satchel charges and get ready to take out some 200MM gun bunkers. After you blow up the first bunker, head to the left of the level. You’ll see a crude stone structure housing a hanging corpse and a Death Card.

    Card #11: BERSERKER
    Effect: Get three kills in five seconds and you be momentarily rewarded with Rage mode. You’ll be invincible, but armed with only the knife.
    Location: Breaking Point
    Having taken out the first two mortars, head up the stairs and take care of the third. Just beyond that, on the right side if you’re facing Shuri Castle, there’s a small shack with a Death Card nestled in it.

    Card #12: PAINTBALL
    Effect: Shots won’t draw blood, but will instead splatter paint. Oh the humanity.
    Location: Heart of the Reich
    An easy one. Right after the opening cinema, sprint to the symmetrical subway tunnel on your left. Lo, an unguarded Death Card!

    Card #13: VICTORY
    Effect: Real war mode – limited HUD, friendly-fire is on, and you’ll bleed out in half the time. You’ve earned it.
    Location: Downfall
    Take the staircase up into the theater hallways, you’ll take a right then a left. But instead of making the next left, look to the right for a darkened room. Here be the last Death Card.

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    SGT Gentis 21WThis was a great guide and helped me get them all without too much trouble. Thanks a lot.
    Posted by SGT Gentis 21W on 07 Apr 11 at 14:42
    DresdenDilThis is a great guide. I would like to point out that me and a couple of friends have gotten this achievement from collecting cards in co-op campaign. And I got the achievement while playing in co-op itself.

    This was before the map packs I believe so I do not know whether or not the updates will affect this fact but I thought you should know.
    Posted by DresdenDil on 24 May 11 at 23:11
    I TRU RELIG1ONGreat guide Huginho 19 i found all the cards and realised i was on my guest account duhhh!!! epic fail by me!!
    Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 11 Jun 14 at 13:16
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  • REALFOX81REALFOX81403,474
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    Here is a video link i found on youtube to find all 13 Death Cards. Credits for this Video goes to the Guys of Rooster Teeth.
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    TrueBOHlieverThanks for posting video, yet another great guide from the guys at achievement hunter
    Posted by TrueBOHliever on 28 Sep 12 at 07:10
    Eric FiltroJust so you know, once you get the collectible, you can hit a Checkpoint and quit the level. It will still count.
    Posted by Eric Filtro on 21 Jun 14 at 21:58
    Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me.
    Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 12 Sep 14 at 03:41
  • ALeXoTiCALeXoTiC369,844
    23 Jul 2011 22 Jul 2011
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    The deathcards aren't all only where these one's say they are. I got the one from the Mortar level on Heart of the Reich near the end. There may be other one's like that, but just a heads up if you're going for them.
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    AwakeDeadeyeFyi this isn't exactly a guide...
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 21 Apr 12 at 13:15
    ALeXoTiCFYI I am just saying there is multiples of the deathcards. It would be pointless for me to make multiple dummy accouns and run through the campaign on them to find them, no? I am just saying I found extra ones on that level. There's already guides to finding the cards, just use those, I was just adding this and some people have found it useful.
    Posted by ALeXoTiC on 25 Apr 12 at 12:21
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