Hardened War Hero achievement in Call of Duty: World at War

Hardened War Hero

Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

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How to unlock the Hardened War Hero achievement

  • devourerplzdevourerplz230,780
    02 Feb 2009 02 Feb 2009 02 Feb 2009
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    This achievement generally comes with playing through the game on veteran, although if you play through on hardened you will still get this, you'll just miss out on the numerous 30 point achievements for completing the missions on veteran. It's recommended that you play through on veteran, however if you get stuck on a mission or two (I got stuck on Heart of the Reich), you can do those on hardened and still get a good gamerscore.

    A few things to remember when playing on Veteran/Hardened:

    1: Throw grenades back when they are close to you! Grenades have an abnormally long fuse time, so take the time to locate it and toss it back. Only throw it back when the grenade indicator is not transparent (i.e. it's near your feet).

    2: Cook your grenades! If you don't cook your grenades at all, the enemy will just simply toss it back at you, and the odds are that it'll be perfectly cooked and will blow up in your face.

    3: Take cover! This is a given, but if you do not take cover, you will die. Stay on cover at all times, only moving out to either avoid a grenade or to proceed with the mission. When shooting from cover, take the few shots you need to take and duck right back down.

    4: Take your time! Veteran will take 2-5 times what it'd take you to complete the same mission on recruit. Proceed slowly until you get your next checkpoint.

    5: Don't rely on your squad! The squad AI is essentially worthless, and you can't rely on them to do much of anything, as much as you'd like to. They are good for bullet sponges though.

    6: Don't get frustrated! If you get angry, you'll get impatient and you'll wind up taking much longer to complete the mission IF you do complete it at all. Take your time, and if you get angry, go play Uno or something to calm down.

    7: Find a video of what mission you're on! It'll help tons.

    Good luck!

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    ZBrosSpecGo play Unolaugh
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 18 Feb 20 at 18:24
    DeadlyCarpetI don't remember when I got this achievement. 2009 I think? Probably 2010, but I can still tell you this 10 years later... F*CK THIS MODE
    Posted by DeadlyCarpet#245 on 31 Aug 20 at 15:03
    NeiKayI confirm the comment of CatwheasleBonn, I played the game in 2016 not understanding why all the veteran achievement of the missions are unlocked but not the achievement of finishing the campaign and finishing the campaign in commando or veteran. I just did the campaign in commando in 5 / 6h without really having encountered much difficulty and the achievement fell during the cutscene. A very big thank you for the technique indicated above.
    Posted by NeiKay on 13 Apr 21 at 01:10
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  • SquareHeadKillrSquareHeadKillr582,681
    12 Jun 2010 04 Dec 2014
    12 0 21
    ==> How to erase your progress to start a brand new game on hardened to get this done

    Few years ago, i had the same problem as you guys, that my skulls was'nt saving even if i replay the missing missions and completed the game on a single run on hardened. This solution is simillar for other games that has the save attach to their profile.

    This is how I did but i can't guarranty that this will work for you, well it worked for my friend Hakbond.

    All you will need is luck and a USB drive

    1. Go in you storage and delete you save in Call of duty - World at War folder.
    2. Transfer your Gamertag on a USB drive
    3. Set your 360 to auto sign-in on your gamertag (if it's not already done)
    4. Set your 360 to load from DISK when you start it.
    5. Put Call of duty - World at War in 360.
    6. Turn off 360.
    7. Turn on 360.
    8. Turn on controller if you have not already done so.
    9. When the game load up and you see ''Call of duty - World at War LOADING... '' , pull out the USB drive
    10. You should be sing-in with your gamertag and if you go to your achievements it should show 0G. Don't worry.
    11. Go in mission select and now you can see what you want, ALL PROGRESS HAS BEEN ERASED !!
    12. Plug back in your USB drive with your gamertag.
    13. Hit Xbox button and hit sing-in to Xbox Live. Now your gamerscore is back to normal without your old progress.
    14. You should not be redirect to start screen and now you can do a all new fresh campaing on Hardened woohoo !!

    Go ahead soldiers and get this done :D

    Sorry for my bad english i'm french.
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    ArhiphopI was able to reset the game statistics linked to my profile using the above method only when I started the game via the Xbox Guide menu. Go through the gamepad in the Xbox Guide, in the tab of your profile, select run COD World at War (the lowest line in the tab). I pulled out the USB drive while showing the Treyarch screensaver, perhaps the USB drive can also be pulled out during boot, as indicated in the solution above. When I started the game from Dashboard, the statistics in my profile were not reset, I tried it several times. I hope this will help in solving the problem of getting this achievement. I play on xbox360.
    Posted by Arhiphop on 14 Jul 20 at 14:00
    CatwheasleBonnAfter 8 years of Activision’s betrayal I finally got my two achievements following POLAKs edited post of SquareHeadKillr.
    Did the whole campaign in one sitting being disconnected from Xbox live.
    Both popped right after the final cutscene.
    Awesome! Thanks to you, guys!

    2020 and still legit n working!
    Posted by CatwheasleBonn on 06 Aug 20 at 13:24
    TraTaTalexAny solution for xbox one?
    Posted by TraTaTalex on 18 Apr 21 at 13:42
  • Warlord88777Warlord88777108,018
    17 Sep 2010 17 Aug 2010
    14 3 1
    To Extend on Saint Devourer's guide, and to answer a few questions:

    The Achievement requires you to beat the game on Hardened Difficulty OR HIGHER. That means if you beat half the game on Hardened and half on Veteran you'll get the achievement. To know what difficulty you've beaten a mission on, at the mission select screen when you scroll over a mission, on the bottom below the description they will show a little picture. Skull = Veteran completed. Screaming guy = Hardened. Man with hat = Normal. Woman with hat = Recruit.

    Hope this helped and good luck!
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    BytyqiSo if I complete the levels on recruit; Does that make me a woman?
    Posted by Bytyqi on 04 Dec 12 at 19:06
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