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Title Update 16 - Patch 4.6

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Medal Not in the Affairs of Wizards

Equip your first Badge or Medal

Medal Not in the Affairs of Wizards0
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How to unlock the Medal Not in the Affairs of Wizards achievement

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    17 Oct 2019 17 Oct 2019 18 Oct 2019
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    You can craft badges/medals by collecting tokens after beating a mythic boss fight in explore mode. There are 6 different tokens and if you collect 3 of the same, they transform to a badge that you can equip in one of the 3 slots you see in the diamond shaped slots above the main interface. All of the badge/medal effects can stack and this will be pretty handy in other events or delves, but for the achievement we only have to equip a single badge anyway.

    To be able to fight against a mythic boss you have to collect 100 mythstones. You have to pick a difficulty before you do 4 normal explore fights, the chosen difficulty raises the gold, mythstone and token income. Retreating a battle will break your current progress, losing a normal battle will just give you the option to end your run or to retry. Much worse is to lose against a mythic boss, because you lose your progress + invested Mythstones. Each unlocked difficulty is shared between all kingdoms and mythstones drops from the mini boss fights. The chosen difficulty shows you the range in which amount they can drop.

    Look out for a symbol above a kingdom for 20% more mythstone income, but depending on your own team stats it's maybe also a good idea to pick a weak kingdom or a kingdom where you need specific traitstones. As example: I started a level 150 mythic boss fight in Whitehelm and Gaards Avatar wiped nearly all my troops with a "deal 140+ damage to all troops" spell. Some other kingdoms have weaker mythic cards like the Grosh-Nak one.

    This time there is no limitation beside of your own time. You can fight as many times you want. If you have trouble with really high difficult settings, pick a lower one. Difficulty 10 (Level 100) already give you the best amount of possible tokens after a fight. I will improve my solution with some more team suggestions very soon and be happy about any other team builds in the comment section of this solution. My first suggestion is the team i used myself most of the time. The other teams are alternatives you can try out if you want.

    Type: Gold Based
    Benefits: Good and fast damage output, many respawning troops, more gold after battles
    Disadvantages: If your Hero dies, it's hard to win.
    Banner: Meteor Banner
    Cedrik Sparklesack
    Egg Thief
    +10 Skeleton Key (Thief Class Weapon that unlocks with 250 wins)
    Class: Thief > Hunt, Knife Throwing, Light Fingers, Backup, Stealthy, Dodge, Rising Shadows)

    Type: True Damage based
    Benefits: Scaling damage output, Good for Difficulty 12, High Defense
    Disadvantages: Preperation with the Shield takes a bit time.
    Banner: Kraken Banner
    +10 Shield of Urskaya (Sentinel Class Weapons that unlocks with 250 wins)
    Class: Titan > Impact, Hammer Mastery, Thunder Fist, Storm Aura, Rock Solid, Stone Mastery, Fortitude
    Dwarven Gate

    Type: Mana Creation
    Benefits: Extra turns, very loopy
    Disadvantages: Not good against Level 150 due the small damage output.
    Banner: Sorrowful Banner
    +9 Elemenetal Bow
    Class: Titan > Impact, Hammer Mastery, Thunder Fist, Storm Aura, Rock Solid, Stone Mastery, Fortitude
    *other classes probably helps more, feel free to change if you have some more fitting*
    Forest Troll
    King Gobtruffle
    King Gobtruffle

    Type: Ice Based
    Benefits: Freeze kills extra turns, good mana flow if class get extra blue mana
    Disadvantages: Useless without Level 70 Frostmage
    Banner: Frozen Banner
    Daughter of Ice
    +10 Orb of Winter
    Class: Frostmage > Snap Freeze, Insulated, Anti-Magic, Mana Source, Deluge, Water Mastery, Mystic Channel
    Queen Mab
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    DrSchlepenstein Your Team #2 is works great. Though I didn't have a 2nd Tesla, so I put a Paladin in it's place. This way I can get mana from green and yellow as well. Using the Urskaya shield on him once normally gives him enough armor to where his skill can 1 shot enemies on difficulties 9 and below.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 18 Oct 19 at 22:07
    FreshAspek How do drops work for the 6 possible medals? I got my first token but need 3 of the same kind to make a badge. Is it random or kingdom specific?
    Posted by FreshAspek on 12 Nov 19 at 15:26
    Kugare It's pure luck based, the kingdom don't change the token drop. So pick one with a stone bonus OR a kingdom that you can beat more easily like Khetar, Drifting Sand or your choice. Chances are good that your first medal will be the cedric medal, because this token have the best drop chance at the moment.
    Posted by Kugare on 12 Nov 19 at 15:45
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