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Multiplayer's Overrated

Played as Milo after fighting with Lola.

Multiplayer's Overrated-0.4
17 January 2020 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Multiplayer's Overrated achievement

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    This Achievement is easy to get, once you know how it's done, but it does require a dedicated playthrough.

    There are moments in the story when the main characters propose alternate options, or when you choose whom to control. When the fight between them happens, the game assigns you the character whose side you have taken the majority of the time. So, basically, if you want the Achievement for playing as Milo after the fight, you need to favour Milo before the fight.

    Some of these moments are:

    In the Schoolyard Strangler, Lola wants to distract the bouncer; Milo wants to charm Tommy.

    To get an invitation to Satan's party, Lola wants to help a demon catch someone; Milo wants to buy a woman a drink.

    While buying the woman a drink, one of them has to dance.

    When you meet Satan, they both want to do the talking.

    When getting Apollyon's Seal, Lola wants to win the trial; Milo wants to lose it.

    When getting Asmodeus' Seal, Lola wants to play match maker; Milo just wants to dance.
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    Indiscriminator @TheLightMaster I played through three times and was never given an option. I was always given the character whose side I had taken most of the time. Perhaps you were given an option because you had a dead even split?
    Posted by Indiscriminator on 03 Nov 19 at 10:06
    Cat Astrophy 53 @TheLightMaster,
    There was only ONE playthrough where I was allowed to choose whether I wanted to play as Milo or as Lola after the fight, and that was because I'd sided with each of them an equal number of times up to that point. In the rest of my playthroughs, the game decided for me and didn't let me pick. So to answer your question: YES, this walkthrough IS necessary for most people. So just say "thank you" to the person who went to all the trouble of typing it up (btw, thank you, @Indiscriminator!), and don't be such a jerk.
    Posted by Cat Astrophy 53 on 10 Nov 19 at 23:19
    Edgrr Allan Bro @Cat Astrophy 53 I don't believe he was being a jerk. He was simply asking a question. You can even see that @Indiscriminator understood the intention behind their message, as did I when I wrote it. No need to call someone a jerk. As for both @Indiscriminator and @TheLightMaster, I learned something new that I can now do for the playthrough for the lest few achievements so that I can get an even split should i choose to since I wanted to wrap up what I missed. Thanks for the guide
    Posted by Edgrr Allan Bro on 09 Feb at 09:28
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