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That's Impossible! achievement in Worbital

That's Impossible!

Beat an Impossible AI in a Duel.

That's Impossible!+1.0
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How to unlock the That's Impossible! achievement

  • WoodlandSpiritWoodlandSpirit
    01 Feb 2020 02 Feb 2020
    The short version of this solution :- Aim to derail the planet!

    The longer version :-

    I don't know if this is the best tactic but not being the best at these sort of games this is what worked for me on first try.


    Set your faction as Celestials, I found the Defense Orbs to be useful in fending off attacks and it would be useful to have the Orbit Boost in case of derailment. Set up the two weapons as as your Tier 1 weapons along with a gun and what you feel useful for the forth.

    Next is Tier 3, you want to have the 'World Rammer' armed, feel free to equip anything else as you feel useful although likely you won't use anything else in the actual match beyond what's mentioned.

    Only thing I will add is don't equip the Colonizer, I will explain later, and if there is anything you need to unlock just play normally to earn the Dark Matter to unlock.

    Match Setup

    Select Custom Match, stay on Independent, hit cn_Y to add 1 AI, navigate to the AI and set it to Terrene faction using Impossible AI using cn_LBcn_RB, I'm guess the Terrene AI loadout is less capable in dealing with a derailed planet.

    Next is important, use cn_RT to access match rules, set the Solar System Size and Planet Size to large, this gives you an extra chance to survive the pending bombardment. Next scroll down to Colonization and turn that off and press cn_B when done.

    Now you are ready to start the match, if you have the Colonizer equipped in your loadout it won't let you start the match hence removing it before.

    The Match

    First thing to do is build four guns on opposite ends of the planet along with an Orb Defense, the guns you can take pot shots at the enemy and other planets to earn extra cash, keep your Orb defense going as much you can, I just reset them every time it was charged. Anything that is destroyed rebuild, don't waste money buying weapon upgrades as they upgrade naturally.

    At this point your planet will be getting bombarded, keep your cool, buy each new tier as soon as you have the money to do so until you have unlocked the third, when that is achieved we are in the endgame!

    Build your World Rammer in the side rotating away from the enemy so as to minimise any weapon hits while it's built and charging and by the time it is charged it should be in a good aiming position. Aim and fire, should you get a strike it will derail the enemy planet and the bombardment you were receiving will instantly stop now allowing you to bring the bombardment to them!

    If you managed to get derailed yourself build up 2 Orbit Boosts on opposite ends of the planet to keep you out of trouble.
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