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Finish Kombo Challenge mode on MK and DC

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    If you're new to the concept of these kombo challenges, try out Batman or Jax for starters - those are two of the easiest ones in the game, but they are by no means "easy" unless you've got a firm grip on the combo system found here (and also used to the touchy controls and weird timing).

    If you can fly through those, great! Keep moving on through the various challenges, remembering to take a breather now and then, and have something handy to punch when you get stuck on something (and you will get stuck on a lot of somethings, trust me). If you have trouble with those two, keep practicing - you'll eventually get it. If you keep practicing and still can't do it, you might want to pass on this achievement.

    Judging by TA scores, a list of characters in order of difficulty (easiest first, hardest last):

    Shao Kahn (you have to beat the MK side of story to unlock him)
    Green Lantern
    Lex Luthor
    Captain Marvel
    Wonder Woman
    Darksied (you have to beat the DC side of story to unlock him)
    Liu Kang
    Shang Tsung

    If you get stuck on a particular challenge, check out dec1Bel718's videos on YouTube:

    He shows you exactly how to do every combo in the game, and unlike the other videos, he actually tells you the timing to use, tricks to make them easier, and other nifty pointers.

    One last tip: if you manage to finish every challenge in the game and this achievement doesn't pop, double check all of the characters. There's a known glitch where random challenges will reset, so you may have to go back and do a few again... personally, I had to redo all of Wonder Woman and half of Deathstroke even though I had already finished both and got the individual achievements.

    Xealon replies to the above: "The reason they are resetting is because you are exiting the game directly using the XMB. If you go to the character select screen before exiting you can avoid this."

    Good luck!
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    Waran EsmilNice.
    Posted by Waran Esmil on 02 Nov 10 at 18:15
    XI AlphaMale IXI had to redo Captain Marvel. Almost had a panic attack. lol
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 06 Dec 10 at 16:18
    Tizzight0Nice guide that guy has great vids.
    Posted by Tizzight0 on 17 Feb 11 at 00:40
    XealonThe reason they are resetting is because you are exiting the game directly using the XMB. If you go to the character select screen before exiting you can avoid this. Got caught too. Had to redo 3 or 4 of them before I realised what was happening.
    Posted by Xealon on 09 Apr 11 at 21:49
    DEVILS UMBRABatman is not the easiest at all. I think maybe people just like Batman and do him first, then say F this crap. I've only done the DC characters so far, but Lex Luthor and Green Lantern are hella easy (compared to Batman). Granted it was my last DC character to do, but Green Lantern took me less than 30 minutes to do all 10.
    Posted by DEVILS UMBRA on 06 Aug 12 at 05:56
    DEVILS UMBRAOh yeah, Flash is pretty easy too, he was my first completion. After you get one, it starts getting easier and easier.
    Posted by DEVILS UMBRA on 06 Aug 12 at 05:58
    MMMDIThe difficulties are really up to the individual player, I just used the TA ratios to order them. Personally, I thought Raiden was a lot easier than some of the other characters, and he's usually considered to be the hardest.
    Posted by MMMDI on 06 Aug 12 at 11:12
    DEVILS UMBRAYeah I'm sure you're right. I'm done now and I thought Raiden was pretty hard. Also Catwoman, Liu Kang, Kano and Baraka (Hardest for me) were tough. Biggest tips are watch the videos, don't give up and take a breather when you get pissed. Good guide. Thumbs up.
    Posted by DEVILS UMBRA on 29 Dec 12 at 06:09
    aka KryptonianI almost shit when this didn't unlock for me, read this solution and then seen I had 4 Superman kombos left. Thankfully it was someone I didn't find difficult. Nice solution, thumbs up.
    Posted by aka Kryptonian on 24 Jan 13 at 03:26
    ReaboWow the videos are helping loads. Just seeing what the moves look like and the timing is getting me and my house mate through this.
    Posted by Reabo on 24 Aug 15 at 19:38
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