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Hail to the king, baby!

Reach rank 100.

Hail to the king, baby!-206.3
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How to unlock the Hail to the king, baby! achievement

  • XBox Assassin83XBox Assassin83420,153
    08 Feb 2020 11 Feb 2020 25 Feb 2020
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    There are 2 really good ways to boost XP without having to play 12 waves of horde over and over.

    Please equip your 3 Combo Perks found in the Other Tab and try to get the Combo Boost to Gold which will start you with a 5x combo. (Combo King, Combo Extension, and Combo Boost).

    **Still Works Post Patch**
    Campaign Method - Mission 1, Chapter 1 - 4 Player Settings - We are looking for the Gold Medal here which is a 40 kill/combo or 16500 points. You can run right by the first group of zombies in the street, and just shoot the explosive barrels and zombies under the Radio Tower to get the 20 dismemberment challenge for an additional 1000xp. I highly recommend using the Mosin Nagant with explosive damage for this to make the challenge easier. You'll get 5,000XP for the Gold Medal plus 1000xp for the mission challenge every 4 minutes, Rinse and repeat.

    **Patched - Works with Disc Copies Only**
    Horde Method 1 - Into the Darkness, 4 Player Settings - Wave 1 - We are looking for only a Bronze Medal here, which is about 6,000 Score. Run to the equipment boxes and grab the Nades/Mines and kill everything that is coming over the wall with them. You should have between 9 and 12 thousand points by the end of the wave. Wave 2, either down yourself or let zombies kill you. This method is about 3000XP and 1 Wave per 2 minutes. Hit Y to Restart, Rinse and repeat.

    **PATCHED 2/15/20** - The Bitter End - Hard Difficulty - Wave 1 - First of all be sure your Second Chance Perk is off. As soon as you spawn, look for the red explosive containers and blow yourself up by shooting them while standing close. Hit Y to Restart, Rinse and repeat. This is 3,000xp per minute but gives no progress to horde waves. **This has been patched 2/15/20.**
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    XBox Assassin83 Alex, shoot the barrels to explode the guys while keeping your combo. Try increasing the combo to around 35 to 40 then, I do in fact know there's enough enemies in that last section to hit a 50 combo.
    Posted by XBox Assassin83 on 19 Feb at 13:21
    Hero2None I must not understand cause following instructions of guide I get 500xp.
    Posted by Hero2None on 22 Feb at 22:32
    ol ALEXKING lo Okay so first things first, if you’re doing the campaign method you should have the combo boost perk to level 3 which is gold. It starts you off with a x5 multiplier. I tried using the level 1 and 2 combo boost but I could never hit gold. Anyways once you get to the radio tower, immediately start shooting the red barrels/pallets, don’t bother on shooting the zombies off of the radio tower until you complete the challenge. I noticed that if you shoot the zombies off the radio tower first, you waste too much time and the zombies under the radio tower start to scatter around making it hard to obtain gold and complete the challenge. Just be fast at that part and you’ll be fine, it took me a few tries but eventually you’ll get the hang of it.
    Posted by ol ALEXKING lo on 25 Feb at 07:16
  • Je suis le XJe suis le X1,081,321
    16 Feb 2020 17 Feb 2020 17 Feb 2020
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    Offline method: (Works with Disc Copies)
    - Into the Darkness, 1,2,3,4 Players or more Settings, it's up to you - Wave 1
    - Kill just one zombie (very easy ^^), after that just die, even in the first wave. 5000 xp for each attempt. Press Y to retry.
    - After Lvl 100, go online, update the game and win the bronze medal on Into the Darkness map, achievement will be yours.
    Very fast method, 5000 XP every minute or less. Aller Paris. Yo.
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