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I can do anything I want. I got guns

Unlock weapon mastery for all weapons.

I can do anything I want. I got guns-47.0
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How to unlock the I can do anything I want. I got guns achievement

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    The requirement for this achievo is “complete weapon mastery for 3 weapons”, not “unlock weapon mastery for ALL weapons”.

    So, you will have to unlock all of the 12 upgrades, and also complete the mastery task for any 3 weapons of your choosing.

    The 12 upgrades are quite straight forward: play the campaign and collect upgrade crates. Upgrade crates are gained by levelling up too, and also for earning a gold medal on a chapter/level (given for getting a high enough score on that chapter/level).

    The mastery tasks are more tricky, and are all variations on “kill a certain number of enemies in a certain manner”. They are made easier by the fact that you can restart a checkpoint, or restart a safe room, and you will keep your kill tally, so they can all be farmed relatively simply.

    The mastery task itself does not reveal itself to you until you have unlocked all 12 upgrades for that weapon. But do not fret, here they are for all the base game weapons:

    Gewehr - kill 10 snipers through their scope

    M1 garand - kill 100 heavies, officers or blind screamers by shooting their weak spots

    Mosin nagant M91/30 - get 200 headshot kills from over 50m

    M30 drilling - kill 250 zombies by dismembering limbs

    MP44 - get a kill every 2 seconds for a total of 30 kills

    Thompson - shoot and dismember the legs of 200 zombies

    Trench Gun - get 200 triple kills or above

    C96 pistol - get 200 ricochet kills

    M1911 - get 200 headshot kills

    Webley MKVI - get 200 double kills or above

    Here is where I farmed some of the mastery kills:

    Gewehr rifle. DEATH CANAL “Carnivorous Canal Cruise” where you first meet snipers in the game, at the point where the boat stops and you have to refuel the boat. Easy difficulty. Be patient. By the time you have done a few, it will seem much easier: Kill a sniper through their scope, and RESTART checkpoint. Repeat as necessary.

    Trench-gun, webley pistol, MP44 machine gun all farmed at the same place: DEAD AHEAD ”Locomotive Lockdown”. Go through the safe house gate, climb up, go through the next gate, skip the cutscene, and, whilst on the sloping gangway, try to get some multikills until almost all the zombies are gone (before the next checkpoint ), and reload checkpoint. Easy difficulty with enemy number set at “4 players”.

    Achievement will pop when your 3rd weapon has had it’s skill mastery mastered!
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    wookieepuppy A very good place for multi kills and dismemberments (and for getting a massive 666 total kill combo) is the last chapter in the Dead Canal level (Gates of Hell).

    At the start of the level, you repair the generator, and if you just stay on that first platform, you will face a never ending stream of slow shufflers.

    C96 pistol: I got c96 mastery by playing through DEAD AHEAD ch 2 Locomotive Lockdown, shooting in front of the feet of advancing zombies. At the last battle, I kept reloading the checkpoint before everything had been killed (before “get to the safe house” becomes the objective).

    M1 garand rifle: this is definitely the worst/most time consuming. Not wanting to face 100 blind screamers, I found the ZOMBIE ZOO ch 4 Planetarium Assault level there are many Officers that are slow moving, don’t run at you, and you can one shot kill them with a HEARTSHOT. If you miss the heart, and don’t kill them with your first hit (a HEARTSHOT), you can only kill them by stomping on them, so just keep reloading the checkpoint. I was getting up to 5 or 6 successful kills each checkpoint.
    Posted by wookieepuppy on 20 Feb at 07:09
    AllOvaMyself A great spot to get both the Trench Gun and the Drilling mastered is on the 1st Level of Zombie Zoo (Easy, 4 players worth of zombies, naturally).

    The level opens with 2 yellow crates literally right next to you. Each one has an explosive mod in it. I recommend putting one on your shotgun and the other on your rifle, you'll see why shortly.

    Proceed to the first yellow star on the level. There are about 7-8 roaming zombies before you get there, I recommend pistol headshots for them or just running by them to the circle that progresses the story.

    However you decide to progress, this will be the event that introduces the Grenadiers, and you'll want to find and kill most/all of them so they don't blow up your zombies. Fortunately, you've got an explosive mod on your rifle, so just shoot them in the shield and they'll die.

    Now that you've got the zombie horde to yourself, let them gather together. Once they're close enough, bring out your shotgun and start firing into clusters. Because you've got the explosive mod on your shotgun, you'll get dismemberments and multikills constantly with little effort. In fact, with the Trench Gun, be sure not to kill too many zombies at once since a multikill of 4 or more zombies still only counts as one triple kill. With the Drilling you just need dismemberments, just go nuts and try to blow up as many as you can get to group up. Also, make sure you don't have the mod on the Drilling that fires all three rounds at once as it's a waste of your explosive mod shots.

    Even with this method, the Trench Gun takes a few goes to Master, but the Drilling goes by pretty quick. I think I did 3 runs of this and had the Drilling Mastered.

    Oh, and be warned, once you've picked up the explosive mods, DO NOT use the workbench as it has a tendency to remove them from your weapons when you back out, for some reason.

    Anyway, hope it helps...
    Posted by AllOvaMyself on 21 Feb at 16:32
    The SCHWARTZ 00 In case anyone wants to unlock the mastery for the M1 Garand, I found a great farming spot thanks to Sneakypanduh on Reddit:

    "If you spawn into the 2nd chapter of Zoo called Welcome to the Jungle. There will be a screamer, you can crouch and shoot it in the back, then there’s a 2nd screamer if you keep going. Kill that screamer as well, then just restart from the last safehouse. Rinse and repeat."

    I've been using this method for 20 minutes and I went from 2 kills to 40.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 21 Feb at 20:40
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    As said in the above solution. The achievement is for mastery for 3 weapons. Not all of them.

    Mastery challenges are given once a weapon has all 12 upgrades installed. Upgrade kits can be obtained as collectables in the campaign. Or given for ranking up.

    Here are the 3 easiest weapons and where to get all 3 done in under an hour:

    MP44- Get a kill every 2 seconds for a total of 30 kills with the MP44.
    M30 DRILLING- Kill 250 zombies by dismembering limbs with the M30 Drilling.
    THOMPSON- Shoot and dismember the legs of 200 zombies with the Thompson.

    The level and method:

    You'll want to load the level 'All roads lead to Hell'. On chapter 4 'Hitler's welcome party. I had it set to 'cadet' with '1 player' zombies.

    Once the mission loads up, get the gun you want to get mastery for and make your way out the saferoom. Walk to the right where you'll see a ton of zombies just standing around waiting to be killed. You'll see a red explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel next to all the zombies which will cause a chain reaction, netting you a 30-40 combo. The explosion from the barrel will dismember a bunch of limbs giving you mastery with ease.

    Once the progress bar on the left comes up for your mastery challenge. Press start and restart checkpoint. Then repeat the step of blowing up the barrel next to the zombies and you'll get your mastery in no time. Sometimes you may need to wait a minute for your progress bar to pop up.

    Here is a clip of me doing the Thompson for example:

    The MP44 is by far the easiest here as you only need to shoot the barrel one time and that will pop the mastery. That's if you hit over a 30+ combo.

    The other 2 weapons can be done exactly the same with a few reloaded checkpoints. toast
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