Master and Commander achievement in C&C Red Alert 3

Master and Commander

Complete all campaigns on hard difficulty level (also unlocks achievement for medium difficulty)

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How to unlock the Master and Commander achievement

  • SuperTim1337SuperTim133731,229
    30 Dec 2008
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    Complete the three campaigns on the Hard difficulty to unlock this achievement, unlocking this achievement will also unlock the “Tempus Fugit” achievement.

    Online/Offline Tips:

    Special Abilities:
    Make use of your Special Abilities, especially the ones that allow you to bomb an area of the map without risking any of your forces. In many cases the structures that you attack will not be repaired by your enemy and with a few volley of the Ability you can destroy Bonus Objective, or enemy defenses, or other useful targets.

    Special Abilities like the Soviet Magnetic Satellite can be used to decimate very powerful enemy attack forces that would have been costly to defend against.

    Base Defenses:
    Many times whilst playing on Hard you will be outnumbered and will need large attack forces to cause any damage to your enemies. Because of this it is often wise to build up strong base defenses and let the enemy blunt their attacks against your walls and defense structures without costing you anything more than the cost of repairing the damaged buildings. This will also mean your own forces don’t suffer many (if any) losses.

    Abusive Tactics:
    Some maps that seem difficult can be abused by using certain strategies. For instance your enemy may have multiple bases and be weakly defended from air attacks, if this is the case send in a small group of air units to breach this gap and cause as much damage as possible. An attack on a large group of Power Plants can cripple the enemy’s defenses, making a previously fortified position easy to destroy.

    Don’t underestimate the usefulness of having more than one base, being able to build more Ore Refineries, launch raids from different locations; extra places to repair units are just some of the benefits provided by expanding your bases. The extra income will also mean you are able to replace lost armies faster, build up defenses faster and make you all round harder to defeat.

    Offline Only Tips:

    Make sure to save before and after every successful attack or defense, and load your game if anything goes wrong for you.

    Make use of the 9 save slots you have available, as it is sometimes useful to go back to earlier points in the mission.

    AI Coordination:
    Co-ordinate attacks with your AI co-commander, although the AI co-commander is nowhere near the usefulness of a human co-commander it can be used to distract the enemy, or split the enemy’s forces during a joint attack. It is often worthwhile to support your co-commander when they are attempting an attack, especially if they are committing heavily to the attack.

    Sacrifice Your Ally:
    In some games it may become clear that your co-commander is nothing but dead weight and isn’t helping you at all. If this is the case let them get destroyed by your enemies. You could even help by using the force attack command (RB+AA).

    This will mean your resources are now yours alone.

    There are a few missions where specific units must be kept alive; if one of these units is under your allies control make sure they stay alive.

    Online Only Tips:

    Human Coordination:
    Having another human player in the game can make things much easier even on the highest difficulty. Make sure to co-ordinate your attacks. Attack a strong enemy position from two sides, so the enemy must split their forces. Or overwhelm your enemies with sheer numbers.


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    VampericMistI just did each mission on hard.. and the achivement didnt pop, Nor did the one for The Bonus obj. Even though I hit every Bonus obj... but i guess 3rd time thru is the charm ._ .;
    Posted by VampericMist on 15 Jun 12 at 00:43
    Webby648Is there anyway of confirming which levels/chapters you have completed on Hard difficulty. I only ask because i`m sure i have completed all 3 faction campaigns on Hard difficulty, but the achievement hasn`t been awarded to me. I have spent hours completing this game to no evail. How annoying. Anyone got any advice they can offer? It would seem that i have suffered the same fate as VampericMist.
    Posted by Webby648 on 14 Dec 13 at 16:29
    JibbermidgetLook up GGnSWolfie on youtube. He plays through the game on hard. Any mission you're having trouble on, follow his videos to the letter. He does it on pc, so it'll be quite a bit tougher with an xbox controller, but it's doable.
    Posted by Jibbermidget on 20 Jan 14 at 03:28
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  • Novaan VerdianoNovaan Verdiano148,569
    22 Sep 2013 23 Sep 2013
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    If you downvote this solution, please tell me why in the comments. If you have any questions or need tips, feel free to ask too; I'll try to answer them.

    First off, don't worry. Hard isn't that hard most of the time and you don't need to be a god in strategy games in order to get this achievement. I'm decent at best and had almost no trouble in most missions. You also don't need to complete all secondary objectives, so feel free to ignore them if they aren't going to make your life easier/the life of the enemy harder.
    SuperTim1337 already has some nice tips, but I got more for you:

    Play through the game on Easy or Normal first:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Use air units:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Take a good look at your current objectives:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I also want to give you some tips for the missions I had problems with.

    Soviet mission 9:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Allied mission 9:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Rising Sun mission 7:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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