Fort of the Damned

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Fort of the Damned

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Summoning the Damned

Activate the Fort of the Damned by lighting all six Flames of Fate and sacrificing a Ritual Skull.

Summoning the Damned-0.9
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How to unlock the Summoning the Damned achievement

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    This requires you to collect a ritual skull (voyage to do so can be obtained from Duke in the tavern of any Outpost and costs 0 doubloons) and collect each of the six Flames of Fate and then take them to the Fort of the Damned (previously Old Boot Fort near the middle of the map), light the six lanterns within the fort itself with their corresponding flame and place the ritual skull in the cage at the centre of the room.

    1. The Voyage: Ritual Skulls
    The voyage is relatively straightforward: collect map from Duke, follow the voyage until you find a ritual skull. Skelton Captains encountered on the voyage also drop further voyages to allow you to continue collecting Ritual Skulls. (Further info to come, but this should suffice for now).

    During the voyage you may encounter coloured 'shadow' skeletons corresponding to the six flame colours. These can only be killed by shining a lantern on them with the corresponding Flame of Fate within it. You should still be able to complete the voyage avoiding these skeletons especially if in a group (one person to distract, one person to get on with the objective). If attempting to do this solo you may instead find it easier to complete step 2 first before getting a ritual skull, or doing steps 1 and 2 in parallel.

    N.B. You do not NEED to complete the voyage: Ritual Skulls can also be taken from other players, but this is the most reliable way.

    2. Collecting the Flames of Fate
    Each Flame can be collected by being killed in a particular way then, once you spawn on the Ferry of the Damned, taking out your lantern and collecting the flame from the light at the centre of the deck. Then walk through the door of the ferry to return to your ship and set the flame onto one of the lanterns on your ship.

    N.B. You may also be able to find another ship which has already completed these steps, in which case its players may allow you aboard to take the flames from them, but if attempting this using Game Chat to request permission may be needed and obviously players compliance can't be guaranteed.

    Top tip to speed up how quickly the things you want to kill you actually kill you (especially important for White and Red flames - see 5 and 6, below): climb up into your ship's crow's nest a few times and jump out to run your health bar down.

    The six different flames are received for being killed in the following ways (recommend starting with flames 4, 5, and 6 as these present the most risk of your ship being sunk during your attempt especially if you're solo). You may reduce this risk by using a row boat to approach certain locations, but this will be more time-consuming and doesn't guarantee safety for your ship while it's unattended. The ways are:

    1. Green Flame
    Being killed by a skeleton enemy (easy enough to achieve especially during the voyage in step 1) or any normal skeleton on an island.

    2. Blue Flame
    Being killed by a shark. Hop into the water and swim around and sooner or later you'll probably find one. If you're struggling to find a shark, shipwrecks (seen either due to clouds of seagulls above them or the pillars of light indicating Reapers Chests) are usually a reliable place for them to congregate.

    You may (if timing the lighting of the gunpowder barrel carefully) be able to combine this step with getting the achievement "Smile, you son of a..." (
    Sea of ThievesSmile, you son of a…The Smile, you son of a… achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 143 pointsThat shark bit off more than it could chew, when it chose to mess with you.

    3. Purple Flame
    Being killed by a snake's venom. Snakes are relatively easy to find - the easiest way to be sure is Snake Island (relatively close to the Fort of the Damned), and chances are you may run into one during the voyage, above. If you need a list though try the Sea of Thieves fandom wiki here: You can also get it from being killed by Kraken ink (but not a recommended way to try and get it)

    4. Pink Flame
    Be killed by another player. This sounds easy enough, but depending on how busy your server is, this may or may not prove so for a number of reasons: 1. you need to find them and get yourself near to them, 2. you need them to kill you - ideally in a friendly way rather than starting a fight, 3. they may choose to them sink your ship - and if your ship gets sunk by the enemy players as well as them killing you, you lose all your other flames collected when your ship sinks. Use game chat if you can to try and make your intentions clear to other players -you may even be able to join up with them in an alliance.

    5. Red Flame
    Be hit by fire from a firebomb or by a rock from a volcanic eruption in the Devil's Roar. This one requires you to sail (or row) towards one of the volcanos which is erupting in the Devil's Roar (South East of the map). You can tell which ones are erupting by the big black funnels of smoke coming from them and the occasional spouts of rocks they eject. The danger here if you're a small/solo crew is that the damage this can cause to your ship can sink you so if you are a small crew it may be safer to get within as close a range as your ship safely can and then row into the danger zone. This is now a LOT easier thanks to Firebombs.

    6. White Flame
    Be killed by lightning. Again this one sounds deceptively simple, but especially for a smaller crew is fraught with risk. It requires you to sail into a storm (big black clouds in the sky, within which you can usually see thunder). Storms can damage your boat with their waves - as can lightning so with a small crew this can be very risky - not to mention that the rain will fill your boat with water which can also sink your boat if you're there too long. A single lighting strike won't kill you if you're at full health so it's especially important to make sure your health is low before going into the storm.

    With thanks to mrbelleck for this additional info: if you have your sword out you're more likely to be hit by lightning now AND a first hit will only deal 20% damage, but a second hit will deal 60%. It's therefore still advisable for swiftness' sake to jump off your crows nest a couple of times to soften yourself up (just be sure to jump onto the deck rather than into the sea, especially if your ship is moving).

    N.B. EVERY TIME YOU ARE KILLED REMEMBER TO GRAB THE RELEVANT FLAME ON THE FERRY OF THE DAMNED AND TO SET IT TO ONE OF THE LANTERNS ON YOUR SHIP! Also remember not to overwrite a lantern you have already set to a different colour - if you lose it, you need to get the flame again

    3. Activate the Fort of the Damned
    Once you have all six flames, sail to the Fort of the Damned in the centre (roughly) of the map, set each of the six lanterns with the colours needed respectively, and then place your skull. Once the fort activates the achievement will pop and you can continue on to try and get the following achievements: "A Spectrum of Shadows"
    Sea of ThievesA Spectrum of ShadowsThe A Spectrum of Shadows achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 30 pointsDefeat each colour of Shadow of Fate.
    and "Defeating the Damned"
    Sea of ThievesDefeating the DamnedThe Defeating the Damned achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 53 pointsClear the Fort of the Damned of all enemies.
    which contributes 1/10 for the achievement "Banishing the Damned"
    Sea of ThievesBanishing the DamnedThe Banishing the Damned achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 178 pointsClear the Fort of the Damned of all enemies, 10 times.

    Any further tips/queries/clarifications please use the comments to make suggestions for improvements and I'll happily make them

    Edit 1: Added additional info about getting hit by lightning. Credit: mrbelleck (mrbellek)

    Edit 2: Seabound Soul update info added credit to
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    busterfrosty You can now earn the red flame from firebombs and you can also get the purple flame from kraken water.
    Posted by busterfrosty on 08 Dec 19 at 03:31
    busterfrosty You can now earn the red flame from firebombs and you can also get the purple flame from kraken water.
    Posted by busterfrosty on 08 Dec 19 at 04:19
    MorseyBaby Good points will add
    Posted by MorseyBaby on 08 Dec 19 at 20:39
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