Fort of the Damned

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Fort of the Damned

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Banishing the Damned

Clear the Fort of the Damned of all enemies, 10 times.

Banishing the Damned-20.7
10 November 2019 - 2 guides
This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

Achievement Guide for Banishing the Damned

  • British LegendsBritish Legends713,717
    20 Oct 2019 19 Oct 2019 20 Oct 2019
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    Note: at the time of writing the fort completion commendation is not tracking 100% correctly. However Rare are working on a fix and you may not experience any issues by the time you attempt this.

    I personally found it easier to server hop between games on a sloop until I could see the big red-eyed skull in the sky. At which point I would sail over and sneakily hide myself on the island, letting the other crew do all the work, until the battle was won and the vault opened. You don't have to do any damage to the skeletons or the boss to be awarded the completion, as long as you're present on the island when the vault is opened. Currently, if you die during the battle the completion may not be awarded, part of the buggy tracking mentioned above. I found hiding at the top of the fort, climbing the ladder to the top of tower should be a safe place and other pirates rarely head up. As time goes by it will become harder to find games with an active fort, since less people will play, so this may not be viable in the long term.

    Alternatively, if you wish to complete the event "properly" you need to collect all six lantern colours and either complete a Skull Seeker voyage, or spend 35k gold to buy a Skull Stash voyage from Duke which short cuts obtaining the skull needed to activate the fort. Head over to the Fort of the Damned, light the lanterns inside the fort with each corresponding colour and place the skull on to the skeleton to start the event. Kill the multiple rounds of shadow skellies (using the lanterns to make them vulnerable) and finally kill Greymarrow. He has the same mechanics as those during the Tall Tale mission. It's definitely not something I'd advise to attempt solo, it's a very challenging fight, so bring a crew with you.

    A fort of the damned completion is awarded the moment the key is used to open the vault. Not when the boss is killed. You can turn up after the boss has been defeated and open the vault and still be awarded the completion. I arrived at a fort that had just finished, stole a key while the other 2 ships were fighting, came back later and opened the vault and was awarded the completion. Again not dying in the process was important for the tracker to count.
  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx576,754
    21 Oct 2019 19 Oct 2019
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    Ahoy Maties! This achievement requires you to clear the fort of the damned 10 times! See the below video I made for how to get started and some tips to clearing the fort!

    -Damron Out!

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