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Nothing but Net

Neutralize the 'Fog of War' machine gun with a frag grenade.

Nothing but Net0
09 November 2019 - 8 guides

Achievement Guide for Nothing but Net

  • Maka91Maka911,001,838
    24 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019
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    During Mission 1: Fog of War, your squad will break through a blue door, and one of them will be hit be a bullet from a machine gun. Work your way to the left, and around the area taking out any enemies along the way until you reach the staircase leading to the machine gunner. Throw a grenade to take them out and score this achievement.

    Possible on any difficulty, but recruit is probably recommended to make it as easy as possible.
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9361,265 361,265 GamerScore
    29 Oct 2019 09 Nov 2019 20 Nov 2019
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    ---Mission 1: Fog Of War---

    After opening a metal door you will enter a train yard and immediately will have a spotlight wielding machine gunner firing at you.

    This is the enemy you have to kill with a grenade, simply make your way up close shooting the spotlight periodically to stop him from killing you.

    Once close enough throw a grenade into the hole that he's hiding in, causing him to blow up and you to grab this cheevo. The video thumbnail shows the enemies hideout.

    + With every miscellaneous Achievement use "Reload Checkpoint" to your advantage, also difficulty won't void any of these so you can do them all on Recruit

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  • ReelReel81,012
    24 Oct 2019 24 Oct 2019 24 Oct 2019
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    Early on in the first mission, you'll come across a section where your team breaches a door and enemies will begin attacking you. You'll know it's the right breaching section when a friendly yells "Got an MG on that second deck"

    From here use cover to take out enemies on the ground as you advance towards the stairs leading to the MG. Once there simply cook a grenade and throw it at the enemy on the MG. After successfully taking him out you'll get the achievement! I was able to get it on the easiest difficulty 'recruit'.

    Video guide:

  • jordan macitjordan macit222,568
    25 Oct 2019 04 Nov 2019 04 Nov 2019
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    On the first campaign mission 'Fog of War' play up until you are at a door that upon opening, your teammate gets shot down. I then flanked left and closed in till I was able to throw a grenade in there and neutralize the machine gun.

    I created this video to help:

    Hope this helps.
  • FNHUSA57FNHUSA57364,665
    25 Oct 2019 03 Nov 2019
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    Nothing but Net
    Neutralize the 'Fog of War' machine gun with a frag grenade.

    During Mission 1: Fog of War, your squad will break through a blue door. Then flank left and use a grenade to kill the machine gunner, to unlock this achievement. The following video will show you how.

  • xINS2ANExxINS2ANEx273,951
    25 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019
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    Guide for getting the Nothing But Net Achievement or Trophy. On the First Mission Fog of War, once you get to the train yard clear it out then when you get to the steps below the gunner toss a grenade up to kill him.
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m230,712
    24 Oct 2019 04 Nov 2019
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    hey guys
    on fog of war you will get to a part where you are pinned down by a machine gun in a railyard
    simply lob a grenade from the bottom of the stairs and it should kill the machine gunner
    it can be done on any difficulty and i did it on veteran :)
    there is a video guide below to show you the easiest way

    28 Oct 2019 30 Oct 2019
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