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Hang Time

Kill 3 Enemies while you are on a ladder.

Hang Time-6.3
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Achievement Guide for Hang Time

  • NateDawgSn1perNateDawgSn1per178,732
    27 Oct 2019 27 Oct 2019
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    Easy spot is in Mission 10: the Wolf's Den while you're getting your "Tunnel Rat" achievement. Turn to recruit difficulty to make it easy and just hang on the ladder's and take out 3 guys where the tunnel is on fire. You will have to go up a few different ladders.

    Video Example:
  • Victor Rose23xVictor Rose23x707,691
    26 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019
    11 0 0
    I got this achievement on Old Comrades Mission. always have a pistol(desert 50,) on you all the time til you reach the ladder
    i Was chasing X Person, at the end you will see construction gong on, you can either run under the construction bridge thingy(not a actual bridge) or you can take the ladder up.
    1 guy will run infront of you behind the fence, kll him while you are on the ladder 3 times (RELOAD CHECKPOINT WORKS).
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9360,010 360,010 GamerScore
    04 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019
    9 0 0 New
    ---Mission 10: The Wolf's Den---

    - Near the end of this mission you will climb multiple burning ladders with lots of enemies around

    - While on the ladder, aim at nearby enemies, once you kill 3 from the ladder you will get the cheev, also reloading checkpoint will not reset you ladder kills either so feel free to do that as well

    + With every miscellaneous Achievement use "Reload Checkpoint" to your advantage, also difficulty won't void any of these so you can do them all on Recruit

    CoD: Modern Warfare Playlist (Achievement Walkthrough)
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3902,926
    24 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019
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    2 spots during the campaign where you can get hanging kills, mission 7 The Embassy and mission 10 The Wolfs Den.

    Mission 7:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 10:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m227,405
    26 Oct 2019 04 Nov 2019
    3 0 0 New
    hey guys
    plenty of places you can do this but i done it on the wolfs den
    you can simply get a kill on the ladder , die , then reload the checkpoint and repeat the process
    if anyone wants a video guide there is one below :)

    30 Oct 2019 03 Nov 2019
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  • xINS2ANExxINS2ANEx273,783
    01 Nov 2019 04 Nov 2019
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    Load up the Spec Ops Mission Safeguard. Go over and hang off of one of the ladders on the map and get 3 kills. These do not have to be in one match so you can get 1 die and keep reloading in until you accumulate 3. This is the quickest way without waiting for certain levels with ladders.
  • StoneAgeMachineStoneAgeMachine342,213
    27 Oct 2019 27 Oct 2019
    3 3 0
    This can be obtained in spec ops. On the spec ops mission safeguard you start with a pistol. There is a lot of ladders and continuously spawning enemies. Just climb a ladder and kill 3 guys. If you need to reload back off the ladder to do so. It is also cumulative as it carry's on between spec ops missions.
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