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Play Dead

Kill all the enemies in the 'Embedded' field of dead bodies.

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How to unlock the Play Dead achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,181,804
    24 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019
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    During Mission 3: Embedded, you'll take out two helicopters using C4, and then follow Farah down an alley. She will begin running away, and you will follow her past a wooden fence into a small courtyard where she asks you to hide. Instead, use a fully automatic weapon to take out all of the enemies in front of you to gain this.

    Possible on any difficulty, but recruit is probably recommended to make it as easy as possible.

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    Adam Ace KazmirIt's easy even on veteran/realism and you don't need any other gun than your pistol.
    You don't have to kill all the enemies by yourself!
    Shoot the first enemy right when he's comming out of the building. Quickly hide behind the truck on the right. Most enemies will concetrate fire on Farrah. Only few (two in my case) will pursue you behind the truck. They will come one by one, so you can take them out with ease. After you deal with them, help Farrah with rest of the opposition... And done.
    Posted by Adam Ace Kazmir on 28 Oct 19 at 12:17
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  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9381,295 381,295 GamerScore
    01 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019 20 Nov 2019
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    ---Mission 3: Embedded---

    - You'll get to an area in the mission called 'field of bodies' where Farah tells you to
    "Get Down and Don't Move" expecting you to let the enemies pass.
    Don't listen to her...instead kill everyone to pick up this cheev

    + With every miscellaneous Achievement use "Reload Checkpoint" to your advantage, also difficulty won't void any of these so you can do them all on Recruit

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  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck519,911
    26 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019
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    For this you will need to play on the mission Embedded. I recommend playing on Recruit difficulty,

    Regarding the Play Dead achievement, after you've destroyed the helicopters you will jump through the window and Farah will open a gate. She will then tell you to hide in the grass, then simply just take care of all the enemies in the area and the achievement will unlock.

    If you are still struggling the fell free to use this as a reference.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Companion Block & Play Dead Achievements Guide

    Thank you.
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    LordFightALotSo you can drop the brick, thank you!
    Posted by LordFightALot on 01 Nov 19 at 08:26
    BabyishDuckThank you LordFightALot.
    Posted by BabyishDuck on 03 Nov 19 at 20:46
  • FNHUSA57FNHUSA57513,048
    25 Oct 2019 03 Nov 2019
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    Play Dead
    Kill all the enemies in the 'Embedded' field of dead bodies.

    On the 3rd level embedded you will come to a spot with dead bodies where you get asked to go prone, instead use a fully automatic weapon to kill all the enemies. If you miss one just restart from checkpoint. This video will show you how to get both Play Dead & Companion Block achievements

  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m287,218
    05 Nov 2019 08 Nov 2019
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    heya guys you can do play dead & companion block at the same time so i made a video guide on how to do this

    just play through the mission called embedded picking up the cinder block , you will need to drop this when you have to place c4 and shoot but you can pick it up after doing said things

    for play dead it happens later in the mission when you approach a field of dead bodies just spray and pray until all enemies are dead
  • INS2ANEINS2ANE288,119
    25 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019
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    Guide for obtaining play dead achievement or trophy. On the 3rd level embedded you will get to a spot with dead bodies where you get asked to drop. As guards start to come in kill them all before they can kill you. Mine delayed before it popped. Also i would suggest doing this on the easiest difficulty and carrying 2 full auto weapons as opposed to doing it with a pistol as one of your weapons like i did. If you dont get it be sure to restart checkpoint fast or you will miss your chance to keep re trying.
  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT229,287
    27 Oct 2019 28 Dec 2019
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    Mission 3: Embedded

    Early in the mission, you’ll come to a place where Farah goes to the right to some trucks and you must go left where the workers are and pick up a cinder block. You must then carry this cinder block through the rest of the mission; however, you can drop it to shoot enemies, but you must go and pick it back up and can not pick up any other cinder blocks.

    Eventually, you will reach a field with a bunch of dead bodies and a group of enemies will enter. Instead of hiding, like Farah recommends, you will need to kill all of the enemies in this area.

    Here is a video guide with English commentary!

    Here is a playlist of guides for this game!
  • Victor Rose23xVictor Rose23x905,878
    26 Oct 2019 28 Oct 2019 28 Oct 2019
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    Mission 3: Embedded

    29 Oct 2019 30 Oct 2019
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