Golden Path achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Golden Path

Complete 'Clean House' without being hit using one bullet per threat.

Golden Path+0.9
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How to unlock the Golden Path achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,184,753
    25 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019
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    During Mission 5: Clean House, you will need to kill all 11 enemies, using only 11 bullets, and without being hit. It is ok to use "Load Checkpoint" when you get hit in most cases as long as you don't get an unlucky checkpoint.

    This sounds a lot harder than it is. First off, use the assault rifle and not the pistol; it's a single fire gun so you shouldn't have a problem. Work your way through the house, learn the patterns, aim for the upper body, and prioritize armed enemies. A full run of this level only takes about 5 minutes.

    Ground floor - 3 enemies (all in main room)
    1st floor - 3 enemies (hostage taker, hostage, back room rusher)
    2nd floor - 3 enemies (hugging door, tucked in right corner, in left bedroom behind extra door)
    3rd floor - 1 enemy (after crying baby, they'll be in next room and get tucked under the bed before shooting)
    Top floor - 1 enemy (shoot on contact)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Hostages can only be taken out after they reach for a gun and present a threat.

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    GV LocFollow Brick227 solution(the last one) and it should unlock. Makas solution is bad.
    Posted by GV Loc on 26 Aug at 15:16
    GOREZODDYou definitely have to wait until the "hostages" go for their guns. Otherwise, you will fail.
    Posted by GOREZODD on 03 Sep at 03:42
    k1llerx101If I shoot the lights does that mess it up??
    Posted by k1llerx101 yesterday at 08:42
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  • AndreFisherXAndreFisherX459,517
    24 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019
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    This achievement is a bit complicated, but not impossible

    - Let your teammate tie up tie up the woman that comes into kitchen (don't shoot her)
    - Headshot middle guy, let woman grab gun and kill her, let third guy grab gun kill him.

    - Headshot hostage taker first, shoot hostage after she grabs gun. Let guy run out of bathroom, stay close the door and shoot him as he runs out

    -Let enemies down ALPHA 3-2, shoot guy behind door, shoot guy that comes from left door,
    throw flashbang to stun guy on room, on right side. and shoot him.

    -Look at woman with baby, DON'T KILL HER, In second room aim under bed to shoot guy in head.

    -You have to do the killshot when Cpt: Price says ''DROP HER'' (don't wait for PRICE to kill her)

  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9381,780 381,780 GamerScore
    01 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019 20 Nov 2019
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    ---Mission 5: Clean House---

    - Only use 1 bullet per threat (aim high), if they're laying on the ground bleeding out just leave them they will die on their own AND if you miss a shot Reload Checkpoint ASAP

    - You must wait for the "hostages" to p/u a weapon before the become a "treat" which you can then take out w/ 1 bullet

    Ground Floor: 3 Enemies

    1st Floor: 3 Enemies

    2nd Floor: 3 Enemies

    3rd Floor: 1 Enemy

    4th Floor: 1 Enemy

    - The achievement takes quite a while into the cut-scene to pop, so wait a little bit after before you restart the mission too early thinking you screwed up

    + With every miscellaneous Achievement use "Reload Checkpoint" to your advantage, also difficulty won't void any of these so you can do them all on Recruit

    CoD: Modern Warfare 1000G Achievement Walkthrough (Mobile Friendly)
    CoD: Modern Warfare Playlist (Achievement Walkthrough)
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    BBALL UKI had a problem unlocking this one, you have to make sure to not use flash bangs and also only shoot the hostages like stated when they go for weapon. The first hostage reaches for AK-47 shoot her after picking it up. The second one is the one in the attic who reaches for detonator, wait until she turns to pick it up and shoot her, your teammates will also shoot at same time. I unlocked it without a problem following this guide and these extra steps.
    Posted by BBALL UK on 28 Jul at 18:10
  • INS2ANEINS2ANE288,602
    26 Oct 2019 27 Oct 2019
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    Once you climb the ladder and get into the kitchen let the woman who walks in be apprehended, dont shoot her. To get this achievement you will need to kill 11 people with 11 bullets. No need to aim for head shots body shots work just fine. You also cannot be shot or take any damage. The first room to the left has 3 targets shoot the 2 guys first then as the woman grabs the gun drop her. Your achievement is voided if you kill someone before they reach for a weapon. Move up to the 1st floor. Your teammate will take out 1 enemy to the left. Once that is over choose the door closer to the stairs face on. Roll the corner slow and as you see the hostage get ready to shoot the bad guy behind her. Once he is down wait for her to grab the gun then drop her. The last enemy on the floor is hiding in the corner closet open the door and hold an angle then drop him when he rushes you. Once you get to the second floor smash the door open on the left side of the door peak right and shoot the 1st guy. The second guy can be in 2 places so you have to be careful. He will either be holding an angle to the right when you enter the door or in the corner at your 1 oclock when entering the room. The last guy on this floor will bust open the door to the left. When you get to the next floor do not shoot the lady with a baby. Once you enter the next room quickly shoot the guy as he crawls under the bed. On the final floor wait till price tells you to shoot but dont wait too long because if price kills her it will not unlock.
  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck519,003
    27 Oct 2019 27 Oct 2019 27 Oct 2019
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    The Golden Path achievement can be quite troublesome, an enemy threat is someone who is aiming at you regardless if they are a hostage or not. On the ground floor in the living room there will be three enemy threats, take care of them with one bullet each.

    Then on the first floor you will encounter an enemy holding a hostage captive. You will need to shoot the hostages taker in the left shoulder, the hostage will then be freed but will try to grab a gun. You will want to let her grab the weapon before you shoot as she is not an enemy threat before she does this. The last enemy is in the small room on the right side, simply open the door, let him shoot the door a few times then take him down.

    On the second floor you will want to let Alpha 3-2 get downed. After he’s down throw a flashbang through the door to stun the enemies. Then look through the holes in the door and shoot the enemy that’s in front of you. The next enemy will either be behind the settee or on the right corner of the room. Take care of him, enter the room a turn immediately left as another enemy will come charging through the door, take him down and it’s 2 enemies left.

    On the third floor, you will open a door to a woman and her child. Ignore those two and proceed through the next door. After you open the door immediately go prone and wait the head of the enemy threat to appear from under the table on the right side, take him down and there’s only 1 enemy left.

    The last enemy threat is encountered after Captain Price open’s the last door. You will need to wait until Captain Price says “Drop her”. As soon as he says that take her down, if you fail you can always revert to last checkpoint.

    I had a bit of trouble with this achievement, I hope this helped you out.

    If you are still struggling, feel free to use this as a reference.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wall Hax & Golden Path Achievement Guide
  • ChunkybrickChunkybrick388,336
    21 Jun 2020 21 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020
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    Complete 'Clean House' without being hit using one bullet per threat.

    Achievement/trophy voids if you do the following:

    1. Get hit by a bullet

    2. Using more than one bullet per threat.

    Ground floor
    1. Let your teammate tie up the woman coming into kitchen (don't shoot her).
    2. Headshot middle guy, let woman grab gun and kill her, let third guy grab gun kill him.

    First floor
    Headshot the hostage taker first, shoot hostage after she grabs gun. Let guy run out of bathroom, stay close to the door and shoot him as he runs out.

    Second floor
    Let the enemies down ALPHA 3-2, shoot guy behind door, then another one coming from left door, throw a flashbang to stun guy on room, on right side. and shoot him.

    Third floor
    Look at woman with baby, don't kill her, In second room aim under bed to shoot guy in head.

    Final floor
    When Capt. Price says "Drop her," do so now before he does, but not too early or the mission fails. If Capt. Price kills her, reload last checkpoint to try again.

    Achievement/trophy pops when done correctly.
  • ShortSniperShortSniper318,888
    13 Nov 2019 13 Nov 2019
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    Also note: I executed this three times perfectly before it popped and it seems you can't use flash grenades to help disorient enemies before you clear the floors. So if you're using this tactic be aware that it might not work.
  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT229,653
    28 Oct 2019 29 Dec 2019
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    Mission 5: Clean House

    You have to complete the mission while killing all enemies yourself using 1 bullet per enemy only. You are not allowed to get hurt, but can reload a checkpoint. If you shoot some people in the wrong order or too early or let your teammates kill them it can void the achievement / trophy.

    Here is a video guide with English commentary!

    Here is a playlist of guides for this game!
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m288,587
    05 Nov 2019 08 Nov 2019
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    so during the mission called clean house you need to take out 11 enemies with 11 bullets
    when you breach into the house dont shoot the first woman because your team mate will tie her up
    you then have 3 enemies in the first room which is probably the hardest part
    only kill the lady once she has picked up her gun but the other 2 you can kill straight away
    theres another 3 enemies on the 1st floor
    3 more enemies on the 2nd floor
    3rd floor has 1 enemy
    4th floor has 1 enemy

    its probably much easier to watch a video guide so here it is :)

    30 Oct 2019 30 Oct 2019
  • jordan macitjordan macit246,352
    12 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2019 13 Dec 2019
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    Simply load up the mission 'Clean House' and proceed through the entire level unscathed, if you sustain any damage then instantly reload last checkpoint (if you get a bad checkpoint then you won't have any choice but to restart mission, but if you are quick in reloading after taking damage then this shouldn't be a problem).

    Be sure to aim high, upper body is where you must shoot them to guarantee you drop them in one shot. Headshots are always guaranteed but if you want to play it safe then around the upper torso/shoulders are your next option.

    As you can see from my video they may not die straight away, but as long as you only shot them once, they will still bleed out and there will be no problem.

    Do not shoot hostages or anyone until they have a gun in their hands and pose a threat. With the last enemy on the top floor be sure to only shoot once instructed to, I did it before Captain Price told me, but as I had subtitles on I could read he was about to say it and thus shot.

    I created this video to help:

    Hope this helps.
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