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Circus Tour

Kill at least one enemy while inside The Reading Place, Aural Chic and both Subway undergrounds.

Circus Tour-14.7
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3902,926
    24 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019 04 Nov 2019
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    This can be earned in Mission 2, Piccadilly.
    For Circus Tour, there are 4 spots where you need to kill an enemy from. Once you see the street covered in fire, go left into the street. Move up a bit and you'll get to an area with a lot of terrorists. To the right of the guy standing on a car shooting down, you'll find the Aural Chic with 1 enemy inside. When facing the Aural Chic, turn left to find one of the 2 underground entrances. After entering, move to the other side and a suicide bomber should rush in. Shoot him in the head. Leave this subway where you entered and go almost straight ahead (across the street from Aural Chic). The other Subway entrance is there, with 2 enemies inside. Leave this subway from the other side where you entered. Then immediately on your left is the Reading Place (bookstore), which you need to kill all hostiles in, in order to progress the mission.

    Video guide by Maka91 for those interested:
  • xINS2ANExxINS2ANEx273,783
    26 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019
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    This is obtained on the 2nd Mission Piccadilly. You need to get a kill in 4 locations, both subway undergrounds, the reading place, and aural chic. Make sure to get in these locations and get a kill quick so the cops dont steal the kill or the enemies run out. Also the subway to the right can be a little tricky. Make sure you get the bomber running at you down the stairs, he needs to die before the bomb goes off for this to count.
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9360,010 360,010 GamerScore
    29 Oct 2019 09 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019
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    ---Mission 2: Piccadilly---

    Must get 1 kill while inside each of these 4 areas:

    "Left" Subway - 2 Enemies when entering, 2 more aiming at civilians inside

    The Reading Place - Lots of enemies inside

    Aural Chic - 1 Enemy inside

    "Right" Subway - 2 enemies run out pretty quick, 1 suicide bomber will enter from the outside...back up and shoot him while inside the tunnel

    + With every miscellaneous Achievement use "Reload Checkpoint" to your advantage, also difficulty won't void any of these so you can do them all on Recruit

    CoD: Modern Warfare Playlist (Achievement Walkthrough)
  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck383,888
    26 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019
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    For this achievement you need to play on the mission Piccadilly. Continue through the mission until you get to the open area where you see a terrorist on top of a car. Bare left of the road and you will see the entrance to the first underground subway area. Go down there and take care of the enemies. Then go back up the stairs you just went down, turn left and you’ll see the shop called Aural Chic. Go inside there a kill a few enemies. After that go back out the Aural Chic shop from where you came in and on the opposite side, you’ll see another shop called Reading Place. Go inside there and kill a few enemies.

    The last location is the second underground subway area. Leave the Reading Place shop, go down the street towards your left and at the end you will see the other underground subway area. Go inside there and take care of the enemies.

    If you are still struggling, then feel free to use this as a reference.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Circus Tour Achievement Guide
  • Victor Rose23xVictor Rose23x707,691
    26 Oct 2019 28 Oct 2019
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    Mission 2: Piccadilly

    29 Oct 2019 30 Oct 2019
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m227,405
    11 Nov 2019 12 Nov 2019
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    heya guys
    this achievement is done on the mission called picadilly
    right at the start of the mission you will be able to do this
    load the mission on recruit to make it easier
    the only hard part is getting a kill in the last subway section but shouldnt take more than a couple of tries :)

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