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Got Your Back

Kill 50 enemies with companion abilities.

Got Your Back-3.0
28 October 2019 - 6 guides

Achievement Guide for Got Your Back

  • Siren SaintSiren Saint399,825
    28 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019
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    Companion abilities require a couple of things, your Inspiration skill will have to be 20 to unlock companion abilities. Secondly Companions.

    The first you'll have access to is Parvati, you can recruit her during the quest Stranger in a Strange Land. One of the first quests, in the town of Edgewater.

    The second companion you can recruit is Vicar Max in Edgewater Vale on Terra 2. You can (it's optional) meet him during the main quest 'Comes Now the Power'. Finish his quest 'The Illustrated Manual' and he will offer to join you. - Thanks AssertionError

    The third follower you can find is Felix, departing The Groundbreaker. He will be on the left side before entering your ship.

    To use companion abilities you'll simply have to put a crosshair over any enemy in game and press cn_left and cn_right on the D-Pad. I recommend getting weaker enemies to half health if you want to guarantee the kill.
  • Jonny V CentaJonny V Centa357,736
    29 Oct 2019 29 Oct 2019
    15 0 1
    I found a very good place to get this and a lot of the other achievements which require you to grind kills.

    When you get to Fallbrook on the planet Monarch, you can find someone called Catherine Malin who will give you the quest ‘Slaughterhouse Clive’.

    When you get to the front gates, save before entering.

    1. Clear out the few enemies at the front and get the key off the leader.

    2. Enter the compound and defeat the enemies in this area..

    3. After a couple of rooms you will be in a large room downstairs where they keep all the live cysty pigs. All these pigs count as kills.

    4. There’s another room after the pig room with enemies too.

    5. Once the place is cleaned out - reload your save. Rinse and repeat.
  • Doktor ZeitDoktor Zeit581,299
    29 Oct 2019 29 Oct 2019 29 Oct 2019
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    A very easy way of getting this is to wait until you're a higher level then return to Emerald Vale, your companion attacks will one shot nearly every enemy here since they remain a low level. Set your companions to passive mode and they will only attack when told to, I ended up getting my last 20 kills in less than 10 minutes this way.

    If you're trying to get this naturally you should know that some companions work better for this achievement than others, any that have a long animation before they do their attack (Nyoka for example) will often attack a dead target, because your other companion will have killed them.
  • TGB70TGB701,053,286
    29 Oct 2019 29 Oct 2019 29 Oct 2019
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    *Tracking has been reported as buggy but I didn't have any trouble doing it my way.

    To get this done and out of the way try this:

    1. Accept mission from Ludwig, Miller to kill a robot ( Die Robot).
    2. Find robot and save game.
    *optional hold down on d-pad to keep your companion back till robot has low health).
    3. Take robot health down to a small amount then have your companion (Parvati) hit the robot to kill it (left on d-pad)
    4. Save game in another slot.
    5. Load gave from before you killed robot.
    6. Rinse and repeat till achievement is won..
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9361,070 361,070 GamerScore
    02 Dec 2019 Yesterday
    5 0 0 New
    - *To Unlock Companion Abilities "Inspiration" Skill must be at least 20!

    - Once unlocked press Left or Right on the D-Pad when aiming at an enemy to have your companions use their abilities

    - It's advised to get the enemy to low health before using the ability making sure than it gets the kill required for the achievement

    - Remember the SAVE trick to help you grind this out faster
    One trick that helps with all of the "do this X amount of times" cheevs...use the SAVE feature to RELOAD SAVES helping you grind those out easier. *However people have said that it can cause the tracker to stop going if this happens, try saving after you do one run, SAVE on a new file, then RELOAD the old one. Rinse & Repeat.

    All of my HD Achievement Guides for The Outer Worlds can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade754,084
    03 Nov 2019 07 Nov 2019
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    In this video guide I will show you how to kill 50 enemies with companion abilities. Now first things first. If you started your character right off the bat with increasing the Charm and Temperament attributes. This will make the achievement easier. Another way to make this easier would be to put points into the Leadership category under skills. Not to mention there are some perks called: We Band of Brothers, Tag Team and Rolling Thunder to increase cooldowns. Also your companions have some perks to help. Nyoka and Parvati both have the perks called: Spec Ops, Echoing Thunder, Stonebreaker, and Long Winter for increased damage and cooldowns.

    Now in order for this achievement to actually count, they will need to be finished off by the companion ability. All you need to do is look at an enemy or creature and hit left or right on the D-Pad. A good spot to get kills for this would be on Monarch. Look to the South by the water. There will be a factory called: C&P Boarst Factory. Head there and once you get there make a manual save. Now go ahead and kill everything in the factory. Including all the people, pigs, robots, and don't forget the worms on the floor count as well. Once you are done reload the manual save and keep going until the progress stops.

    Now this is very important. You won't get progress for the same exact enemy. So when you get a kill with your companion ability, it won't count again. Just keep going after the factory if you need more kills. Once the final guy you need turns into ash the achievement will pop.

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