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Short Circuit

Kill 30 automechanicals with shock damage.

Short Circuit-13.1
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Achievement Guide for Short Circuit

  • Tommy Gun CRGTommy Gun CRG262,523
    27 Oct 2019 27 Oct 2019 08 Nov 2019
    17 0 6
    The super easy way:

    - Change your difficulty to “story” (optional)
    - Travel to Byzantium on Terra 2
    - equip any weapon that has the blue lightning bolt icon
    - save your game
    - shoot Gardener robots, ad drones, security bots, or any other robots you see
    - reload your game and repeat

    NOTE: The above solution is exactly how I earned the achievement, but some people have issues. If the achievement does not seem to be progressing when you reload your save, try this: after you shoot the bots, save your game to a DIFFERENT slot, then reload your first save. Keep repeating this because saving your game seems to progress other achievements that normally don't.

    From Cobb AUS: "Worked like a charm! Changed the difficulty every time i reloaded the save and it counted towards it."
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade749,574
    05 Nov 2019 11 Nov 2019
    0 0 0 New
    In this video guide I will show you how to kill 30 automechanicals with shock damage. Now first things first. If you started your character right off the bat with increasing the intelligence and perception attributes. The damage will for weapons will be greater. Also making this achievement easier. Another way to make this easier would be to put points into the ranged category under skills. Not to mention there are some perks called: Scanner and Revenge for increased damage to help out. Also your companions have some perks to help. Nyoka and Parvati both have the perk called: Fine Aim for increased ranged damage.

    Now a little insight on the weapons. If you look at the DPS color, it will be blue. Indicating shock damage. If you can't find a shock weapon, you can always mod one to make it shock. Go to your workbench on your ship or wherever. Then go into the weapon you want to use under modify. Next hit RT to go into the magazine types. If you have one it will be called: Mag-2-Zap. Make sure to put that on to start working on the achievement.

    Now in order for this achievement to actually count, you will need to get the final blow with the shock weapon. The higher the damage the better the chance. A good spot to get a few robot kills for this would be on Monarch. Look to the South by the water. There will be a factory called: C&P Boarst Factory. Head there and once you get there make a manual save. Now go ahead and kill the robots that are at the front door, some right inside the living area, and in the factory. One other good area to mention is HRS-1084. This area has a good amount of robots as well.

    Now this is very important. You won't get progress for the same exact enemy. So when you kill the robot once, it won't count again. Once you kill the final robot with a shock weapon, the achievement will pop.

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