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Flawed Hero

Acquire 3 flaws.

Flawed Hero-13.0
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Achievement Guide for Flawed Hero

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    -Flaws are typically acquired by repeating something negative many times. They change your characters attributes slightly and reward you with a free perk point.
    -Flaws are completely optional and can be rejected, and although this achievement is missable, by the end of the game you will likely have encountered more than 3 phobia prompts. Flaws MUST be accepted to count toward the achievement,
    -Flaws are limited to 3 on normal, 4 on hard, and 5 on supernova.
    -Phobias are flaws that give you -1 Perception, -1 Dexterity, and -1 Temperament when in the presence of the source of the Phobia. (Raptidons for raptiphobia, etc.)

    -Flaws appear to trigger on a cooldown, meaning, for example, Acrophobia cannot be acquired by repeated purposeful falls.

    Acrophobia - Taking too much fall damage.
    Cynophobia - Taking too much damage from canids.
    Paranoid - Being caught committing crimes too often.
    Robophobia - Taking too much damage from robots.
    Herpetophobia - Taking too much damage from mantisaurs.
    Raptiphobia - Taking too much damage from raptidons.
    Addiction Withdrawal - Too many consumed meds.
    Permanent Concussion - Taking too much damage to the head.
    (Damage Type) Weakness - Taking too much (Plasma, N-Ray, Fire, etc.) damage.
    Pithecophobia - Taking too damage from primals.
    Physical Damage Weakness - Taking too much physical damage.
    Permanently Crippled - Taking too much damage to the legs. (Crippled Status.)
    Partially Blind - Taking too much damage to your eyes. (Blinded status.)
    Permanently Maimed - Taking to much damage to the arms.

    -It is my personal opinion that Phobias are your best choice as to not inhibit the rest of your playthrough, as they have no adverse effects outside of combat.

    *If anyone has found more, please let me know and I will add them to the list.
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