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Elemental Maelstrom

Kill an enemy that was hit with all 5 damage types.

Elemental Maelstrom-18.5
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Achievement Guide for Elemental Maelstrom

  • LordMakanakiLordMakanaki1,672,548
    28 Oct 2019 28 Oct 2019 02 Nov 2019
    43 3 6
    The easiest way by far is to use the Prismatic Hammer science weapon, with a science skill of at least 80 (thanks to everyone who provided additional feedback on this). Your basic attacks cycle through different types of elemental damage, while sweep attacks apply multiple types at once. The weapon description says the number of damage types the weapon can cycle through is determined by your science skill (mine was 80 when I got the achievement).

    The Prismatic Hammer can be found on Groundbreaker really early in the game. Here's a video with the location:

    Once you have the hammer just swing away at a mega or named enemy.

    All credits for the video goes to RPG Division on youtube.
  • Maka91Maka91989,712
    25 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019
    23 5 10
    As you progress through the game's story, you will begin unlocking elemental weapons automatically, or will gain modifications to change the properties of weapons you already have. By the time you are finished on planet Monarch, you should have all 5 weapon damage types, or will unlock them shortly after.

    The types are as follows;
    - Kinetic (Normal)
    - Shock
    - Plasma
    - Corrosion
    - N-Rays

    Once you have all 5, equip 4 of them into your active slots, and find an enemy, hitting them with all 4 weapons. Go to your inventory and swap out the last type, hitting them again and killing them to gain this.

  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade749,574
    09 Nov 2019 12 Nov 2019
    2 0 0 New
    In this video guide I will show you how to hit an enemy with all 5 damage types. Now the types are: Normal, Plasma, Shock, Corrosive, and N-Rays. There will also be a color associated with them as well. Normal is white, Plasma is red, Shock is blue, Corrosive is green, and N-Rays are pink.

    The best way to go about this without killing the monster, is by finding weak weapons and modding them. Make sure you save some or go buy some from vendors. Next you will need to modify each one so you have all 5 types. Now what you can do to make this easier is give your partners one each. Also for your partners, go into the behavior page and set the distance to far, the weapon to ranged, and mode to aggressive. This way they will shoot on site and not melee.

    The area I tried this as in on Monarch right next to the Casscadia areas. Once you get here make a manual save. There will be a nice path along the cliff side with a lot of enemies. Stick to the road and follow it up until you see an enemy on the left. If you stick to the road it will be directly in your path.

    The easiest way for this to work is when you see the enemy, make sure you can give your companions the attack command on it. So make sure they are close by before attempting. Once you are ready press UP on the D-Pad to give the order. Once they start shooting start cycling through your weapons on the creature. I would start with Corrosive, then Plasma, and finally Normal shots last. I don't know if the Normal shots have a lingering effect, so I used it last to hopefully make this work better. If it don't pop reload your manual save and keep trying until it does. You will know if it is working or not by looking above the enemies health bar, you should see symbols there. These indicate that the enemy is currently getting affected by the effects of your weapons. Once you see 5 symbols, the achievement will pop.

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