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Jack of All Trades

Kill an enemy with a science weapon sneak attack during TTD, with a weakspot critical hit.

Jack of All Trades-107.6
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Achievement Guide for Jack of All Trades

  • RiddLsRiddLs227,466
    27 Oct 2019 27 Oct 2019 28 Oct 2019
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    I based my method a lot on Doktor Zeit’s solution for “Tossball All-Star” -
    “ These are melee weapons that resemble lacrosse sticks, you can find one of them very early to the right of the workbench in your ship. Passive creatures also count towards this, a lot of my kills came from Sprats, the little green lizard type animals. There are a few pockets of these alongside the outer walls of Edgewater, they will respawn after enough time has passed, if you crouch before killing them it will also count towards the 50 stealth kills achievement.”

    The only variation I made was using the Prismatic Hammer found on Groundbreaker
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    and using TTD.

    The only hangup might be with actually assuring that you hit the weakspot of the sprat. I got the achievement on my second kill after making sure I hit it’s head. It was looking right at me but the sneak attack still registered. It might have been a delayed pop, but you might have to swing at a few to assure you get it. You could potentially use another science weapon that’s easier to aim at but I did it with the hammer because it had the highest damage of all the science weapons I had at that point, even with my nonexistent melee skill.

    Edit: Thanks to Reborn Insanity and YoDz who point out that there are sprat in the Rest-N-Go area right next door to where you pick up the hammer. If you happen to pick up the hammer after reading this you can attempt this about 20 feet from it. Just make sure to save before incase you don’t get it!
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade748,810
    09 Nov 2019 12 Nov 2019
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    In this video guide I will show you how to kill an enemy with a science weapon sneak attack during TTD, with a weakspot critical hit. First thing your going to need is the Prismatic Hammer. It can be found on the Groundbreaker. Not to far from the landing pad just past some checkpoints. There will be a room to the left with some beds and you will be able to climb up top. Then go through a hole in the wall. The hammer will be in a locked room to the right. One of the guards you kill with have the key.

    Now in my video I don't have melee leveled up high enough to show weak spots. But I was still able to get the achievement. I would recommend trying this on some weak passive animal. Like a sprat or one of the cystypigs in C&P Boarst Factory. Once you find an animal you are going to try this on, make a manual save in case it don't work. Keep trying until it pops. Mine took around 10 times or so.

    If you can't get the achievement to pop without having the melee skills being high enough to show weak spots, go ahead and put more points into it to help you get the achievement.

    All you need to do is get up close, go into crouch, hit RB to go into TTD mode, then try to swing for the head. If the achievement don't pop reload your manual save and try again.

  • HashtagWabisabiHashtagWabisabi135,952
    15 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019
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    The easiest place I found to do this is in the C&P boarst factory on Monarch. You’ll want to hit one of the cystypigs on the head with any science weapon while sneaking and using TTD. If your melee skill is high enough, look out for it saying “blind” as that’s when you want to hit.

    While in the factory, you can mop up lots of the other combat achievements too.
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    OK - here's one for ya.

    Sure, go to the C&P boarst factory. And yes - if you are not in there solo definitely put your companions out to pasture (hold, passive, etc.), before you head over to the lovely cystpigs.

    But.... instead of wacking the piggies, I had another idea.

    Remember the "bred worm" slithering around the pigsty in there?

    Yeah, so I approached that worm (yes, in crouch mode), carefully aimed at its "head" entered TDD, verified "aim" was dead on the worm's "head" and gave it an acute (but mercifully quick) crushing head-ache with my trusty Prismatic hammer.

    And... voila !! instaward !! "Jack of All Trades" cheevo popped.

    I figured that worm was already blind - and it's clearly SUPER EZ killable - so why not give it a shot, right? Yeah, seems to work. First try. Boom. Done.
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