Mad Scientist achievement in The Outer Worlds

Mad Scientist

Kill an enemy under the effects of 4 science weapons.

Mad Scientist-0.2
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How to unlock the Mad Scientist achievement

  • Brock 5amsonBrock 5amson122,803
    27 Oct 2019 27 Oct 2019
    71 5 19
    The trick with this one instead of trying to switch between all 4 weapons equip two on your companions. I did one with the melee weapon, and another with the shrink gun, and kept two for myself. Find a semi tanky mob like a mantiqueen or soldier, and attack. With a little practice you can get it very easily.

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    FluxB0xI've tried all solutions here but nothing is working ... and of course it's my last achievement
    Posted by FluxB0x on 30 Apr 20 at 06:51
    ajgoesUNLUCKYI got this in the “Devil’s Peak Caverns” on Monarch

    Level 26, game was in “Hard” so enemies had more health
    Posted by ajgoesUNLUCKY on 20 May 20 at 14:59
    HEATH 10Takes a few tries but got it. Thanks!
    Posted by HEATH 10 on 17 Feb at 19:51
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  • Crowned LegacyCrowned Legacy723,020
    29 Oct 2019 29 Oct 2019 30 Oct 2019
    37 1 7
    There is 5 science weapons, you only need 4 of them. Them being the Prismatic Hammer, Gloop Gun, Shrink Ray, Mandibular Rearranger and Mind Control Ray. If you need help finding these weapons, James Billcliffe has a good guide that you can find here.

    You can either give a weapon to each of your partners, or try and do all four weapons by yourself, which I wasn't able to do. I went with the giving weapons to each partner method. Gloop Gun to one, Shrink Ray to the other and used the Mind Control and Rearranger. Also, TTD is a must. When the enemy gets glooped into the air, slow down time, hit them with the rearranger and then use mind control, if luck is on your side, your other partner will use the shrink ray.

    PS- I just had the 2 science weapons equipped and nothing else, it is quicker and easier to switch weapons that way.

    Hope this helps!
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    Crys7aLsGetting your medical skill to 60 adds a 50% increase to the duration of debuffs you apply to enemies. It is much less luck based with this passive abillity.
    Posted by Crys7aLs on 12 Jan 20 at 16:45
    Apostle92627How do you equip the Gloop Gun on a party member? I'm sitting here button mashing A, but nothing happens.
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 30 Apr 20 at 00:03
    Apostle92627Okay, so I was a little frustrated when I was unable to get this achievement last night. However, I turned the game on just now, and POP! proceeded by my laughing like crazy. laugh
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 30 Apr 20 at 16:25
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade964,771
    09 Nov 2019 13 Nov 2019 13 Nov 2019
    30 1 5
    In this video guide I will show you how to kill an enemy under the effects of 4 science weapons. First I will show you where to find all 5 just so you can have them all.

    Shrink Ray - 00:04 - 00:31
    Prismatic Hammer - 00:32 - 01:30
    Mandibular Rearranger - 01:32 - 01:58
    Mind Control Ray - 02:01 - 03:20
    Gloop Gun - 03:22 - 04:14

    Now that you have the weapons, it's time for the setup.
    First your going to want to go into your partners behavior page and set the distance to far, the weapon to ranged, and mode to aggressive. This way they will shoot on site and not melee. Because the way I did this was gave them the ranged weapons while I used the melee weapons.

    The area I tried this as in on Monarch right next to the Casscadia areas. Once you get here make a manual save. There will be a nice path along the cliff side with a lot of enemies. Stick to the road and follow it up until you see an enemy on the left. If you stick to the road it will be directly in your path.

    The easiest way for this to work is when you see the enemy, make sure you can give your companions the attack command on it. So make sure they are close by before attempting. Once you are ready press UP on the D-Pad to give the order. Once they start shooting go up and hit the creature with the first melee weapon a few times, then switch to the other one and hit it a few more times. If it don't pop reload your manual save and keep trying until it does. You will know if it is working or not by looking above the enemies health bar, you should see symbols there. These indicate that the enemy is currently getting affected by the effects of your weapons. Once you see 4 symbols, the achievement will pop. If you are having troubles you can always use the 5th weapon to make it easier.

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    Pedle ZelnipFinally got it. I ended up doing a few things that I think helped:

    - gave 1 companion the gloop gun, and the other companion the mind control ray (Nyoka & Parvati, though I don't think it matters who)
    - I kept the rearranger & the shrink ray
    - tinkered the rearranger & shrink ray as much as I could afford (got rearranger to lvl 21 66 dmg/133DPS, shrink ray to lvl 19 38 damage/76DPS)
    - I did *not* tinker the gloop gun or mind control ray (since those were used by my party members)
    - re-spec'd and put 100 into science, 100 into 1-handed melee, 100 into handguns, and the remaining points into heavy weapons.
    - Tier 1 perks, I did: Toughness (50% health), Slow the World (25% TTD), Cheetah (+20% sprint speed), Quick & the Dead (+50% TTD recharge), Resilient (+5 armour),
    - Tier 2 perks, I did: The Reaper (+25% TTD per kill), Weird Science (+50% science damage), Speed Demon (+25% move speed in TTD), Scanner (+20% bonus to weakspot damage), Harvester (+15% health restored per kill)
    - Tier 3 perks I did: Wild Science (+50% Science damage), Steady Hand (sway & accuracy bonus), Armor Master (extra armour), Tactical Master (70% TTD move speed), Revenge (+20% damage), Thick Skin (minus to area of effect damage taken), Tit for Tat (+15 Melee damage as health)
    - set my party members as you mentioned in the video (range, aggressive, far)
    - set up my weapons as rearranger, shrink ray, and my OP LMG

    I then went to Monarch, and found a Mega Raptidon. Selected the rearranger, then ordered them to attack, then ran in and swung a few times with the rearranger, then switched to the shrink ray, fired a few times, then switched to the LMG & finished him off while in TTD. Achievement then popped.

    I think the key is to respec to prioritize maxing your science, and skills for the wepaons you're using (in my case 1-handed melee & handgun). Something that's not entirely clear from your guide is that it's not get an enemy with 4 science effects, but rather *kill* an enemy while it's under 4 different science effects (hence why I finished off with my LMG).
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 02 Dec 19 at 05:04
    Crys7aLsGetting your medical skill to 60 adds a 50% increase to the duration of debuffs you apply to enemies. It is much less luck based with this passive abillity.
    Posted by Crys7aLs on 12 Jan 20 at 16:46
    Obee SeanI second Crys7als comment. I tried several times and it didn't work. I respeced to have medical level 60 and it worked first try!
    Posted by Obee Sean on 13 Oct 20 at 14:26
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