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All for One

Complete all companion quests.

All for One-3.3
02 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for All for One

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    There is total of 10 companion quests, 1 for Felix, 2 for Max, 1 for Sam, 2 for Parvati, 2 for Ellie and 2 for Nyoka. There is 2 of these quests that I missed which is The Illustrated Manual and Dont Bite the Sun.

    ****To be clear though, ALL of these can be missed if you don't agree to help them in their quests. Just agree to help them when they ask and you should be fine. ****

    I'll also be adding guides to help anyone who is having trouble finding the quests or just need help in general. These guide links belong to Segment Next and YekBot and do not belong to me.

    Thanks to GlitterLicks for this info on Parvati's quest- "I was just on the Obsidian forums and apparently it will say Parvati is dead if you go to talk to another companion while she is climbing a ladder on the ship. This will cause her to infinitely climb (then fall somewhere in space) and then the game will think she’s dead once you try to do another quest with her. I actually saw this happen when I was talking to another companion early on and laughed it off; didn’t realize it was a bug that would “kill” my companion. :(
    They said the team is aware and is working on a fix. 


    *Felix: Friendship's Due - This is a companion quest, find him at the Groundbreaker, he will be waiting by the ship. He will want you to help with Trask and Harlow. He is waiting for you to leave the ship and talks to you about this mission.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *Max: The Illustrated Manual - Speak to him in Edgewater at the church. This is his recruitment quest and can be completed right away. If you decide to cut off power to Edgewater and later kill the town, this can be MISSED
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *Max: The Empty Man -Speak to him on the Unreliable to get his second quest. He will need help finding a scholar, then help talking to a hermit on Syclla at the Abandoned Mining Outpost.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *SAM: The Cleaning Machine - Inspect it on the Unreliable. This is Sam's recruitment quest and can be done after Roseway.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *Parvati: Drinking Sapphire Wine - Talk to Parvati on the Unreliable when you land at Groundbreaker, you can complete this mission after Roseway.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *Parvati: Don't Bite the Sun - After getting the Navkey for the main quest, speak to her on the Unreliable. For this quest, Parvati wants to have a date with Junlei by keeping it a surprise for her and needs your help. 
    ** MISSABLE I didn't help her on the date with Junlei and couldn't go back to it.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *Nyoka: Passion Pills - Find her in the bar at Stellar Bay and speak to her. This is her recruitment quest and can be completed right away, she just needs help sobering up.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *Nyoka:  Star-Crossed Troopers  -She will be a guide for you in the quest where you have to go to Devils Peak in Stellar Bay and ask for help burying her friends at the main beginning of the quest, agree to help her for this lengthy companion mission.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *Ellie:  The Low Crusade  - After finding her in the medic bay on the Groundbreaker, and helping her with her friend, she will want help with a problem with her parents on Byzantium. She will be waiting for you to leave by the door of the Unreliable after you complete Worst Contact.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-

    *Ellie:  Worst Contact  - Talk to her in the Medical Bay on Groundbreaker. This is her recruitment quest and can be completed right away. She will need help convincing her friend to come out of containment.
    Here is a guide to help with this one-
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    Accepting the companion quest to acquire them on your team are most of the quests related to this cheev, follow my guide for ALL companions that i'll put in a spoiler for those:
    (Parvatti & Felix ask to join w/o any quest)
    VICAR MAX - "The Illustrated Manual"
    *Can't get Max if you divert power away from Edgewater before talking to him
    SAM - "The Cleaning Machine"
    NYOKA - "Passion Pills"
    ELLIE - "Worst Contact"

    ALL COMPANION LOCATIONS "One For All" Achievement:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *For quests that aren't the initial recruitment ones, you companion will ask "Can We Talk" when you have them with you. Talking to them will accept their companion side-quest, only a few of the companions have these!

    FELIX - "Friendships Due"
    *Felix WON'T talk to you for this quest if you are working for the Board!

    VICAR MAX - "The Empty Man"

    PARVATTI - "Drinking Sapphire Wine"

    PARVATTI - "Don't Bite The Sun"
    *Missable! Don't take too long to finish this one

    NYOKA - "Star-Crossed Troopers"
    *I recommend going for this one at the same time as the hunting quests required for the "Well Dressed" achievement!

    ELLIE - "The Low Crusade"

    All of my HD Achievement Guides for The Outer Worlds can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)
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