Mightier than the Sword achievement in The Outer Worlds

Mightier than the Sword

Save Edgewater permanently.

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How to unlock the Mightier than the Sword achievement

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    The following solution was taken from PowerPyx's trophy guide - full credit to PowerPyx.

    This trophy is earned in a way that requires making some specific choices during the game leading up to the point you earn it. It’s mutually exclusive of Ludwig was Right, and isn’t something you can set up with save backups so I would recommend aiming to get those two in separate full playthroughs.

    For this trophy at the start of the game you need to choose to redirect power to Edgewater, then convince the deserters to return but not have Reed step down as leader. Through story progression you then need to ally with Sophia and the board by turning in Phineas, then once you have dealt with the radio broadcasts on Monarch Sophia will congratulate you on helping the town next time you see her. You don’t need to do anything else for this trophy past that, you are awarded it immediately before she asks you to head to the Hope.

    Edit: Apparently you don't need to turn Phineas over to the Board, you can instead send the corrupted signal from Phineas's terminal, Sophia will believe you still did what she asked, and still unlock the achievement. - Thanks to Sasha Morning in the comments.

    Edit 2: Fir3shad0w has provided an option for obtaining this achievement and "Ludwig was Right" in a single playthrough. Although I have not confirmed this:
    I can confirm this can actually be set up alongside "Ludwig was Right" in the same playthrough. Go through the steps for this achievement, and once you've sent the signal (corrupted or not), save the game. Talking to Sophia will earn you this achievement (as long as the deserters returned and Reed is still in charge), then re-load the immediate save, go to Edgewater, and kill Reed. Head back to Sophia, and she'll give you the "Foundation" quest, which will earn you the other achievement.

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    JKSullivanAs stated above by Fir7shadow, the statement in the original solution that you can't do this and "Ludwig was Right" in the same playthrough is absolutely incorrect. The walkthrough here on TA details the approach that will let you get both with a save before going to talk to Sophia. Basically, you go and kill Reed before talking to her to get "Ludwig was Right", and then reload and go straight to Sophia to get this one. Very easy to do as long as you get all the prerequisites as stated in the walkthrough.
    Posted by JKSullivan on 24 Aug 20 at 13:40
    AlphaC3ntariI'm a bit late to the game but you can skip going to Monarch completely if you get Percival to "open" the door to The Chairman's office for you.

    Jump on his desk, crouch, start to pickpocket him until he starts to chase you, run to the door on the left (not Akande's) and he'll open the door when he gets near it.

    Pass the speech check with him, watch the movie on the terminal, speak to Akande, achievement should pop afterwards.
    Posted by AlphaC3ntari on 21 Sep 20 at 21:55
    AvocadoFireSkipping monarch didn’t work. I followed that exactly but the achievement didn’t pop even though she talked about Edgewater
    Posted by AvocadoFire on 02 Nov 20 at 21:26
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    Mightier Than the Sword | Ludwig Was Right

    - These are 2 Very Missable Achievements CAN be acquired in the same play-through making the right decisions and using Saves
    **Make NEW SAVES often throughout to give yourself options if you screw up along the way, which is easy to do!**

    I speed ran these 2 cheevs after my first play-through.

    Here's what you must do early in the story:
    } Redirect Power to Edgewater (Adelaide tries to change your mind)
    } Convince Deserters to return to Edgewater (Only need to do the side-quest for 1 of the 2 people)
    } DO NOT make Reed step down!
    *I did this before realizing lol

    A fair bit later after getting Udom Bedford's Seal from Gladys and agreeing to take out the Cartographer for Sofia. You will then be tasked with sending a signal from Dr. Welles' Terminal in his Secret Lab that you can fly to.
    (Don't have to turn in Phineas, you can just send the corrupt signal from Phineas' Terminal)

    You will now have to continue with the main quest for Sofia
    until you deal with the broadcasts on Monarch , eventually this mission will say
    [] Return to Sofia.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    **You will want to SAVE before talking to Sofia after you have dealt with the broadcasts**

    For Mightier Than The Sword talk to Sophia after making that Save,
    then re-load that SAVE

    - You can now go to Reed in Edgewater and KILL HIM, you can then return to Sophia and she will make you do a mission involving Edgewater. Finish that side-quest to get the Ludwig Was Right achievement (unlocks right after finishing the automechs in Edgewater).

    Doing this will net you both cheevs without having to do a new play-through! :)
    *You can now load up any SAVE you like so that you can play the story the way you would like to!

    All of my HD Achievement Guides for The Outer Worlds can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)
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    exorrThis guide is much clearer than the other. Thanks so much :)
    Posted by exorr on 10 Dec 19 at 14:09
    LockieGreat guide. The missables guide I used never mentioned keep Reed as leader so annoyingly I missed this achievement on my playthrough. Anyway now I can finally uninstall this game. smile
    Posted by Lockie on 17 Dec 19 at 08:31
    InquisitorZacYou can steal the Seal from Gladys in her safe. It’s the first item in the safe, so be quick and grab it before she catches you. Then just silver tongue your way out of being caught.
    Posted by InquisitorZac on 21 Jan 20 at 22:34
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    For anyone looking to get this achievement as fast as possible here is my speed run of doing the achievement in about 1hr20min:
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    AllgorhythmI don't understand the down vote. This is a very streamlined way to get the achievement especially if you need to knock out the tossball kills.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 29 Apr 20 at 00:46
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