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Mightier than the Sword

Save Edgewater permanently.

Mightier than the Sword-0.7
21 January 2020 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Mightier than the Sword achievement

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    The following solution was taken from PowerPyx's trophy guide - full credit to PowerPyx.

    This trophy is earned in a way that requires making some specific choices during the game leading up to the point you earn it. It’s mutually exclusive of Ludwig was Right, and isn’t something you can set up with save backups so I would recommend aiming to get those two in separate full playthroughs.

    For this trophy at the start of the game you need to choose to redirect power to Edgewater, then convince the deserters to return but not have Reed step down as leader. Through story progression you then need to ally with Sophia and the board by turning in Phineas, then once you have dealt with the radio broadcasts on Monarch Sophia will congratulate you on helping the town next time you see her. You don’t need to do anything else for this trophy past that, you are awarded it immediately before she asks you to head to the Hope.

    Edit: Apparently you don't need to turn Phineas over to the Board, you can instead send the corrupted signal from Phineas's terminal, Sophia will believe you still did what she asked, and still unlock the achievement. - Thanks to Sasha Morning in the comments.

    Edit 2: Fir3shad0w has provided an option for obtaining this achievement and "Ludwig was Right" in a single playthrough. Although I have not confirmed this:
    I can confirm this can actually be set up alongside "Ludwig was Right" in the same playthrough. Go through the steps for this achievement, and once you've sent the signal (corrupted or not), save the game. Talking to Sophia will earn you this achievement (as long as the deserters returned and Reed is still in charge), then re-load the immediate save, go to Edgewater, and kill Reed. Head back to Sophia, and she'll give you the "Foundation" quest, which will earn you the other achievement.
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    To get the deserter to return, you need to complete 2 sidequests, one is to find Zoe and convince her to return and you need to find 3 engineering books for one of the npc. I couldn't get the deserter to come back without completing those. Don't remember the name of the quest givers but they are easy to find. There might be other ways to convince them as this game offer many options but this is how i got them back to Edgewater.
    Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 on 28 Oct at 02:56
    Just a quick note on this comment above. I'm in the process of doing a 'speedy' run-through on SuperNova, and I was able to get the Deserters to go back to Edgewater with just 2 of the guy's Engineering books. I happen to come across books 2 & 3 early on (this is my 4th play-through), and never completed the Zoe quest (but I DID initiate it). And they all went anyways.

    The 2 quests remain open, with both NPCs saying if we find Zoe to let her know, and the guy saying if we find the last book to let him know. Either way, this comment needs to be corrected. I only had 2 of the guy's books, and they all went back anyways.

    NOTE: I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see this win GotY at the Game Awards next Thursday. It would be poetic Justice against Bethesda(!). This is one of the best games in years. I hope they start bringing us DLCs (the worlds and empty world spaces are already there) and start an OW2! clapdanceheadspintoast
    Posted by GHOST MACHlNE on 08 Dec 19 at 02:45
    br34thedyn4m1te I only did the Zoe quest, not the engineering manual one and did the save trick and boom, both achievements.

    thanks for the guide.
    Posted by br34thedyn4m1te on 12 Dec 19 at 16:09
    NicoleRenee00 I diverted power to Edgewater, as the guide says. But I only had to get ONE engineering book to convince the deserters to return. The 3rd one is inside the Geothermal plant, so it's a real easy grab when you go to divert power. Turned it in, and then I told Thomas to become an engineer (not sure if that made any difference).

    Told him to leave without Adelaide, and he convinced Grace to go, and it updated the quest.
    Posted by NicoleRenee00 on 21 Jan at 15:41
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