Special Operations

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Special Operations

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Complete all Special Ops missions.

17 November 2019 - 5 guides

Achievement Guide for Liberation

  • HythalHythal282,273
    11 Nov 2019 12 Nov 2019 26 Nov 2019
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    As of the update from 11/8/2019, this achievement has been fixed and is obtainable! This guide is focused on mainly giving hints and tips to help your crew.

    This achievement requires you to complete all 4 operations of spec ops. You DO NOT need to do the classic spec op missions. On top of that, you can join matches in progress and it will count towards the achievement LONG AS YOU REACH THE HELICOPTER AT THE END AND SEE THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED SCREEN.
    11/22/2019: Two new operations have been added to spec ops. El Luigi has commented that he only needed the original 4 missions for the achievement to unlock. SOUZA117 mentions that if the achievement doesn't unlock for you, hard reset your console.

    Class set-ups: I suggest not even bother matchmaking into to random lobbies. Randoms cannot comprehend the complexity of killing bots and completing objectives at the same time. With that said, find 3 other people to help you via LFG or a session here on TA. You cannot do these missions with any less than 4 total people. Next, everyone should run the medic role. This allows you to revive much quicker and gives you the ability to revive all downed teammates instantly with cn_LB + cn_RB. I also suggest using silencers as it is possible to do some parts, or even whole missions using stealth. Also use smoke grenades so you can cover yourself while you revive a teammate.

    General In-Game: Stay close to your team and communicate, of course. Call-out when and what crates you drop and such. On the topic of crates, always look for armor, ammo, and grenades. All crates containing streaks are also good and especially efficient for juggernauts except for the shielded-turret. Another rule of thumb is to shoot helicopter pilots as helicopters roll in to explode them.

    Now I will give you mission specific tips that I picked up on during our run of each mission.

    HEADHUNTER: This was the hardest mission for us. You need to find intel by killing AQ lieutenants, then hack 5 scramblers around a stadium, before finally shooting down a helicopter. Getting the intel shouldn't bee too difficult, however hacking the scramblers can prove to be difficult. The first scrambler has many enemies, but is easy. NOTE The more people next to the scramblers, the quicker you hack it! The second has a juggernaut enemy that has armor and a minigun. The third has more enemies. At this point, multiple tanks spawn that you must destroy. Luckily, the game gives your squad a gunship to help you destroy the tanks. If the gunship doesn't destroy all the tanks, use the RPG's located around the third scrambler to destroy them. The 4th and 5th scramblers have multiple juggernauts and a helicopter constantly shooting at you. It is vital that you stick together so you can revive each other. Kill the juggernauts, hack and destroy the final two scramblers. Now you have to explode the helicopter. Focus your fire on the helicopter, but watch out for more juggernauts. Upon destroying the helicopter, your mission will update telling you to get to the exfil location. Once the chopper lands and you get on it, the mission completes.

    KUVULDA: This one isn't bad. You enter a compound and have to access a database. Then you have three locations where you search laptop files and then have to find 3 crates from each location using the code you find from the laptops. After that you open a hangar door that contains 2 tanks for your team. Once completing the objective there, two opposing tanks spawn use your tanks to take them out. I suggest not having everyone in both tanks in case they explode (you instantly go down). Then you go to the exfil site. For this one you can try to use stealth, however it may take longer. You face the same problems in this mission as the previous, juggernauts, helicopters, overwhelming amount of enemies. Long as you all stay with each other and are using the medic class you can just constantly revive each other. Using smokes can also help you revive a teammate downed with no cover. My last tip is to communicate when you have found a piece of cargo needed for the objective.

    PALADIN: *IMPORTANT* THERE IS CURRENTLY A GLITCH ON THIS MISSION THAT MAKES YOU INVINCIBLE. PLEASE REFER TO THE GUIDE BELOW MINE FOR HOW TO DO IT! Enter a storage facility, hack a signal jammer, grab HVI, bring her to the LZ. Not too bad, right? Welp, the LZ takes you to a vehicle that needs your covering fire. You kill enemies wielding RPG's and have to look for mines in the road and dispose of them. After a walk, you reach a parking lot of a market. Defend a crate, go inside of the market, defend another crate, go to the back of the market, defend again, leave. Ugh. For the first section with the HVI you have a part where you must defend an area. I suggest bringing her into the locker room and placing her into the showers. Other than that, the begging is easy stuff. Escorting the vehicle is easy too. Just focus RPG's and shoot down any helicopters while looking for mines on the road. Once you reach the parking lot, you need to defend a crate. There are many enemies that come at you. Of course, you need to stay together so you can get quick revives of each other. Kill snipers on top the market as well. It only gets worse after this. IMPORTANT Go to the right side of the market outside and get to the roof for more supplies for your team and then head into the market. Inside you face the same enemies from different angles, but now with juggernauts. Plural. What we did was split into teams of two and posted up on different scaffolds. Try to save your smokes for if you need to defuse a bomb that specific enemies place on the crate. For the last and hardest bit, you do everything you just did except with more helicopters, juggernauts and even tanks. Destroying the tanks is particularly difficult due to the limited supplies. I have no tips other than what I have already told you. If you manage to kill everything, you will see your friendly chopper ready to get you out of there.

    CROSSWIND: This mission is very straight forward and actually pretty easy. You begin by disrupting enemy comms on a rooftop. There are juggernauts, but nothing you haven't faced. Then your team will proceed to the main terminal to do the same exact thing. Next you must infiltrate a plane. Get into the car that your marker leads you to. Have everyone ready to shoot two enemy vehicles that start to pursue you. After that you just need to get to the plane and go inside of it. This is the only hard part. You have only 3 minutes to sweep through the plane and exit. If you have done the Mile High Club then you know what your in for. However with 4 people this is much easier. Split into teams of 2, one goes right the other left. If someone gets low on health have them peal off behind their partner. Constantly push forward until you retrieve the nuclear core. Jump out the plane and parachute down. NOTE You can do this whole next section very easily by staying on the road outside of the entire scrapyard. Land your parachutes in front of the scrapyard and go right, staying on the road. At this point you are in stealth and the enemy doesn't know where you are. After you've turned right, you'll want to go left up the road next to the scrapyard. You should be following a wall. Eventually you'll come across a hole in the wall and it's a straight shot to the exfil location. You can sneak through to the exfil, but alternatively you could just run with your squad to the exfil and use your medic abilities to revive anyone who is unfortunate enough to go down. Climb the ladder and wait for the helicopter to come. A tip here would be to just prone and watch the ladder for any enemies. If you just lay down you can't be shot. Once the chopper arrives, get on.

    At this point the mission should complete, unlocking you the Liberation achievement!

    I'm sorry if this guide was convoluted in any way, but I hope it helped you in some way! Lastly, if you have any sort of tip, advice, or correction to my guide please comment it so I can make the appropriate changes. Thank you!
  • SOULcr3wdYomamSOULcr3wdYomam731,732
    15 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019 17 Nov 2019
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    Currently there is a glitch on paladin where one player can go on god mode, I just did myself so works on Xbox one. See below video, if you do manage to get god mode do not revive anyone. This may get patched out soon so be quick!

    Edit for people struggling with the video- You need to drop the hostage before leaving it in the chopper. Look at the video. The guy pressed "X" just 3.6 meters far from the helicopter. If you continue to walk forward once you pressed "X", you will be leaving the hostage two times, making you invincible.
    Credit Danixpxd

    You know you successfully did it when you see two hostages on your screen. One on the ground and the other in the helicopter. Just so everyone knows if you try to heal a team mate your god mode will be lost. You can pick up different guns just do not heal anyone. Credit Kamakazi59
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m230,561
    12 Nov 2019 14 Nov 2019
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    heya guys
    this achievement is probably the hardest in the game but its not bad when you have a good team and practise
    you can find good teams on this website by setting up game sessions for it but i got mine by just playing with randoms
    the missions themselves are pretty easy to follow (when they are not glitched out )

    the main tips i have for this achievement are as follows

    USE THE RIOT SHIELD !!! the riot shield and lmg combo is awesome for the first 3 missions and use the sniper with riot shield for the last mission, the riot shield can take an infinite amount of damage so will protect you from juggernauts meaning you can literally walk right past them and right up to the objectives , plus they are still protecting you whilst you have your lmg out because the riot shield is on your back

    USE THE MEDIC SPECIAL ABILITY!!! this special ability is by far the best because it gives you the ability to revive team mates faster and also if you press lb + rb you can revive all downed team mates

    HANG BACK!!! if you have half decent team mates id recommend you hang back because they will still die at some point and if your the last one alive you can just sit in a corner with your riot shield not taking damage and your team mates will be back in 1 minute

    SELECT MUNITIONS BEFORE THE MISSION!! you can select which munitions you wish to have before the mission has even started and you can select things like cluster missiles and jug suits which are great for taking out tanks or other jugs, you can still find munitions on the ground but its a bit random from what i have seen so far

    with these 4 tips you should be set and just follow the mission objectives

    i have also made a video guide below for anyone who prefers them

    any other questions or tips please leave in the comments below :)
  • BazingatorBazingator809,590
    03 Dec 2019 04 Dec 2019
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    A really cheap way to do headhunter (and possibly other operations) is to have 1 person just sit in the spawn and run in circles so they don't disconnect. It is basically impossible to go down in spawn so this allows your teammates to respawn indefinitely. I did it this way with randoms, took them about 2 hours to complete it but they did eventually. Once you destroy the helicopter and you must evacuate just jump off the building and get in the helicopter.
  • kfuxy0590kfuxy059044,916
    03 Dec 2019
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    On headhunter after destroying the 2nd scrambler, let yourself be killed, then drop on the stadion roof, so at least one can't be killed, after that the mission is easy
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