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Historian achievement in Terminator Resistance


Find 10 notes.

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How to unlock the Historian achievement

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    Here are the first 10 notes I came across in the game. These are in order of story meaning these will come without backtracking through each area.

    Note 1: This is found in the warehouse district in a restaurant called Big Jeffs and is found behind the counter just beyond the main entrance and is called Welcome to Big Jeffs.

    Note 2: In the north east of the warehouse district map just left of the sky net gate you will find two garages with white doors, go to the right garage and on a table slightly to the right the note Departing gift can be found.

    Note 3: Just south of the sky net gate (same one we collected note 2 from) is a shop called Cringes Television head inside and open the door in front of you, use the stairs on the left, go to the second floor and turn right to enter a kitchen and on the pool table on the right is the note called LA pulse.

    Note 4: In the warehouse district in the rightmost building with the quest marker for “the rules of survival”. Throw a pipe bomb at the wall to enter and directly ahead of you is an American flag painted on a wall. Head into this room and follow it round u till you see “keep calm” written on another wall, head to the writing and turn around and on the middle bed is the note called Creepy lil’ dolls.

    Note 5: In the medical district, pass through the underground and sneak past all the turrets and the one armoured spider in the area.
    Eventuality you will end up in a morgue, there are two body’s under white sheets on a bed and in the middle of them there will be a small silver cart, look at the bottom shelf of this cart and the note Dear Maria will be ready for collection.

    Note 6: Inside the hospital in the medical district, once inside there will come a time where you must avoid t-800 terminators that walk through the hallways, follow the wall signs that say ‘operating room’ until you find a t-800 standing in front of a locked door in a dead end hallway, once it moves head to the door, unlock it and inside in the back left corner next to a locker you will find the note Prognosis.

    Note 7: when the quest “into the storm” starts you will wake up in the safe house, exit the bedroom and turn left into the room with the large pool table inside, on the dining table in the middle of the room the note Food for Thought will be there for the taking.

    Note 8: This is in your hideout behind a medium lock door. The door is located to the left of the main door that leads downstairs to the main hideout area.
    Crouch under the half opened metal door and go to the back right of the room, pick the lock and search the right side of the tv that’s located on a brown stand on the left side of the room and you will find the note See you Later.

    Note 9: Found in the Pasadena area when you return back. Follow the quest called “Colins stash” and this will take you to a small hallways full of traps for you to either disarm or avoid. When past the traps make your way right and through a door and in front of you on a red sofa is the note Southern Hospitality.

    Note 10: This note can be found shortly after note 9. Head in the direction of the dispensary and you will come across a colaPosed building with a yellow slope to the left. Walk up the slope and look right, on a table next to a small medkit is the note Things are looking up.
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    DarkReclaimYou totally missed the first two. Stranger danger and LA pulse. Welcome to big Jeff's is the third... Lol not enough exploring there mate.
    Posted by DarkReclaim on 18 Apr 20 at 06:45
    DRKL1GHTNINGThat's why I started it off by saying "these are the first 10 notes I came across" not the first 10 in game 🤣
    Posted by DRKL1GHTNING on 18 Apr 20 at 18:42
    TheOnlyMattothanks man! glad to know i dont need em all!
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 05 Nov 20 at 07:27
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