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The Breathing Contradiction achievement in Big Pharma

The Breathing Contradiction

Sell a product which Eases Asthma and Causes Breathing Difficulties

The Breathing Contradiction0
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How to unlock the The Breathing Contradiction achievement

  • thanatos8285thanatos8285
    17 Oct 2020 17 Oct 2020 17 Oct 2020
    Note that all of my Contradiction achievement guides will be largely the same, with a few small changes depending on the complexity of the final ingredient needed, but once you've done one or two of them, you can just use the exact same strategy with all of them.

    1) As with all of the Contradiction achievements, start a new game in Free Build mode. The reason for this is that all technologies and ingredients are unlocked from the outset, and you have unlimited money, so you can build and rebuild as much as you want.

    2) Feel free to use your unlimited money to buy the largest floor space area, but most of the setups for these achievements don't require a massive amount of space.

    3) Select one of the wall terminals to start importing an ingredient. As far as I'm aware, ingredient effects are randomized, so just scroll through all of them until you find the one with the POSITIVE (green bars) "Soothes Cough" effect. Soothes Cough upgrades to "Eases Asthma," (abbreviated as EA from here on) so this gives you a better chance at finding the correct ingredient quicker, since only one of the four screens shows Soothes Cough on the scrolling info screens for each ingredient, but if you also know to look for EA, that increases it to three out of the four info screens that you can use to identify the correct ingredient. You can also tab out and back to the screen quickly to reset the screens and see the first screen which shows the current ingredient effects. (Very poor design)

    4) Select another nearby wall terminal and start scrolling through the ingredients again until you find the one with the NEGATIVE (red bars) "Causes Breathing Difficulty" effect (abbreviated as CBD from here on). Only one screen shows this, unfortunately, so you'll just have to read as many ingredients as you can when they're on the one screen that shows the negative effect, there's no other way like there was with the positive ingredient. You can still tab out of the screen and back quickly to reset it, at least. It's a hassle, but better than sitting through the other 3 irrelevant screens, in my opinion.

    5) Soothes Cough will have to be upgraded to become EA, so our first priority will be to do that. My suggestion is to immediately run the ingredient through a Hadron Collider, since this will basically relieve you of any need to screw around with the concentrations for any ingredient before converting it; just run it through the correct machine and you're good. The rest of this guide will assume you've followed this path. You don't need to, you're free to use the extra machines and manually adjust the concentrations at each step and it will still count for the achievement, but I'll be moving forward with the assumption that a Hadron Collider was used.

    6) (Read through to step 12 before starting on this process to potentially save yourself some time) The upgrade to EA may require a catalyst, or it may not. I am not clear on whether or not that is randomized or if the same catalysts will always be required for the same upgrades. If you do need a catalyst and you aren't lucky enough for the ingredient to start off with that catalyst already included, find any ingredient that includes it, and import it to a terminal near your starting ingredient. Pay attention to all the possible ingredients, you may find that a single ingredient has both the catalyst and CBD, which can save you some time.

    7) Compare the slots of your imported ingredients. If EA and the needed catalyst are in different slots for each of their respective ingredients - if EA is in the first effect slot for its ingredient and the green 2-dot catalyst is in the second effect slot for it's ingredient, for example, you're good, and you can skip to the next step. If not, you will need a Shaker to shuffle one of them to a different slot. It doesn't matter which ingredient you shuffle. Press Y to bring up the Tools menu, press right 3 times to get to the Auxiliary tab, and select a Shaker. Place it in front of one of your two terminals, and run a belt from the terminal into the Shaker.

    8) Next, open up your tools menu, scroll to the Auxiliary tab, and purchase a centrifuge. Run belts to bring each ingredient into separate entry slots, run one segment of belt coming out of the exit ports.

    9) Click on the centrifuge once to open the menu for it. This is a little difficult to describe, but basically, the centrifuge lets you mix and match the effects from your two ingredients and create two new ones. In the lower left corner, you'll see 4 bars - 2 red and 2 green. You can scroll up and down with the right stick and use A to change colors from red to green. This was why we needed to make sure EA and your catalyst were in different slots for their respective ingredients. You want to make sure that one of the two resulting ingredients has both the effect and the catalyst, (and this is the part that's a little hard to describe) make sure the two slots are different colors for each ingredient. So for example, if EA is in the first slot for its ingredient, and the catalyst is in the second slot for its ingredient, make sure the first and second slot on the centrifuge are different colors.

    10) Stick Analyzers at the end of belt each segment coming out of the centrifuge (Auxiliary tab once again). This serves no purpose other than to destroy the products to keep the assembly line moving so that you can see your new ingredients as you change things.

    11) Check the ingredients coming out of the centrifuge. One should now have neither one of the two things you needed, while the other should have both. Go more in-depth with this if you have more than two needed things going into the centrifuge - an ingredient with the CBD effect and a needed catalyst for example - and change the configuration more to make sure one of your two finished ingredients has all of the ingredients you want. Remove the Analyzer from the belt that's carrying the desired ingredient, leave the other one in place (this keeps things moving, otherwise the whole production line will stop once either belt is backed up).

    12) Repeat steps 6-11 if you needed separate ingredients to add in the catalyst and the CBD effect.

    13) Run the ingredient through the necessary machines to make sure you have the EA effect in place and not Soothes Cough.

    14) Sometimes, something about the way I set up my centrifuges resulted in my final product not having the "Collided" effect (which makes all effects active and made the concentration irrelevant), and I never figured out exactly why that happened sometimes but not others. So, just make sure the finished ingredient that you'll be processing into a medicine has EA active. CBD does not have to be active, it just has to be present. If EA is not active, either adjust the concentration yourself, or run it through another Hadron Collider.

    15) Run the final ingredient through the Maker of your choice. There is no requirement that the final product specifically be a pill, cream, sachet, or syringe. Just pick one, and as soon as the first batch ships out, the achievement is yours.

    16, optional) My recommendation is to exit out of your game and start a new one before attempting any other achievements. My game was very glitchy, and once I got one achievement, it seemed to lock me out of the others, because nothing would pop, but if I started a new game and did exactly the same thing, it would pop then. Up to you if you want to risk it, but most of the other achievements will be more time consuming than this.
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