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Collect all chests and secrets

13 January 2020 - 3 guides
Opening a chest or finding a secret may not count towards the achievement progress.

Achievement Guide for Collector

  • IRL Games XIRL Games X318,583
    16 Nov 2019 19 Nov 2019
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    Locations can be hard to find use the map feature to help find the chests. Each section will have a chest number and the top left of the map tells viewers how many chests and items there are total. The guides bellow I used if I could not find a chest or if I could not find how to get there.

    May the force be with you!

    These are the locations for Bogano

    These are the locations for the Zeffo

    These are the locations for Dathomir

    These are the locations for Ilum

    The locations on Kashyyyk

    If I missed any planets let me know. I did not make any of these videos Trophygamers made all of these videos.
  • dwofsdwofs92,185
    24 Nov 2019
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    *MAJOR GLITCH- There can be a situation where you will open a chest but it wont register happed to a lot of people but mainly ice caves on Zeffo*
    Use the Map to figure out where you need to be looking for chests and secrets in each sub-area for all of the Planets. a lot you will find as you go along but some are tricky and involve some timing with skills

    using this guide you should find what you need:
  • CarpeAdam79CarpeAdam79224,663
    18 Jan 2020 21 Jan 2020
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    There is a glitch I ran into on Zeffo in the Tomb of Mintrull where the lanterns you need to get to some chests stop respawning. If this happens, you can actually go back inside the main area of the tomb where you raise the spire. While up on the bridge in that main room there is one lantern that you can force pull from there. You just have to get it just right. I checked everywhere and couldn’t find a solution so I just kept trying everything I could think of until finally stumbling upon this. Hopefully this helps someone. Here’s a video I found on YouTube of the glitch itself.
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