Legendary Beasts achievement in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Legendary Beasts

Defeat four mysterious creatures

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How to unlock the Legendary Beasts achievement

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    these are more powerful variants of the 'local predator' creatures on their respective planets. easily identifiable by the name/health bar that appears at the top of the screen. can be beaten as soon as discovered (I've done so).

    1. Oggdo Bogdo (Giant Frog) - Bogano

    In the Bogdo Sinkholes area, take the right beam (left goes into Fan Room) and follow the path until you reach a cave filled with slashable poles, it resides in there.

    Has same moves as normal version; watch out for double bite, and roll to the side when it flashes red.

    2. Albino Wyyyschokk (Giant Spider) - Kashyyyk

    In the Imperial Refinery area (outside grassy area), stick to the upper ledge, hug the wall and you'll find a hard-to-see entrance into tunnels, follow the tunnel and you'll eventually enter a cavern filled with spider webs, it resides here.

    Has same moves as normal version; don't get caught in webs, roll diagonally when it flashes red.

    3. Rabid Jotaz (Giant Ape/Sloth?) - Zeffo

    In the Broken Wing area, head to the Crash Site area first, and on the left is a patrolling Jotaz (normal version), above it is a platform and a laser field, disable the laser field go through the gap and follow the path, it will reside past a second gap in a wall.

    This one is a pain in the ass to fight normally, so here is an easy way to kill it without dying constantly.

    In the fight area for this creature, on the left side, there is a force push-able wall, open it up with force push and get inside. Now turn around and face the creature and do this; attack twice > dodge-roll back (allow monster to attack three times) > roll forwards (towards monster) > repeat.

    The monster cannot enter the force push-able room and will stand in front of the entrance just asking to be hit.

    4. Nydak Alpha (Giant Wolf/Thing) - Dathomir

    In the Nightmare Ruins/Strangled Cliffs area, to the right of the big main door of the temple is a path leading into a wall run, the monster resides here.

    Same moveset, not too much trouble, just prepare to dodge a lot, it's normal attack gets 4-5 swings in. Also be aware that to leave it's lair you will have to go through ALOT of enemies, so try not to finish the monster and have half a health bar remaining.

    achievement should immediately unlock after the Nydak Alpha, as these creatures should basically be in order of being able to access them (how I did it)
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    Mr MattyThis is bugged for me. I revisited all locations and I have the entries in the databank for all the creatures. I bought the digital version so I can't do the workaround. How long would it take me if I started a new character and sped through on easy?
    Posted by Mr Matty on 27 Jan at 17:21
    Neth NaalaI’m having the same problem as Atsumer and Mittense... really hope they fix this. Was gonna 100% but I’ll wait till this gets fixed then maybe I’ll return.
    Posted by Neth Naala on 29 Jan at 03:47
    Mr MattyDoes anyone know if this is on the radar for their next patch? I keep checking to see if the game has updated in my library. I just need this one for 100%!
    Posted by Mr Matty on 10 Feb at 17:39
    EL CLELLHad the Albino Spider glitch out on me. Easy fix, save outside spiders lair at mediation circle, go offline, delete game download and reinstall, back online to reinstall, dont do update (this causes glitch) and go back offline, load up the game, exterminate spider, go back online, install update, boot up game, go back to meditation circle to save, and pop goes the Cheevo
    Posted by EL CLELL on 16 Feb at 18:46
    LavindatharYeah I can’t get this as I have the digital version and the spider won’t respawn.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 28 Feb at 21:08
    YaIrishMick96Killed all 4, didn't unlock
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 29 Feb at 00:07
    xPut Name HerexThat workaround doesn't work El Clell, the game quits out when you go to install the update after killing the spider, so you end up back where you started.

    EDIT: Found elsewhere that you should save after killing the spider and going online. Seems obvious, but I was paranoid about accidentally overriding the save too far
    Posted by xPut Name Herex on 08 Mar at 10:45
    SG1 StelsonThey appear to have just patched the problem with the spider not respawning as I just got an update for the game, went to it's location and it spawned in. Killing it got the achievement to pop properly as well
    Posted by SG1 Stelson on 10 Mar at 16:34
    GatorFistFinally fixed!
    Posted by GatorFist on 10 Mar at 21:26
    drUnableYou can unlock this achievement in no-time using Battle Grid mode from latest update. Just spawn all four creatures, enable infinite health/power and you should be able to get the achievement.
    I was missing one of the creatures so I killed it in Battle Grid. I got the achievement
    Posted by drUnable on 15 May at 14:09
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