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Feel the Force

Unlock all Jedi skills

Feel the Force-14.7
13 January 2020 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Feel the Force

  • Pink Freud PhDPink Freud PhD391,642
    20 Nov 2019 20 Nov 2019 21 Nov 2019
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    If you're going for the 100% completion, this will come naturally while scanning everything and you should end up with more experience than necessary.

    If you're like me, however, and didn't want to find all the secrets, you'll likely be left with a few skills yet to unlock by the story's end.

    The grinding spot I found quickest and easiest to use while still yielding good results was on Dathomir by the Brother's Bastion save point post-game (when the enemies have changed and are no longer Nightbrothers there). It's pretty much a straight shot forward from the Mantis. Screenshots attached:

    (Map View)
    External image

    (Character View)
    External image

    Make sure to unlock the Lightsaber Mastery and Delay Combo skills to make this quick. Equip your double lightsaber and kill the two mobs by the meditation point, then run up the stairs and kill the next two. These four kills will yield approximately 5% of your experience bar and grinding one full level takes 7-8mins, depending on how fast you are.

    Avoid the temptation to Force Push enemies off the ledges. I found I was often not credited their experience when I did so, resulting in a loss of efficiency.
  • H4nds0mH4ns3lH4nds0mH4ns3l472,834
    12 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2019
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    The best place I have found is near the end of the game on Dathomir. In the Tomb of Kujet, once you have found the Astrium. On the way back to the Mantis just past the meditation spot are 2 Lesser Nydak that can be killed for a decent amount of xp. Once killed, meditate rinse and repeat.
  • alladaskill17alladaskill17296,842
    01 Dec 2019 01 Dec 2019 01 Dec 2019
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    Location: Dathomir, from the ship
    Note: "Bugs" will not spawn on your return trip to the ship.

    Not the cleanest combat, but a quick 'meditation to mediation' reset run:

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