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Perfect Timing

Parry 100 enemies

Perfect Timing+11.5
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Achievement Guide for Perfect Timing

  • GlitterLicksGlitterLicks259,935
    18 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019
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    This is an ability you learn early on in the game, so you should unlock it over time.

    1) When fighting enemies with lightsabers, batons etc. watch for them telegraphing their swings, when they do, hit the LB as they swing to achieve a parry.

    2) If you achieve a parry you should notice them become stunned or stumble.

    Repeat this process 100x and the achievement is yours. Good luck!
  • Shh I am BatmanShh I am Batman753,340
    16 Nov 2019 17 Nov 2019
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    You unlock this ability in the prologue level, as soon as you have access to your lightsaber. It requires that you tap cn_LB the moment before a strike would land; on casual difficulty this timing window is incredibly forgiving.

    In the very same prologue level, you end up on board a speeding grav-train, where the game first introduces you to the concept of blocking, parrying, and slowing an enemy with the Force. In this small segment, you're locked in a room with an infinite spawn of baton-soldiers, who drop down from the roof one at a time - as long as you don't complete the tutorial objective (either hold cn_LB to block or use cn_RB to slow)

    You can easily grind the achievement out in this room, grabbing 7 or 8 kills every minute.
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade749,573
    16 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019
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    In this video guide I will show you how to parry 100 enemies quickly. In order to perform a successful parry you need to hit the LB button right when an enemy attacks you. You will notice the enemy stagger if done correctly.

    I can now confirm after recording this, that you can farm the same enemies for progress. Now as far as if it counts or not towards having to reset the enemies. I would think not in this case due to it being that it isn't kill related, so it can be done numerous times.

    I would suggest farming the Lesser Nydak on Dathomir. It's the creature shown at 00:50. Keep blocking his three punches he throws at you long enough should eventually pop the achievement. If not keep blocking all new enemies you come across to guarantee the achievement.

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