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Triple Take

Defeat 3 enemies using a single lightsaber throw

Triple Take-3.3
19 November 2019 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Triple Take

  • ElSelchoElSelcho189,513
    15 Nov 2019 16 Nov 2019 16 Nov 2019
    4 1 1
    For this you need the Force Power to throw your lightsaber.

    Sounds easy enough: find a group of enemies and throw the lightsaber at them. Well, I tried a few times and had trouble aligning three enemies. I then used force push on a group of four troopers, walked around a corner and let them come to me. I slowed down the first around the corner which got them closer together.

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  • FirendaFirenda532,831
    22 Nov 2019 23 Nov 2019
    3 1 1
    Easiest way to do this is during Kashyyyk you will come to a part with 3 rocket troopers and a long zip line with a meditation spot at the bottom. once you have scaled up the zip line to the top the 3 rocket troopers will always be in a line so running to the side of them and throwing the lightsaber will defeat all 3
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade753,997
    18 Nov 2019 24 Nov 2019
    0 1 0
    In this video guide I will show you how to kill three enemies with a single Lightsaber Throw. Now in order to attempt this, you will need to have Force Pull unlocked. Because if you think about it you need to be able to use Force Push to throw it and Force Pull to bring it back. Don't worry though because the Force Push and Force Pull are story related.

    A good spot to attempt this would be right after you get the Force Pull ability on the same planet, Zeffo. The area this is at on the planet is called Ice Caves. The area is located by an elevator and a meditation spot. If you look over the ledge you should see a small area to jump down to. There will be three holes in the ground, this is the spot that will spawn the rats.

    Your best chance change to get this is to get the skill Empowered Slow to be able to slow all three of them. You will need to jump down to spawn them, then hit them each of them once to weaken them. Then climb back up the ledge. Now you want to stand at close to the ledge without falling off. This way you will hopefully bunch them up. Once you have them bunched up use Empowered Slow. Now jump down and try to line them up, and throw your lightsaber by holding LB and pressing the Y button. You can use either single or double-bladed. If you mess up you can rest and try again. Once all three die at once the achievement will pop.

  • TenrethTenreth417,031
    18 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019
    0 1 0
    You can unlock Lightsaber Throw for 3 skill points after you learn Force Pull at the end of the Tomb of Miktrull. The extended range helps, but is not needed!

    The best and easiest way to unlock this is on Zeffo at the entrance of the Abandoned Village. There are 2 Stormtroopers behind the water wheel and a rat to the left. Those 3 are your target.
    Stop at the snow on the ground right before the wheel. If you move any closer, you'll attract their attention. Wait for them to finish their talk and start running towards the rat. Now stop the wheel and spint after them. Nobody will notice you. Throw your lightsaber when you're close. All 3 should be in a perfect line. If you fail, there are more groups of stormtroopers in the area.
    Important, the sword must hit the rat two times! I don't know if the bonus damage is required tho.
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