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Not So Fast

Defeat 25 enemies while they are under the effect of Empowered Slow

Not So Fast-4.2
18 November 2019 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Not So Fast

  • i1i Reaper i1ii1i Reaper i1i1,673,682
    17 Nov 2019 17 Nov 2019
    18 3 4
    On the force side which is on your left buy the EMPOWERED SLOW then buy BURST SLOW.

    Find some enemies, hold RB and wait until your left and right hands spread to their side making your character look like a T shape once the burst explodes kill those caught in the blast, rinse and repeat do it close to a meditate circle to speed up the process.Hope this helps anyone who might be having problems getting it.
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade755,231
    18 Nov 2019 24 Nov 2019
    4 0 0
    In this video guide I will show you how to defeat 25 enemies while they are under the effect of Empowered Slow. You can farm this achievement pretty much anywhere you want. Also when using this you will need to hold the RB button long enough until you see Cal's arm pull back. That's when you can kill them for progress..

    You can also get the ability called Burst Slow to slow all enemies near you. That way if they are all weakened, you can use Burst Slow and, and finish them all of with a move like Whirlwind Throw. Also while using Burst Slow, hold RB until you see Cal move his arms again to know it is active.

    Now this can be attempted in a few different ways. First one would be to Empowered Slow an enemy, then kill them while they have full health with a one hit move. Now this should work ideally since they die while being Empower Slowed. If while farming this doesn't;t work try the second method I am about to mention. Weaken the enemy with a hit or few, then use Empowered Slow, and then finish them off. That will guarantee progress for the achievement.

    Now for a few areas to start farming. There is a good spot early on in the game on the planet Bogano. The area on this planet is called Great Divide. There will be three rats down there to kill. Just keep trying my methods and resting to re-spawn them. Another good spot would be on the planet Zeffo. The area is called Ice Caves. In this lower part of the map there will be another area with three rats. It will be right next to a lift and a meditation spot. Once you see the small ledge with holes, jump down to have the rats spawn. Just keep using one of the methods I mentioned and the achievement will come pretty quick. Now the reason why I choose these areas is because these enemies are weak. Not to mention there is more than two of them to kill.

  • GlitterLicksGlitterLicks260,529
    19 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019 17 Nov 2019
    5 3 11
    You should unlock the slow skill early on in the game on the Force side (left) of your skill tree.

    To use empowered slow hold the RB while looking at an enemy. Once they are slowed make sure their health is low enough to kill them or hack away until they are dead. Do this 25x and the achievement is yours.

    **As some have noted in the comments, make sure you HOLD LB for a good amount of time and you’ll see Cal’s posture/stance change and you’ll know it’s an empowered slow. After that, kill the enemy.**

    Good luck!
  • JeffchobJeffchob450,420
    12 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2019
    1 0 0 New
    First off, earn enough skill points to purchase EMPOWERED SLOW from the FORCE section of the skill tree. If you have already purchased this skill and have the next one along (BURST SLOW), that's absolutely fine.

    Next, in the Settings menu, put your game on to 'Story Mode' difficulty (the shame!! wink ). To be fair, if you are on 'Jedi Knight' difficulty this should still work, as you should still be able to make a one hit kill on an enemy.

    Next, find a meditation point next to a group of, or even just one, low level Storm Trooper(s) (that have blasters, not electric batons, although this method can still work on them too, but it wasn't as consistent as blaster storm troopers for me), so that you can rinse and repeat this method as many times as you need to.

    Next, approach the Storm Trooper (you don't have to lock on to them, but can if you want) and when you get close to them (and ideally not being shot/hit by them), hold down the RB button. Cal will hold out his left arm towards the Storm Trooper and dependant on which skill you have unlocked, he will finish the 'slow move' by either lowering his left arm (Empowered Slow), or by spreading his left and right arm out away from his body to form a T shape, and then lowering them (Burst Slow). There will also be an audio cue to let you know you have done the 'move', and you should now see the Storm Trooper under the effect of Empowered / Burst Slow.

    Now, your goal from here is to kill the Storm Trooper in ONE HIT (the 'one hit' part is very important). On 'Story Mode / Jedi Knight' difficulty, you should just be able to one hit kill an empowered slowed Storm Trooper by simply hitting X when close to them, and Cal will most likely stab his lightsaber straight though the Storm Trooper's torso, killing them in one hit (from full health). Cal may occasionally kill them with one slash rather than a stab, and I still think this counts?! All I know is that I did the above method 25 times (18 technically, as i must have got 7 trying the other solutions) on a single Storm Trooper, stabbing them through the torso for a one hit kill, and I got the achievement.

    I'm pretty sure the key to success here, is the 'one hit' kill part, as you will often find that after empower slowing an enemy, after the first hit from Cal, the enemy goes back to normal speed, and I think this is tripping people up on this achievement (as the achievement says to defeat whilst they are still under the effects of empowered slow)! This method may also work on none Storm Trooper enemies??, but the key will be that you are one hit killing them after you have done the empowered slow, and not killing them in 2 or more hits, as the effect wears off after the first hit.

    Good Luck...
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